Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Simple is as simple gets....

My blogger friend Leo is back with daily prompts and I'm more than delighted to tag along there, as I terribly missed the Haiku Heights initiative by him. So here are my two poems on the prompt 'simple' :) Let's get the juices flowing.....at A prompt each day

To say that falling love
Is as simple as it can be
Is fooling around
With that caged heart of yours

To say that words written
Are like a feather gliding through silk
Is partial truth
For words often lose their speech

To say that friends last forever
Like the big massive trees
Is a false hope
For trees too wither and die

To say that happiness should be strived
Like the fireflies dancing at night
Is like living in a bubble
For emotions are fluxes

Simple is not as simple gets
Simple loves to become complex
Simple for them, is not simple for you
Simple, a joke, around many and a few
Simple, the smile, radiant in the light
Simple, her wrinkles, which through her skin, slide
Simple, his eyes, small and deep
Simple, his actions, thoughtful and sweet
Simple, the mom’s cooking, for her
Simple, not, but best her food for us
Simple, the care of father for the kids
Simple and loved the blanket in the cold mist

Simple is not simple as simple gets
Simple knows how to be unique
Simple a daily dose
A breeze comforting and at ease

1 comment:

Vinay Leo R. said...

I could relate to the second and third verses. I guess most of us would be able to relate to them. Life is not simple at times after all, is it? :)

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