Monday, September 9, 2013

Be as you Please:)


Apology from
Me to thee, for I know not
What silence means to you

P.S: The above lines are supposed to be a haiku, just that one syllable was added. 


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Distance hurts but we got to do what we like best with that distance

Considering its an all new chapter of my life I have started here the count of lessons too shall begin from that very first number we were taught to write as ‘one standing line’.
#1. Distance hurts but we got to do what we like best with that distance

As you grow into a mature butterfly with every single day that passes by, you also realise that even as you try to keep that pain and tears away from your dear ones, wanting not to see them dissolve in that pain, they are doing the same at the other end, protecting you as always. Pro- tec-tion. Se-cure. Its fab-u-lous how words form a melody and a meaning in themselves. How se-cure makes us cure and how pro life is pro-tec-tion? Did you ever share this with these words, for they know not the meaning they hold?

Yes, they’ve been loved ever since their re-cog-ni-tion and val-ue added some more val-ue to the already eventful life. There is this sol-ace ( sole-ace) that they give, perhaps darling as you find a fondness in that reading, I find mine in writing. The words bind us the way they always have.

If extroverts had an option to find solace then maybe they would want to have one special gift from their loved introverts. It would be being at peace with that fabulous book and a comfy corner. To think of, it’s not hard, right? In fact nothing is hard until it is tried and tested. As a writer writes, a comfort and that special solace comes by, not coz words have always been loved but because words as they come by, they leave soft kisses on a heart that longs for love every single day, on a heart that has been full of life every single day.

Once a teacher told her student, who was annoyed by the fact that she was not a good reader. He said “Just that there is a need for readers there is also a need for writers, for if there are no writers whom shall one read?” These words brought a smile to her face, for she was a writer and still continues to be. There may not be many people who read what she writes, there may not be that appreciation for her words, at a large scale, but knowing that she always writes because it pleases her is a beauty in itself. Why, you ask? The pleasure that small things give is at times magnified by the big things, to the extent that one forgets the sole of happiness in big events. She writes coz she loves. She also writes because some day she would like to gift these words, little bundle of joys to her children when they grow up, hoping that they would nurture these little curly letters in their own ways.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I’m away, yet I’m doing fine…….

Dear Love,

I know I cried like a mad girl in those two months, it’s really surprising but it feels as if that was long time ago. As they say “time is a great healer”. Indeed. Perspectives change and with time we bloom too. You remember, I would often tell you what I would tell myself in troubled times “That which doesn’t kills us makes us stronger” and so goes the truth.  We have all come a long way. So have I. To know that many a laurels were achieved not for the sake of extrinsic motivation but for the self is indeed satisfying. While it now feels like that a magic happened in those times, truth is it was all hard work that went behind. True work always pays. It has and will. It somehow feels like a letter to my self even as I write to you. Well, every word I say to you gets softly reflected back. You know you are a bestie and my therapist!
Life is a blessing, why crib, cry and waste precious tears over mundane moments which shall eventually pass by and then after a few weeks it shall feel all silly. Ah! Like my Master’s dissertation days! Gosh! Tell me something, are some courses meant to give us jolts like that?
I’ve always been a believer of true insights. These insights come along way too…It’s like a butterfly which eventually comes to life when it’s fully developed. Today, it feels as if I have been both inside and outside the cocoon at the same time, waiting to be set free by the invisible walls at the same time see myself fly with those gorgeous fragile wings.
This life here was meant to be. Yes I chose it under pressure but yeah destiny is also something I believe in.

Que sara sara
What will be will be….
The future’s not ours to see….
Que sera sera….
What will be will be…..
And no matter where we are….
Twogether we shall be…shall be….

I'm a brook, on my way to the sea....
Yeah I know I gotta be patient
For the lock to open, it's often the last key.....
The softness, the music and the melodies....
If rocks shall come my way
So will many a beauties......:) 


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