Friday, July 29, 2011

Date a girl who writes

Date a girl, who writes,
Coz she’ll be honest by every word she speaks,
For her words was her first love,
And you might just be,
If you wait and read (her).

Date a girl, who writes,
Coz she values things plenty,
And she’ll perhaps never shy away,

From an expression sad or happy.

Date a girl, who writes,
Coz she knows magical tricks,
She might just spellbound you,
With her words and romantic uplifts.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Drops of Rain.....

Drops of Rain

It was not before this monsoon season that I realised how much I loved RAIN……
The last time I recall getting drenched in the rain was when I was a kid, so this monsoon, when the first heavy showers welcomed Delhi, I went upstairs, even though my mum tried not to let me. This time, like a kid, I just decided to let myself go, all I took along with me was a towel, and a joyous spirit
Spirit of getting drenched,
Of easing my mind,
Of letting my worries drain away,
And of dancing and singing away merrily,
In my dance and in my song..
As I drenched,
I saw the beautiful green leaves smile,
They looked so fresh and gorgeous,
That they made me talk to them,
And I gently stroked them,
Took them in my hands,
And got drenched till the last drop.!

Today, it rained again, the shower turned into a nice downpour as I walked to the nearby market to get bread with an umbrella over me…

And the rain brought the smile back,
Brought my ‘child’ back,
As I played with the rain removing the umbrella from my head, letting the drops fall on my clear face…..
And then there was no turning back,
I came back home,
Went into my balcony,
Pop went my face out, and my slender hands,
And the droplets loved me as I enjoyed them….
I listened to the splitter spatter,
I felt the drops ease my heaviness,
Yes….rain indeed is heavenly,
And carries with it a magical element from the heavens above….

Don’t worry about people watching,
Don’t worry about how you are looking,
Next time it rains….get drenched…and see how you feel…

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where are 'You'?


Where are ‘You’?
As I struggle here in the air of my life,
To breathe that which is not mine,
I look for you,
And in many a faces, I have met,
Looked some, talked some, some I forget,
Tell me, where are ‘You’?

As I walk through my path, all alone,
With thorns that prick my bare feet,
I run in the tunnels, to find that me,
Yet I search for thee,
Where are ‘You’?

In moments when I wish to sit,
In a hug so warm, soft and deep,
And escape my life’s drudgery,
I look, but can’t see you,
Where are ‘You’?

As I look and have been looking a while,
For ‘you’ unknown,
Away how many miles?
I sit and wonder,
In my beautiful shade,
May you just find it one fine day…
And then I’ll know…..
Who are ‘You’!

PS: the pic u see above has been taken by my Vietnamese friend, whose pictures I really admire..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Worn out...

As I’ve been going for my internship for more than a month now, my body tells me how tired and worn out I’m.

My legs have been carrying the weight of my entire body all these years. But it’s only few days back I realized how much pain they have been having. I ‘felt’ the pain, I 'felt' my legs. I tried to unconsciously tell them “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine in sometime” but they still ache.

I want someone to just massage my legs, till the pain eases away……swiftly…

Every time I think of going for a nice brisk evening walk, my aching legs don’t let me.
I feel as if I might just collapse, my legs feel too weak, as if they don’t have any strength..

Other than the things that God has gifted me, one thing I feel sad for is my ‘lacking stamina’ ..coz I get tired too easily, and no matter how hard I try to multitask, time and again, my body only tells me that I’m capable of doing one thing at a time- thankfully I do that better.

I’m tired, very tired, yet I write- for the love of blogging, and for the love of sharingJ

I wonder how ants work all day long? And yet they are so tiny beautiful creatures….
And bees, who often go by the tag “Busy bees”…??

Sigh…..I’m tired…

The number reaches 50!!:)

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”
~William James

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the day when my follower’s number would touch ‘50’…and well finally the day is here. TODAY!!:)

Thank you Abhishek for being the fiftieth one, it means a lot to me.

To share with my Bloggy friends, as I have often mentioned it before, the number of followers in no way means having a kind of fan following.

For me it has a completely different meaning. It tells me that I have the ability not only to express, but also somewhere to touch some lives ( if only in subtle ways)and in that touch-and- g0 way, it tells me that my Bloggy Friends do appreciate what I think, feel and eventually express..

It has been a delight writing all these 9 years. My tryst with the world of blogging began last year, and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. Every bit of it!

And as the “thought of the day”  by William James, shared with you goes, I would like to believe that with this blog of mine I’m making a difference. If you ask me what kind or in which ways, I would leave that for you to answer…..All I know is ‘I BELIEVE IN MYSELF’ and for that I have you, my friends to thank as wellJ


Monday, July 25, 2011


“There are times when silence has the loudest voice.”
~~-~Leroy Browlow

Seems like these days the best that can happen to me is give me a quote and my thought processes start churning out some of their ‘thoughts’….

The quote I’m sharing with you today is indeed a profound one. The beauty of some quotes and words which I appreciate is, especially when simple words make a deep impact, that which leaves you pondering for long and same goes for the above one.

Have you ever experienced that silence in your life which has left you unnerving? Which has made you reach out gasping for breath even though air was all around you?

Have you ever had uncomfortable silences which at the same time hurt you more than angry words by the person at the other end?

Have you ever felt a silence which was so weighty that you would have actually preferred commotion rather than that feel of ‘deadness’ in that moment?

Silences are beautiful and meaningful as well. In my final year of Undergrad when I was reading the Interview process in therapy, I read about silence as well and how meaningful it could be; where the client would pause, how long would he pause for and other things.

Surprisingly these days, there are moments when all I wish to do is lie under the fan with my tired body on the bed and listen to the ‘silent noise’ of the fan and nothing else.

In this fast paced life of ours where we constantly run and over utilise our mind’s faculties in multi tasking, there is a dire need for that silence~- one which is worth it and sans any loud noise!

What has been your experience with 'Silence'? Would love to hear:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Essence of a Woman

Essence of a Woman

"Women are like teabags; you never know how strong they are until they're put in hot water."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

For all the ladies out there, doesn’t this quote sound beautiful, empowering and fun- filled?
I was reading a Chicken soup story until I happened to read this quote in a side column, and well this made me happy.

Enough has been already written and talked about us women and young ladies. Men since centuries have tried to seek an answer to the question ‘What women want?’ Funnily enough, while some women are clueless about what they want from others leave alone from themselves; there are also some of the same species who go ahead headstrong knowing what they want and from whom.

Being a young lady, should I thank or feel sad about the hormones which play havoc with us almost our entire lives? Right from the time a girl enters puberty to when she is expecting a baby to the time when she is reaching the stage of menopause, the underlying reasons for her pendulum like mood swings and emotional imbalances are nothing but hormones! Sigh, yet she manages to achieve quite a lot in her life.

I wonder if men actually respect women for all that they go through? Sure, every woman wishes for that special someone who respects her for what she is and for what decisions she chooses to make, yet being a woman is no easy task, and no matter how much physical strength men always claim to have, the emotional strength and capacity to walk through a whirlwind of feelings, thoughts which situations bring is indeed no less than a ‘Her’-culean task!

Over the years we have read many stories of how women through their simple ways have made a difference not only in their lives, but at times giving that hope to number of people (including women) that life is not all about suffering and humiliation, for if women want they can rise and shine!

As goes for comparing women with teabags, perhaps Eleanor Roosevelt rightly said that, add sugar to her, you’ll get the tea sweet, and if too boiled, she may just turn too bitter for your taste!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Bright Sun ( Randomity)

Time for Randomity…..and there might be just question and answer with u as well…;)

Don’t you feel great when you read simple words which mean great? LIKE “I love you”?

And how do you feel when the sun shines bright after the rain??
Well, yeah you wanted the rain drops to stay with you for a lil longer, but sun? Can you live without it?

What happens when you see that crush of yours smile to you, and ah!! The heart flutters like a butterfly, doesn’t it? And in moments you are in the sky, flying oh! So high, with no worries to bring you down!!

And when the symphony of violins and piano echoes in your ears telling you life is great and sure shall be, if YOU WANT IT TO BE!!:)

Yeah there are days which are slow, dull and gloomy, but well, if we WANT something WE CAN GET IT, whatever might be!!!

So on this note………
May the sun shine bright,
May the clouds be blue,
And when in doubt,
Just tell yourself,
There are some dear people,
Who love you for ‘YOU’!!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Greatful for...lessons I learn.

This week has been a pleasant one, with some memories of yesterdays lingering on, a kind of loss which I felt, and ending on a happy note with a sweet talk with an old schoolmate and a nice day at the Hospital where I’m interning.

Perhaps we all know how it is like losing or breaking up with someone. When one gives him/ herself into a relationship, it not only means giving a part of that ‘self’ it also means giving and sharing your honest self with that person…..that person with whom you begin to trust, with whom you begin to feel that life is worth living, who tells you where you are wrong, and also at times how awesome and fab you are….when I talk of ‘that’ Person, it can stand true for any relationship…And when it ends in some ways or the other, it hurts.

  But I also wish to say something important that I learnt this week, that if we feel that a relationship might come to an end soon, its best to allow yourself to face that fact, and instead of ridiculing the other person and saying bad names just because the person doesn’t wish to talk to you or has moved ahead in life, recall all the beautiful moments you spent with that person…..for the sweetness will still linger and perhaps bring a beautiful smile on your face.
(Perhaps you may feel that it is easier said than done, for how can that friend/ beloved/ or anyone just leave you?? I understand that, and only after experiencing it I write this)
Trust me…it feels good to free that person and yourself from any kind of bondages and grief…So…

Forgive that person, for no one is perfect. They came, spent some of their ‘valuable’ time of life with you, isn’t that to be greatful for as well??

Be greatful…Be good to your ‘self’

Last but not the least...Im glad I got to hear Advaita, a Delhi based fusion band...I love the way they blend the Western with the classical..Listen to there song "Drops of Earth" just play this song by clicking on the link and on the track by this name...would love to hear how you found it? I love the voice of the Western Singer:P

This week's grateful post at Baby Mac..and yeah I love being 'greatful' rather than grateful;)

Wishing you all a nice weekendJ

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Musical Life

Musical Life…..

When the chords strike in the heart,
With a lovely voice that lingers in ears.....
When the drops of rain melts your pain,
With tears of yesterday streaming away…..
When the laughter gleams in your eyes,
It tells you had a great time, even for a while….
When the beats of Tabla strike a note,
With the wounds that open up and slowly close…..
When the piercing sun shines from dull clouds,
Telling you there is a tomorrow, a smile to be found…..
When you see two friends tease each other,
With great fondness, you recall your own……
When the soft sitar sways your mind,
Reaching the heart, it plays the button ‘rewind’…..
When the dear one goes away,
Without bidding adieu, a freedom you just gave……
And with a smile, sad and sweet, to yourself you say,
“Dear friend, no grudges from me”,
“Our time was great!”

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Nicely Weird Feeling

A nicely weird feeling…….

They both had been working together for few weeks. He was working on a project and she had come from some other university to get an exposure of a research experience. She didn’t have much to do except for observing him do his job, ask him where ever she didn’t understand something about the samples, and he would be kind enough to share things which he thought she should know.

As she sat beside him, he would quietly look at his long pretty eyelashes and the small eyes that hid beneath them. She would see how he would interact with the research participants during interviews, and take notes of whatever she felt was relevant. She found him very cute looking, and his smile was something she fell for among many other things. Surely he was good looking, had a nice healthy built, was taller than her (She didn’t care about the precise height), fair and was sweet to talk to.

She met him thrice a week, and other days she felt that she missed seeing him, for he would be on some other task on those ‘two missing days’. She would come before him and wait for him and as they would look at each other, all they would exchange were short sweet smiles and a ‘hi’.

She had a lot going in her mind as she sat beside him; fantasies of going up to him and telling him that she liked him, and hugging him and feeling secure in his strong masculine arms.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Bitter Sweet Ending........


As Rose sat in front of her garden with a cup of coffee and pieces of chocolate walnut cake she had baked a day before, she slowly brought the cup to her lips and took a sip, the coffee was a li’l bitter than the usual one she had, but she didn’t mind much as she had the oh-so- perfect-sugar in the cake she had baked. She looked at the birds flying back to their homes as the sky turned gorgeous orange with strokes of orange merging far away in the light blue sky.

She tried her best to keep herself at bay from the thoughts that came repeatedly like the waves which would hit the rock, only to make an ever lasting impression, and well that had been made, in her mind and on the day when she first started talking to this friend of hers, and now as she recalled how sweetly carved those memories were, ones in which she found her inner self, ones which directed her to places unknown, and ones where even the fights with her friend would turn into poetic smiles, making those anger filled moments quite extraordinary.

Her friend had gone far away, so far, that even if she wanted to call her back; it would perhaps be in vain…
It was not that she

Write on Wednesdays

Status Anxiety

to do:Log onto your Facebook/Twitter page and write down the first status update you see. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Write the first words that come into your head after your prompt. Stop when the buzzer rings.
alright...well the update that I came across was "frustrated to the core"  
As I read this status, it just makes me recall my yesterday, when things were not at all smooth at my end. Yes, i was tired, but not frustrated of the ways things were reapeating themselves in my life.
You see life has a pattern, and the way we deal with things perhaps also has a pattern, and this I realised on my own.....
honestly, after discussing with my besties I saw no fault of mine, and yes, its the person at the other end, who just didn't match up to what I had thought ( and expected)...Sure it hurts when the relations you thought to have a good 'lifetime' end good time before.....but life goes on. M not frustrated, just tired.....but I continue to live for my 'self'!!:)
PS: My first post on WOW:)

Exercise done at Write on Wednesdays ( couldn't get ur button:/)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life ….to learn from….

Life ….to learn from….

Just yesterday my bro shared with me BBC documentaries of Life. I watched three of them ( Birds, Plants, and Fish)of all the ten in their series. And I will watch them again. Would you like to know why? If yes…..
I welcome you to the land of magic, charms, magnificence, beauty at its best and with all of that some beautiful lessons to learn….from LIFE!!

It’s amazing when you watch these High definition videos on a flat screen at the amount of effort these cameramen have put in to make these spectacular documentaries of an hour. The best bit gets unravelled at the end of the documentaries when they share with you in ‘On Location’ how they shot some of the most difficult moments in the documentary, some of the clips which we see in minutes take around some three or more years to get shot.

What made me write this post is the number of similarities we humans share with the splendid creatures out there, in the sky, on the land or under deep blue waters of the sea.
Take for instance, the aspect of wooing the female and nurturing the off spring together - this is one feature which is seen in different kind of species. Like the Bower bird builds a beautiful nest to woo the female bird (rather beautiful might just be too ordinary a word).

It spends many a days together to reach the art of perfection. At the entrance of its nest it even creates a bouquet of flowers to impress the female. The male then, waits inside the nest for the female to come over. The female bird then inspects the entire nest, and only when she thinks it’s worth it, she enters the nest, only to open its wings together and mate with the male bird.

The male humming bird too has a tiring job to do. For a humming bird to stay in the air for long, without any pause is indeed a Herculean task, and that is exactly what the male bird does, flapping its gorgeous wings in all its glory to impress the female perched on a nearby branch.
A Male Humming Bird
Now, let’s take some more instances, that in the ocean world, the clown fish,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Greatful for.....

Greatful for………..

This week I’m greatful for :

The things I’m getting to learn every single day at my internship…
The cute patient I got to see after whom I wrote a beautiful poem….( he made my heart go flutter)
The peace I felt today afternoon after my bath, after doing Sudarshan Kriya- blank, dark mind, with absolutely no flying thoughts-….peace at its best
For watching a nice Bollywood movie ( Zidagi Na Mile Dobara) after long with my mom, and a nice lunch which followed,
For some nice sweet moments spent with a school batch mate in her hostel room
For a lovely chat I had with my Lady Friend in my block today J

Friday, July 15, 2011

Moment to moment

I’ll catch a firefly from the sky,
And put it in my heart,
So in days which are gloomy, sad and dark,
It glows on and on…

I’ll cut that rainbow from the sky,
And paste it on life’s chart,
When the colors seem to fade away,
I’ll start my life anew with a colory start…

I’ll take the dew drops of the morn,
And store them in a jar,
In moments so dull and dry,
I’ll sprinkle the fresh dew drops…….

I’ll catch the breath of hilly mountains,
And save it in my lungs,
When the situations send wrong messages,
I’ll blow them with my fresh air pump……

I’ll trace the smiles of cute sweet kids,
And put it in my Long term Store,
And if I feel like killing myself,
I’ll live for a thousand smiles more…..

I know why I just penned this down,
Coz few moments back I felt low,
But well life goes on up and down,
At times super fast, at times too slow…..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Resistance of a kind

Resistance of a kind.......

Well…to share with my fellow bloggy friends… a friend of mine gifted me a link, where I could, blog, get my work published and even get paid for it. Now to think of it, it all seems exciting. In fact she thought of me when I mentioned her in one of my talks that I would like to get my work published, not so much to get famous, but to let people know what I ‘am and who I am.

In fact I logged in that very instant.,coz I was very excited to get that gift.. but there is this resistance that is coming in the form of not making my profile again (it’s tiring, not making my paypal account and not even entering a post). I thought over it, and it tells me that maybe for me, my blog- ‘Yarn of Words’ is what I love, and maybe for me the warm and the best wishes of my bloggy friends matters more than the money I get from getting my work published… This is not to say that I don’t wish to get my work published at all….as of now what I feel is that if it has to happen someday….then it will…

A lot of my friends tell me that I should be writing for Archies cards, some tell me that I should get my book of poems published and what not….

Over the past three years, I have written like a ‘mad girl’ and precisely that is why writing is my love…..and my blog , my world……..:)

So when it has to will happen....till then m happy hanging out in this abode of my 'words':)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nerds aren't boring.....

Halooo Vanilla people:) this is one post I wrote long time back...loved writing and friends liked it here I'm sharing with u...For those of you not familiar with Hindi...lemme know..I'll help:) and yes the beauty of the words lies in the way they have been written, precisely that is why I did not translate in English...:) enjoiiiiiiii;)

Welcome to the world of classes, lectures, doubts, queries, results, awards, trophies, scholarships. In short- ACADEMICS.
In a classroom of merely 40 students, there exists a wide variety of species. One of the most talked about is “The Nerds”.

We all have bad mouthed about them. What? You thought you were actually praising them when you said “ tera kya hai,tu toh padhakoo hai, tere toh marks waise hi aa jayenge”, and then gave them those looks as if they were Einstein dropped from “geniuses heaven”.

In these exams of mine, a trail of thought brought me here to write this, as I wholeheartedly empathised with the feelings of a friend of mine. Both of us who might have gone through, and even in the present times too listen to the constant label of “a nerd and padhakoo”...the difference simply lies in the fact that during school, I too used to think of her as a genius, a “ratoo tota,( who might not have any goal in life except scoring a 99 in whatever subject she studied); another difference being that by face I guess (I “feel”) that I look a mix of a chilled out + may be a studious But now that view for my friend has changed and only for the good, no, for the best!!

Ok so coming to the point there are some huge myths which people have as far as these nerds are concerned, and they are as follows( we write in the exams like this, don’t we??:)-

1. It really hurts when you tell them that they don’t have to do anything. For God sake, it takes brains to take in that huge chunk of syllabus, digest it and excrete it( I use the word “excrete” than the clichéd “vomit”, because it’s really not a pleasure digesting that bookish cuisine ) in our exams which precisely what all of us do.
The difference simply lies in what others excrete, the beauty of their matter and what the so called “geniuses” do. They actually might fair on the “art of presentation”.

2. They are not boring. (I repeat, NOT BORING AT ALL). Simply because of the fact that you never talked to them except books, references, syllabus, exams, tests, assignments, as you always need them for plain work (and they graciously help you with a smile on their face).Try for once talking about their interests, movies, hobbies, gossips, teachers( yup, you got it right). And once you strike the right chord, you’ll realise that there is so much naughtiness hidden behind those bespectacled glasses.

3. Teachers- though there are some who are truly teacher’s pet, wagging their tails behind them to get marks and attention; but some nerds are polite enough not to do that. Logically speaking (I hope I’m not writing in a “nerdish way”) teachers want good results in the form of “marks” which indicates how hard they worked (ha!!).And when these first benchers “nerds” get good marks, they set them as a benchmark to evaluate the others performance (unfortunately) and sadly making them their pet. In the true context just like a dog isn’t given a chance to select his master, similarly the kid isn’t given the choice either!!
And more often than not these kids loathe their teacher. Politeness is just at the face of it. It’s only when you talk to them, you’ll be amazed at the amount of ‘perfect imitation’, bad names these kids have for their teachers.

Monday, July 11, 2011

No Goodbyes in True Friendships.....

No goodbyes in True Friendships

Before you may start reading this might just make more sense if you go through the post that preceded this one:P  which goes by the name Unspoken

I just happened to feel till yesterday that my friendship with a wonderful friend had come to an end. It felt as if it was ‘phasic’ as if the beautiful moments we shared had come to an end, until my friend finally called me today, after reading a long mail I had written to him.

Friends they say, stay, and I would like to believe that way,
And if they choose to move on, I shall still remember them for their beautiful ways…
And get back to them, and tell them,
My dear friend ‘ Every moment spent with you was a bliss’…

Yes I had tears in my eyes as I read his reply, for it ached to see how much pain he was carrying within, so much so not to let it out on paper, not to let it out in talks, but in that corner of his heart which still throbbed with the wound he thought might not appear.

In a relationship like friendship, surely it hurts to see your friend go into that cocoon, more so, when they go without saying anything, but as a friend perhaps all I can do is to wait for that day when the sun shines bright, and that cocoon opens up only to make me see a beautiful butterfly struggle its best to conquer the world with its colors and beauty. And yes to believe in yourself, to be that friend, one needs to have a belief in oneself as well..

And when times and situations strike us with a hammer or for that matter a gloomy day, we must revive our spirits to let our hearts know, that tomorrow it shall be a bright sunny day….

My friend may have lost trust or hope in himself, so much to overcome the feeling of self blame he carries within, but here’s telling my friend, that he is strong enough to conquer the storms, the world and the people, for situations have their own colors, and ‘ we have our own…’

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