Friday, May 27, 2016

When "being" speaks to you ...

“Sometimes the choices we make do not speak of the rebellion we’ve been fighting with others at the surface level; they speak of having the knowledge we’ve always had, just that the enlightenment seems too blinding”

When one is used to “doing” all their life, “being” doesn’t comes so naturally. It calls for unlearning all the language you spent hours mastering and then expecting to forget it and start afresh. Additionally “being”, like always, never expects, it simply accepts and that is what it calls forth from within-you. That, my friend, is the most difficult part. It’s that part of you which whispers to you in your busiest of times and you very easily chide it off, like a fly which just interfered at the sight of your gorgeous meal. Yet, even as you choose to make it invisible, it stands there, waiting, not like a fly, but like a saint, for that’s what it knows. “Being” knows that it’s difficult for you to unlearn, to undo all that which the society expects you to do and follow. It accepts that unlearning shall take time, maybe even if it’s this lifetime. It accepts that there shall be innumerable falls than wins. It also knows that it takes true courage and determination to take a little look towards it because carving one’s own path requires passion, patience and valour. It knows you have all that in you, for if it was not the case, you wouldn’t have even talked about “being” that many times today. “Being” knows how you melt your self with the music of Piano Guys as you write this post; it knows how you saw the milk twirling with tea leaves into that pot of tea you made for yourself; it knows how amazed you were with the omelette you cooked for yourself which looked like one gorgeous delight, ready to dig your teeth into. It knows all this and more. It knows it’s not a fly to you, it’s a part of your conscious which as a matter of fact you often hide for reasons you are certainly not responsible. It often wonders why you embrace it and then leave it now and then. It ponders in your presence and also your absence. It’s there. Always. It knows how overwhelming it is for you. It’s alright. Sometimes we learn dysfunctional ways of adapting or governing in the environments that only bring pain; what’s more disconcerting is the knowledge of our whereabouts. It seems we cannot do anything about them, the truth is we can. All that we do need to do is to ‘try’ our ways out of those lessons which are now our habits. As they say, knowing is the first step. Maybe, just maybe, it’s okay to “let go” and simply “Be” because heavens have never fallen and neither will they unless we allow them to!

Happy Weekend Vanilla People!:)

Friday, May 20, 2016

As Time walks by...

 The clothes are done in the washing machine, waiting for me to open and be dried as if autumn was here. The vegetables lie packed in the fridge waiting to be chopped only to turn into something delicious. Ah! The pain of the knife. Don’t we all get a little chopped and scarred to turn into better versions of ourselves? The sitcoms on the laptop wait no more to be watched. In fact they know that the bored newly married girl shall reach out to them for escape. However, for now she resorted to her love; that which all began some 6 years back. Wow! Yarn of Words has come with age, hasn’t it? It keeps knitting something beautiful every now and then. It knows that people come by and read but it always cringes at the thought “Are they so busy not to leave a word here?” and then Ms. Owner thinks “Well, I’m busy with my life to visit other blogs, so….” The Yarn gets going to mind its own business.
There are times when we have a lot to keep ourselves occupied with, yet we crib and cry coz we just do not feel like walking upto it and owning ourselves to it. We simply keep waiting for the work or the task to come to us. Question: Does it ever come to us? NO! It never will! For instance, yesterday when I was struck by cold and feeling all low in the dungeons, I had to rise above that dreary state and tell myself “Wake up, you are not dying! It’s just a cold!” (as if it’s just a cold?!). Few minutes have passed since I shook myself up to change the state of my mind. Oh yeah, you see it was all gaseous awhile back and now it’s flowy and it feels much better   ( kindly bear as I rant)
I just started with a 100days of art challenge today where everyday I shall be giving myself some prompts to make some art. Today I picked up a random song, it was Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself (with lyrics). The challenge was to draw as I listened to the song. I think I did a good job with the colours and the symbols. Go ahead, listen and soak yourself with the art if you can!:)


Mrs. Aakriti (Kunal, yeah from Hausle Buland:D)

P.S: I'm gearing up myself for some writing everyday
P.P.S: As I finish writing this post I recall some words by some one; it meant there are too many things to do in life to get bored. So..I'll!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Melancholia as we have known?

There’s a beauty in resting which we don’t always see
There’s a beauty in silence which we don’t always hear
There’s a beauty within us which often doesn’t judges
There’s a depth waiting to be delved into, only if we set ourselves free

I miss him; every bit of him. No, I never got to know him personally, but whatever I did made me fall head over heels for him. His humour, his tears, his expressions, his flawless screen presence and oh that smile. Every character he played was a real person somewhere. I wouldn’t call it “acting” for he would become that character. So beautifully would he merge himself that the boundaries seemed invisible. Then I wonder “Why did he do what he did?” As I write, I ask myself “Is taking one’s own death the answer to all the anguish one feels? Is that one switch that shall set everything free?” A part of me stands in affirmative, the other feels pained for it knows how difficult depression can be. It’s not just “get up and feel better”! Ah! You wish it was that easy! The meaning of illnesses often goes beyond their phenomenology. It’s a key to the past, for what happened and sometimes, also for what not happened. It’s grieving for the losses and mourning for the traumas (that which may not always be ‘big’ events). It’s a whirlpool of emotions that even emotions may not fathom.
Then some ask “What about the feeling of emptiness?” and I say “ Don’t we all have a space in our hearts that longs for something? That some “thing” which may not actually be a thing, but a moment, perhaps, or an event or a person or an interaction or a scenic landscape or simply observing someone be happy? Maybe, just, maybe, there’s a reason why that space stays empty for everyone. Something which cannot be filled so easily has to mean a lot more than the space it creates in the heart or the soul. To me it feels that it’s a symbol of the lives we have lived. More so, it’s like the empty spaces of every human being all go back to this one giant ball of thread where we all emerged from. The question now lies in the fact, what do you do with it? I say, let it just be. Just because we live in a world that continues “to do” something in no way means that’s the solution to everything. Sometimes, “being” is where the answer lies.
As for him, I will miss him every time I see him. Today I saw him as Patch Adams. Like always, he took my heart away and whatever was left off melted away.

Mrs. Aakriti ( with effect from 18th April 2016)

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