Saturday, January 29, 2011

Off you go

: A friend of mine who seems to be going away to follow her dreams, a part of me is aware, yet another part refuses to accept it, for that part feels sad that her friend is leaving her ( though not for long) but for some time still!!

It seems you are going far away,

Leaving me here alone,

It seems you are leaving all that you had,

Leaving others to wait until you return,

It seems you’ve forgotten all that we shared,

Perhaps that is why you are going,

And well, I won’t consider other things,

Coz my heart knows but dislikes thinking!

You are going where you alone do know,

Where the path will take you,

Sigh, that a part of me knows the truth,

But yet won’t believe what’s true.

And like those days of separation,

Where we both did try to cope,

And tears would drop, and fall,

Like on a rough patch, petals of rose.

It seems you are going far away,

Some time, before I’ll see you,

Meet you, as I often did,

One means I had, that’s no more new,

It seems more important things,

Are now there in your purview,

Oh! Don’t temme I understand,

Nothing will change, if I say “I do”!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Season of love

New Year, New Jan, New Feb, New love…oops!! Or maybe old, but a chance to enliven all the lovely memories you spent with your “the one”. The first date, the first “touch”:P (umm…I’m finding it soo cheesy even to write:P) , the first everything( sorry I just can’t go on with it) and then suddenly Boom!!’s not a blast of sorts, it is just that the precious one day of February kind of makes the “reality” sink in the boyfriend’s head that he got to spend a good amount of his money on his darling girlfriend!!

Well, the matters get different, if the girl does understand, and is not of materialistic types, who’ll judge the guy by the expensive gifts he buys for her. But well, still, he just cannot do away with NOT buying anything, because ‘some’ expectations are always there.

I just don’t understand this whole point of celebrating a week of love before the 14th of Feb. Why? It wasn’t that girls didn’t or never ate chocolates before that never saw flowers or teddies or got hugs before those days?? All I can think of is that it only adds a “material” element to something as pure as love.

In fact I completely agree that this Valentine’s Day is just soooooo over-rated and over-hyped. All it has become of now is a money- making event. Well for that matter all other days too. But this one just gets too much.

And well, who said this day was only for the romantic couples? Being a single, or maybe just another person on this earth, I think it includes everyone whom we love. Studying Psychoanalysis, I’m wondering if my unconscious is at present using a defense mechanism to make myself feel better:P..Well..if it is…then good, and even if not, as if I care?

Sigh……why do we have this day? Not that we had had enough of velle wannabes hanging around checking out their potential wannabes! And now this day! What makes it worse are the radio stations which start playing luuuurv songs and like a politician start declaring that the “V-DAY” is here ( only difference that for politicians it’s the voting day;). You get so tired of the songs, it makes you feel bad:(…and…sad…:(

If you have someone special in life, then have a “luuuurv-ly” day, and if you are single then well pamper yourself, tell those closed to you how much you love them, and yes like I did last year, make personalized stuff for them!!

Ok …CiaoJ

PS: if you detest PDA like I do, kripya ghar ke andar rahein, bahaar khule aam bahut si bekar harkatein ho rahi hoti hain!! unless you wanna watch a free show;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hey you there...;)

This is my first ever attempt to write a song. And while I have no clue of the part and the rules one keeps in mind to write one, all I know is that it’s a fun song, a song which goes out to the guys out there from a girl, who is looking for her soul mate. She is no princess, she is no queen. She is an ordinary girl, with her beautiful fantastic dreams. She wants a guy who loves her with everything pure, a guy whom she just wishes to live with, a guy who is fun, yet mature!!

Hey you there,
Yes, you, I’ m talking to,
It might be sad, but,
I’m not like the other girls,
Men usually woo,
It’ll be hard to know me through,
Coz well, to find a diamond, you got work to do!

Hey you there,
Yes, you whom I’m eying at,
I thought, you’ll get the signs,
But at directions, you seem bad,
Don’t worry; it’s a lot more than that,
A bit history, biology and some chemistry pracs,
Learn some, do some, and just get the right facts!

Girls aren’t all the same,
I’m sure you know it all,
Some just choose to be different,
Not fitting in a clich├ęd set of balls,
And well, the one who hits the shot,
Indeed wins a jackpot,
The pleasure of a good win, in which he is caught!

Hey you there,
You got brains to use,
Looks, and softness and something to amuse
While luck is not all that you need,
Buck up yourself, no, not for the greed,
A moment of magic, and life worth to live,
With a girl of your dreams, a life so splendid!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The want to be with my ‘self’

It dawned on me today, how it feels when no one is around you. You feel low for certain reasons, but the reasons do not oblige you by giving the answers you have been looking for. You feel as if there is this vacuum in and around you, and all that you can make sense out of it comes in the form of conversations which appear fake, which do not touch you the way you thought they would.

Being comfortable with silence is the most hard thing to do, for it requires understanding and respecting oneself, which often we do not do. My best friend told me that after being hurt by almost everyone in her college, a time came in her life, when she stopped bothering about people and things. So to cheer up her low moods and herself, she would go alone, indulge in some retail therapy or simply go to Mc Donalds and have a burger all by herself!! Yes ‘alone’! I was shocked and amazed at her boldness.

I thought of doing this today, since I had no one to give me company or talk to, but during that process, I realized that it requires a lot of courage to do that. That which my friend somehow gathered, that which time taught her to do!

One valuable thing which I’ll remember forever, which she shared with me is that ‘make yourself so comfortable and so sufficient that you need no one to make you happy, not even me, so, if, a day comes when you need someone you yourself are capable enough to bring a smile on your face’. Such lessons take time to learn, and I’m still in the process of learning them. I believe that someday I can reach this position.

My thoughts lead me to a question, that why is it so difficult for us to be with ‘ourselves’? Why do we need music, tv, movies, for that matter talks with people or friends to fill that space? We deliberately indulge in all such things (a defense mechanism) to escape that even one single moment of silence which gets created when we are with ourselves. And that is supposed to be enjoyed and cherished.

Some people make it so hard for themselves that even in their sleep, thoughts and worries about their relations with others etc. haunts them, hence, leaving them with no peace at all.

The calmness, the patience with which my grandparents nurtured me, is hardly to be seen in these days. With a fast paced life, we all have become habitual enough, to continuously speak, act or work in ways, which does not leave a moment of reflection or thought. I think, that is where it becomes hard to retrospect, to peep inside our own selves.

Fortunately, I’m glad that I’m in touch with my ‘inner’ being, my emotions which for long time have perplexed me and perhaps will continue to do so in future too. I’m glad, that I have the ability to express myself, to tell the world that this is what it is. And though like many others, I’m not perfect either, yet the space to be with my ‘self’ is enriching.

PS: I also realized that nothing can be safer and comfortable than our own home. Home is where the heart is, home is where we live, home is where we may not be at our best, and perhaps that is why it is the best!! Think of this home as your ‘inner self’ where you are not at your best, yet it is all accepting!

With this thought I bid adieu!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


The vacuum inside me,

I feel so blank and ignored,

The life around me,

Moves fast, a long way to go.

The love that calls me,

Is pure, romantic, but empty,

A voice that beckons me,

A happy transient fantasy.

I’ll go back in an era,

Or a cave of sheer darkness,

That which enlivens my spirit,

My soul, my spirit, my identity.

And if you ever wonder,

Or perhaps, out of care, concern,

Let me be in that space of mine,

Where silence speaks than be taciturn.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sense and Non sense

I have been reviewing past one semester on the readings which are given to us, in my Masters Pro gramme. Though initially it was a boring job, later only turning out to be monotonous, I'm glad that this semester we get to read Philosophy, and 'reflect' on what philosophers wrote, and because of that the word review has been now changed to 'reflections':)

Often many of us have wondered, what is is that caught the attention of the philosophers? that all they do is babble in a language not only hard to understand, but harder to hear. However that is not the case. This is a piece I wrote reflecting on a chapter written by Bryan Magee titled "Sense and Nonsense". Go ahead...take a look. Who knows, it might just make a lot of sense to you....:)

The question of the ‘sense’ and the ‘nonsense’ in Philosophy as put forth by Bryan Magee, itself seems like a philosophical surge to seek an answer to a problem or perhaps a notion that has been associated with philosophy since decades or so.

The question that ‘what’ philosophers write and the ‘way’ they write, does it make sense at all? Not only to those in the profession, but to those outside it? And the innumerable questions they raise about the ways of life etc. are they relevant to ‘us’ humans in any ways?

More often than not philosophy as a subject and a field has been considered akin to something that is ‘complex’ and incomprehensible. While all philosophers do not fall in this bracket, but the reason, that many do makes philosophy a seemingly or perhaps ‘actually’ a ‘difficult’ subject to make sense of, and comprehend for students and many others. However, as Magee says, there were philosophers like Bertrand Russell, Austin, Moore, who did made an impact both within and outside the field of philosophy by their style of writing and more significantly by the clarity of thoughts which they penned down on paper.

The author presents to us two critical thoughts as far as the matter of ‘clarity or complexity in writing style’ is in philosophy. One, where he quotes Weisse when he justifies the much critical lack of clarity in his writing style by contending that the deepest problems of the human spirit could not be solved for the benefit of the mob. On the other hand where he says that philosophers want to portray themselves as individuals who are ‘clever’ and these they very well reflect in their writing style. Weiss’s justification can be questioned, as it itself raises a question against the value of philosophy as a discipline, when he says ‘that the deepest problems cannot be solved for the benefit of the mob’. Certainly, many people do think of philosophy as a useless discipline not contributing to the mankind the way the natural sciences do, but this is not to negate the ‘human’ qualities we essentially possess today and the evolved mind of ours, all thanks to the questions raised on many matters, which our ancestors indulged in.

The author further tells the readers that many philosophers are intentionally unclear, for they fear that their popularity or the reputation of a philosopher might undergo a drastic change lest they be clear. Thus in order to show that ‘they’ have gained mastery over some (difficult) aspect that bothered the human race since time unknown, what they engage in is in a style of writing that comes to be far more complex than the thought is.

Magee makes a profound impact in this essay of his when he reaches out to the readers sharing with them what truly an impressive style of writing is. He tells us that it is not something that is obscure, and creates a mist in the thoughts and the minds of the readers that counts to be as ‘rich’ in philosophy, but that which is simple and clear, for the clarity is what reaches out to people, and instead of undermining a philosopher’s position rather creates more respect. The reason being, that the philosophers’ thought then reaches out to the masses in a way that is understandable and makes an impact for itself. His thought may ignite many more thoughts in ways which can lead to any kind of a change unknown to the philosopher himself!

Many a time’s beginners in the art of writing have this misperception that ‘only’ the writing or the writers who use an excellent vocabulary or a heavy language are ‘good’ writers. But the points which Magee makes the readers come across are substantive and reasonable enough. He makes his point, in a clear, precise and in an extremely effective way. This is to say, then, that it is not being vague or obscure that counts, for it only adds to the confusion. What matters is the clarity and the lucidity of the thought and the way it is expressed in writing, as the impact which a clear mind makes is far more powerful than a complex one!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Language of Silence

In a silence so silent,

Where a hug speaks a thousand words,

In a silence so silent,

Where tear drops flow like pearls,

In a silence so silent,

Where the pain gets washed away,

In a silence so silent,

Where fear and dread together sway,

In a silence so silent,

Where memories flashback on you,

In a silence so silent,

Where darkness is a heaven for you,

In a silence so silent,

When you wish to escape from everything mad,

In a silence so silent,

Where the quietness feels bliss,

Where the language speaks silently,

Where two hearts gently kiss,

In a silence, where I live,

You’ll be there along?

On the bench, we’ll sit together,

And silently sing ‘our’ song!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All for my love……

Before you start cooking and frying the ingredients of your thoughts, let me clear all the airs in your head. No, really!! Don’t worry, the day I shall fall in ‘that’ kind of love, you’ll know it for sure…umm, or perhaps may be not!!!;)..You see ‘mystery is what keeps the flame alive’!!:)

Ever since my blog got a makeover, I feel as if I’ve had one too; though in which way, it’s hard to point out. But I do feel alive, in ‘love’ and ecstatic.

Had my blog been a person, I would have hugged her soooooo tightly, given her ‘puchhhhis’, shopped for her, would make personalized gifts for her, the way I treat my special friends! But the fact is that it’s all ‘virtual’. However, this virtuality in no ways brings my spirit down, coz I do have real and best friends to share my life stories with, in addition I have a ‘tangible’ friend, my diary named HOPE!!:)

All this and many more special moments which happen on a daily basis keep my spirit alive.

I dunno, if you noticed or not, why I chose to call my blog ‘her’ and not ‘him’. This came as a tiny miny surprise to me too. On a second thought may be coz I’d like that him to be ‘real’ and not virtual!! (Yeah….you see..You can make all the ‘Oooh!! Aah!!’ noises if you want to now;)

I’ll try not to digress, for I do tend to with the umpteen numbers of links that start to form once I start writing.

To my love…..perhaps my very first. ( it’s not my blog:p….it’s something else! I haven’t yet revealed it, and what made you so sure?:)

Your power, oh! So magical,

It makes me on seventh heaven sway,

Your beauty, so breath-taking,

It takes my heart away,

Your love for me knows no bounds,

You seem right here, even if far away,

Just be here, listen as you do,

For my love reaches you in every way!!

A wavering feeling

If only it was as easy as other things,

I could ask you all my questions unanswered,

If only I could ask you that the trust I laid in you,

Was honest and pure, and not by any thing measured,

I don’t know if I’m afraid,

Or in some kind of loss,

All I know is it doesn’t feels right,

The way things moved, different from the start.

Perhaps you might not be aware,

Of the way you’ve been responding,

You did things, and expressed them too,

Not knowing the results of those happenings,

Should I blame you or myself?

I really do not know,

All I want is you to tell me,

That there was a truth, a trust,

In our friendship, I thought so pure.

Mistakes I made over and again,

Like a kid not understanding,

So immersed in the waters of the sea,

I kept flowing, not thinking.

Had I learnt the lessons,

I would’ve been a different person,

These years passed and added the numbers,

Rusting the same old person.

I so wish things would be better,

But the threads seemed to have entangled,

No way to sort the strings,

They are stuck in a weird fashion.

Perhaps time will make them loose,

And they’ll slip out too,

May time be by my side,

When it’s really hard to choose!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sealed secrets

A lock with one key,

A lock on that one door,

That door leads to the secret,

That can in no way be revealed.

Many doors lead to innumerable paths,

Like the roots of a complex tree,

These paths intersect with people from life,

And are easy to open with specific keys.

The secrets which the heart has sealed,

Are not by means the best of choice,

For with whom does it open up?

Wishing to speak, but loses its voice.

It’s a shameful thing to share and speak,

Things sealed, with feelings perplexed,

It’s like stabbing your heart with its key,

Not knowing anything, in a state of vex.

If only did it had someone,

Who perhaps wouldn’t judge at all,

Listen simply the way things were,

All it would take, then, just one call.

The fear, the anticipation,

The wait, for that another heart,

The loneliness, the sad tears,

For that key to lock this heart.

One goes in search of another,

All ready to expose its best,

Perhaps the secrets were not privy,

The two locks would meet,

And go on their quest!!

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