Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Friends for Lifetime

No friends for lifetime we have,
And if they stay for long, surely there are reasons,
Seasons may pass,
You never know for how long they’ll last,
Some like a breeze will blow away with autumn,
And some might just stick with you in the chilly days,
And there will be those,
Who’ll love your hotness in the summery days,
And one fine day just bring the flood in your way.

Oh, you think it’s this hurt which speaks?
Well may be it’s the truth of ‘reality’,
No friends for lifetime you see,
Those who maybe are just ‘by chance found gems’,
Yet in the end, when you really need,
It’s you, who’ll find the sweetness like a bee,
In the flowers of life, some big some small,
In the rides topsy turvy or round like a ball,
You’ll ride with complete strangers you know,
And in some years down the line,
Things might jumble up or will be ‘seemingly’ fine,
In those moments what will you do?
When the friendship of years, all seems blue?
And maybe I can think of answers,
Or reasons may all seem rational to me,
But it isn’t hard letting go, you know,
Of the beautiful and colored memories.

I yearn for those, whom I have lost,
Not that they call me now,
And I can see who are drifting apart,
With me not bothered ‘that’ way,
For I got to move, I got to travel,
Yes, a distance far from you,
Well, I didn’t know before,
But now I do, the space created between me and you.

So, I won’t talk, though it’s a cure,
Coz words will be hard to speak,
I know you’ve begun to hide a lot,
In that case, surely the bond seems weak!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

wHEN A friend goes off FB...

When a friend goes off FB,
You feel (s)he has gone away,
A virtual world, I understand,
But it’s like a part of you has flown away.

The discussions over silly status updates,
The sarcasm that was coolly thrown,
The ‘pulling of leg’ on bad pictures,
The missing bit when they are no more.

And now my friend,

Monday, March 14, 2011

To be or NOT to be

This time it all seems very hard.
This time I’m scared, for things the future in stores.
This time though I’m given hope, it all seems a distant dream.
This time, I’m pushing myself way too hard,
To answer the questions which my mind seeks.

This time self- doubt is where I reach,
Every time a hurdle blocks me,
This time, in phases,
I’m acting too pessimistic,
A part may/ may not be of me.

This time

Saturday, March 12, 2011



A tinge of naughtiness,
A seductive smile,
Eyes that glitter,
And body that acts wild,
Questioning the other,
With a streak of flirty appeal,
A playful hide-n- seek,
Talks with eyes, and lips sealed,
A satin tug of war,
A push there and pull here,
A brief moment of contact,
A feel of breath so near,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My mad mad world

1, I’m soo in love with my college for bestowing upon my strong shoulders all the readings and the work they can think of.
2. Oh!! dude.. this uni I’m studying in is awesome. Really fabulously awesome.. and my class more so awesome!
3. I feel like burning my readings up..but that would only mean my money going down the drain. So this post.ha!
4. I dunno abt philosophical questions, but surely this sem is questioning my very existence of opting to be here in AUD and my awesome roller coaster life!
5. And the best part

Friday, March 4, 2011

How amazing am I??

Well I’m not appreciating myself here, but just thinking, am I amazing? Am I really really amazing? Of course best friends always make you fly high on the 7th heaven, to know the real truth is hard. Very very hard. Well, study philosophy, then you’ll end up going on your own trial of thought ki reality kya hai or truth kya??
Things I can do well:
I can bake nice cakes (but not that great ones)
No I won’t start writing my qualities. Coz this blog post is about

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In My Den

In My Den

Sometimes leaving without a goodbye is the best thing to do,
Coz then there is nobody to stop you.
       Sometimes getting blank is the easiest defense we can use,
Coz there’s too much in the mind, hard to choose.
Sometimes darkness is the best comfort for you,
Coz eyes get tired of the light they get used to.
Sometimes fantasies live the only aliveness in you,
Coz reality feels absurd and too vague for truth.
Sometimes you just give up, knowing it isn’t (a part of) you,
But the wait makes you old rusting the new that was you.

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