Monday, August 11, 2014

In your words I find so(u)lace

Hello you there,
How has the writing been doing? Any thoughts on penning down what you already have in your mind? I thought a little coaxing will help you write, sigh, what was I thinking? You continue to be a lazy snail and I race along the waves, attempting to occasionally sit by the shore and listen to the music of the waves. I’ll take back the word ‘lazy’ because I know the thoughts are going in your pensieve. I wait for the day they get woven into your yarn of words.

So lost in the world of words
My green tea sat there waiting
And a sip of bitter tea
Brought the memories
Of how someone saved me from choking

There are times when I’m quiet and silent and I can feel you, your silent presence is enough for my soul to find its link to its soul-ace. As I write, I wonder, why do we need words to define all our experiences? Will the experience not cease to exist and be the moment we start to define it? It shall morph into a memory. Won’t it? Then what shall be of the experience? It’s like killing it with words just when it takes birth. A rather tragic analogy, never thought I will be thinking of words in such terms! Tell me, if I do not speak, how thou shall understand the feelings deeply felt, the rise and the fall of the thought-provoking waves amidst the gleaming light bestowed upon by the might moon?

The names imprinted in the sand
By my feet, not my hand
Waiting to slip by, with the waves
When it’s in the heart, why need the land?

Your old posts are a treasure of gold for me. Every time they read again, a new feeling rises. At times it’s helps me reminisce the feeling I felt when I first read it. Your words aren’t banal, they are melodies written on piece of instrument which plays ‘the moment’s music’, uplifting spirits and words, themselves, to skies that don’t exist. That’s how I feel when I read Pablo Neruda, Kahlil Gibran and Rumi.
You would be surprised to know that even as I keep coaxing you to write, my own habit finds a rare place in this schedule of mine. Yet, here I’m, writing unlike you, literally in every word!

Thank them who taught us
To read and to write
Thank stars who showed us
The one path, amidst many blinds
For if it were not for words
What else would it be?
The locked door at this end
Finally did find its key!

*these lines have been written by my fellow blogger friend Kunal, the link of his post has been shared there and here. The post has been inspired by his beautifully written words:)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hard ships:Haiku

Hard shall it be as
Always; soft too on days so bright
Meant to coexist

On days so hard when
                                 Falls would be of tears; you dear                
Created hope smiles

Friday, August 1, 2014

That moment when you hear the song you once cried on…..

That moment when you hear the song you once cried on…..

Beauty isn’t just all happiness and elation.

Beauty, solace, is also the tears, the sadness, the kohl that was washed from your eyes once upon a time by droplets filled with salt. It’s like a sole and soul journey on a bus at night where the chilly city breeze enters your bones; even as you have a jacket to cover yourself, you let the breeze “chill” you. Deep down the exhilaration of that past moment comes by like a flash. Only this time, there are no salty drops, but a small sweet smile. The smile speaks of the hours that turned into days and that which are now counted as years. That smile speaks of the perseverance, the strength which took you to get where you are today.
In two words: It’s bliss

Woh ratein who seher
Woh sukoon ke peher
Bhool jayenge hum
Bhoolein kyun hum magar
Jeeye jao jo tum
Jeeye jayenge hum
Today, is…

 To the hurdles crossed
To the walks after falls
To the tears cleaned
To the will to last

Today…is to the present developed by past

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