Friday, September 18, 2015

Sometimes to self- discover you might self –destruct

When there is a catastrophe creating havoc inside, there are two choices. One to let it pillage and take away everything you built; the other to let it pass and wait for the sun to shine. Faith is as mysterious as life. It tests you just when the clouds are the darkest of the greys and the nights the darkest of the black.

The waterfalls have been full all this summer. It’s surprising they never get tired of flowing. The earth, the skin, beneath it feels the fall’s anguish. To the poet, the water-falls are a heavenly beauty and to the one falling it’s a dreadful trench, from which there is no escape. It’s like one of those dreams where you keep falling with no ground to catch you. But guess what saves you? Reality! “Thank God it was just a dream!”

Memories have a way of being created and making their presence felt. Have you ever wondered what would have happened had you never been to that place with that special someone? Your brain could have saved itself for something else? The catch is that even if it would have saved, it would not have been that special!

As for the matters of heart, the poet says it’s never had a mind of its own, thus the confusion the man lives with. To rely on the mind of a body is very different than to rely on the mind of a heart. How different do you think a heart and its mind would have been? Perhaps it would have been double trouble for the one living with the four! Isn’t it?

The words in the diaries have lost their vigour, like earth’s crack opening up to proclaim a draught. And far away in another land people die of floods. How can earth be so empty and full at the same time? It’s a way of betraying and destructing itself at the same time! And then after months or years, sometimes, the grains of the soil revive only to yield acres of crops to feed those who deserve. Indeed, earth is where we all come from!

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