Sunday, June 7, 2015

I read you

After all this while of reading
That which was so obscure
I found a light beside that street
Leading straight to your heart’s core

Wondering if you were two people at once
 A question I once had asked
Got my answer in time
For some words have filters in dark.

Your vagueness enticed me
Into reading the soul behind
For true hearts lead on
Hidden paths become a treasure to find

As I compared myself to others
Sun’s rays beating to outshine
You said I was a sun of my own
To each his own, their kind.

The trust gathered in those ink scribbles
The ones petite, pretty and fine
Are the ones that brought this soul
To a love that your words defined

1 comment:

Vinay Leo R. said...

"Wondering if you were two people at once
A question I once had asked"

I ask myself that a lot too. And I like that comparison to sun's rays, and the idea that we are a sun ourselves. Yes. Even unknowingly, we might be giving some light to others :)

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