Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our style reveals our values

“Our style reveals our values”
~ ~- Bryan Magee

Copyright: Aman Malik

In life, whatever you do, write, speak, or carry yourself, your style shall truly reflect ‘your’ values…
And this quote by Bryan Magee helps me learn a lot of things about people.

Many of my friends tell me when I often go wrong in perceiving people “ You are a psychology student, you didn’t even understand?” and then I’m like great! “Does studying psychology transform me into a person with God like powers?” Sigh….I wish. But the truth is that there are far more people out there in the world who are better listeners and observers than me. Sure it is kind of expected that I'll be good at this, but I can also learn by my mistakes right? Anyways I keep psychologising enough in my college, why so much in my life??  

Sure, I’m learning as I’m growing and my life’s lessons are teaching me how ‘untrustworthy’ people can be….and this is where the quote helps…

I’m learning that people are not as loyal and innocent as I’m….and I need to be tactful and interpret their styles before I go ahead ‘liking’ them. And this sadly is the truth of these years!

And I’ll end with this one-
“ I try to anticipate different aspects of each particular relationship, knowing that changing affective experiences will bring about many transformations and many reversals”.
-   Joyce Mc Dougall
(Theatres of the Mind)

I’m a jewel….hard to get

I’m a jewel….hard to get

Yes. I love myself, A lot! And I’m glad for that! You know why? Because I know that I’m worth a million jewels on this earth. I have so much potential in myself. The way I raise myself after every storm throws me far away, tearing my already crushed pieces into bits that are hard to gather, is something that keeps me going!....

I’ll share with you my current FB status..and it goes like:

“And just when we feel that life was already so messed up, there comes a storm, a tornado that makes you realize that there are worse things in life we yet have to overcome...and then I say "Yeah...sure keep them coming...I'll see who'll win!!

I have so much in myself to give, care, understanding, sharing and yes, my intellect as wellbut just that I haven’t found that someone..and I now know, that I’m no more on that finding spree..Let it be..The best things in life find us, when we least expect them. So, I’m done with the finding bit! Even if it means my parents finding that guy for meIt’ll save me so much from ‘syapa’ in relationships!

Yes, I’m a jewel and people who know me might as well agree tooSure I’m a human as well..and that comprises my bads, my mistakes toobut at the end of the day I’m MYSELF!
And life continues to teach me lessons..

Song for the day: Kaisi hai yeh rut ki jisme phool banke dil khile ( Dil Chahta hai)..:)


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What’s with boys and emotions?

What’s with boys and emotions?

Note: Before you read this post, let me tell you that I would not wish to generalise anything that I write here. It includes my own experience and hearsays from my other girl friends. I would like to believe that there are exceptions, and perhaps because of the same reason we have some great Men writers who understand not only what a woman is ‘probably’ ( because knowing women can never come to an end!;)all about, but more so understand that any kind of a relationship involves a lot of complexity!

 It saddens me when I see boys running away from ‘emotional’ topics. When mothers say to their growing young boy toddlers“Why are you crying like a girl?” ; just then gets closed the door of that vast range of emotions even before it could have got an opening. So while even research studies say that boys are good in Spatial Intelligence and Mathematical abilities and girls are good in verbal and literary abilities, surely this points to the kind of exposure both boys and girls get in their growing years.

This reminds me of the scene from “Jane Tu” where Imran Khan cries. And that is something unusual for sure. Guys might find it weird, but as a girl I would also like to say that that a guy who cries doesn't becomes effeminate if he sheds his tears.

Why this whole issue of being masculine and strong associated with stringent control over your emotions?  Now you may say that while it was ‘a given’ that girls had to be sensitive, fragile and all emotional and guys, on the contrary, physically strong and all rough and tough ( both in and out), yet the whole aspect of ‘hiding emotions’ and / or refraining from talking about them is something I find very weird.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Orgasmically Divine

Orgasmically Divine

cpoyright: Aman 

It’s about finding that one connect,
That enlivens the soul in ‘you’.
It’s about finding that link,
Which enmeshes into ‘you’.
It’s about coming together,
With all the differences that entail
It’s about that one moment,
Where you are gifted death, then life
It’s when you realize the purpose,
To live is, in and not in ‘you’
It’s when you say, speak or write,
But the moment needs to be felt..

It’s life giving,
Life embracing,
Life empowering.

A moment where the black hole entices you to live the ‘star’ have been and embrace the beauty that darkness is
And when you do
It is orgasmically divine!
Copyright: Aman

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wallpaper Love:)

Wallpaper Love

Hello the Vanilla the peoples;) …hope u are germ free, stress- free and are emitting and radiating all the positive radiations that ur beautiful and blissful life could give out!! If not…then worry not!!
When You are HERE (on my blog) have NO fear!!:)
So…I just have this lovely wallpaper from the movie UP on my desktop, I simply love it.
·       I love the girl’s green eyes, which beautifully combine with the deep blue of the boy.
·       I love the way she points at a shape in the clouds ( this is what I imagine her doing) and the boy smilingly looks at the shape perhaps thinking “I’m so glad to have her in life, I can hear her talking all my life”
·       And look at the way the boy’s hand rests on his stomach, to me its a symbol of contentment, that which one could only get on finding a ‘true love’.
·       This movie made me cry like anything. It was commendable to see the way these animated characters had ‘LIFE’ in them. I cried, and felt for the love he had for his wife, to make her dream come true.
·       And for those of you, who still haven’t watched it, do watch UP, because it not only tells us what love is about, it also tells us about determination, about how pure can true bonds be, and the best thing – well ITS JUST WORTH WATCHINGJ
·       Sure, there is a reason for me to have this as my desktop wallpaper, it makes me feel loved, and live with that belief that I’d lie on a mat with my life partner one fine day, on a winter sunny day!:)
This life is gorgeous, praise it even in IllnessJ


PS: Song on my playlist: Kitni der tak from Delhi Heights...simply love it:) ah! 
Kitni der tak,
Kitni der tak,
Aaj Shaam ya saver tak?
Udon baad main tur jana,
Rowanga main baike door kisi kone which,
Mur ke ni geet maain gana,
Udonn baad tu tur jana..............~~~~~ 

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I’m losing on time,
Coz I feel so helpless today,
I’m losing on smiles,
Coz it’s been a while,
I’m losing on future,
Coz I see the dull sky,
I’m losing out on You,
Coz I leapt in mistake, as you went,
I’m losing my mind,
Coz I don’t wish to think, still I do,
I’m losing on myself,
Coz I see not my past self…anymore.

I’m losing out, my face blank,
My body, worn out and dead,
I’m losing my very ‘Hope’,
Even as I named her with all my love,
I’m lost, nowhere to go,
No one to hold on to,
Coz everyone’s busy,
And I feel morose,

I have lost……..

Low Tide..

Today I'll just say my state with a song....

This is Lehrein From the movie Aisha.....
and I just hope if someone could sing the song "The Scientist" From Coldplay for me.......

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Strangers in Love

Strangers in Love

Two unknown souls met one day,
They talked, they laughed,
Not knowing why,
And then the two birds,
Different and unique,
Perched on a branch,
A lil far, but on a same tree.
They talked, they shared,
Some bits here and there,
And then they flew back to their nests.
Something lingered,
Bringing an unrest,
The songs of the beak,
The whispers in the ear,
The words spoken,
Said things unspoken,
And all was understood,
Yet prevailed silence,
                               Over talks misunderstood

Friday, August 19, 2011

A New Leaf..

A New Leaf…

Jab jab chaha tune raj ke rulaya
Jab jab chaha tune khul ke hasaya
Jab jab chaha tune khud mein milaya
Ik tuhi tu hi tu hi tu hi tu hi tu hi

These are the beautiful lyrics of the song Ik tu hi tu from the upcoming movie “Mausam” of Shahid and Sonam Kapoor. I’m kinda looking forward to it.

I’m sure by this time all my Bloggy friends knew why I was writing poems on missing a friend, on relationships and the like
And just as I wrote these lines, the Wadali Brothers sing these lines for me…

“Teri ye judai ik
Wak sare chote
Teri ye judai ik
Sukh sare khote

And these are the moments when you feel the songs are meant for you… coming back..I feel glad that as one friend went, two others came. Would you like to know the irony? The friend who has gone, his best friend is now my sweet friend. And today as she messaged me saying that it has been long since we talked, I just thought ‘What if she leaves like he did?” And my talk with her kind of assured me that she won’t.

We can’t stop people from entering our lives,
Nor can we stop them from going,
Sure we can create walls, or gates or windows,
But it is ‘they’ who choose the means……!!

The Lost Road

The Lost Road

PS: Credits to the above pitcha: me :D!

I have reached a point in life,
Where I was two years back..
This time again, I do not know,
Where the road shall lead to,
And which life shall I seek?
This journey has been wonderful,
Would like to believe that it succeeds,
Ambition surely drives me,
At times it just recedes,
But work is worship, for sure,
Idleness drives me crazy!

In time I’ll reach a space,
Which shall broaden as the horizon?
And I’ll fly like a lost bird,
Trying to find my direction,

But now there is nothing to lose,
For that I’m still glad,
For the moment is indeed precious,
I got a lot in hand!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The heart just knows….

The heart just knows….

Stupid was I,
Yeah waiting for a guy,
One who would sweep me off the ground?
And after a many hits and tries,
Those worthless and passing flies,
It struck me, and I realised,
That the heart just knows what it’s made of….

It’s like a puzzle inside,
With a missing piece,
That unlocks on meeting a right guy,
Till then, a free bird, I continue to fly,
Coz the heart just knows the one, it’s made for…

Monday, August 15, 2011

Petals of Rose…

Petals of Rose

This short story has been continued from here. Read this before you come here.!

Having felt ‘purely’ beautiful with no exquisiteness attached to the feeling, she went every day looking forward to see him. His cute smile didn’t mean much to her, but that she only realised later, in a way she herself couldn’t settle for.

In between  between the ‘professional topic related convos’ they had, he would at times talk about himself and this just made her wonder why he told her those things. Yet she would simply listen to him and feel glad that he thought of sharing.

Unlike the first instance, when she had deleted his number after saving it, this time she got his email id, in fact he himself mailed a soft copy of a book to her. But in between all this something started diminishing…

It kind of became a routine, she didn’t think of it as monotonous though, because he in fact helped her in a sweet way, making her walk to a place where she was scared to go, and that day she was very thankful to him.

Many a times she pondered over how things would be in the near future, but since she had got no nonverbal cues from his end, she somehow came to accept the fact that it was a crush, and like many other things, they eventually fade away.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Miss You

I miss you.

There is something that I miss,
In myself, and with you,
Gone are the talking affairs,
As you bask in your life’s view,
What about the stuff we shared,
And the arguments that we had,
And then you would write songs,
To make me get back,
And then I would smile with a frown,
Think of your sweet kindness,
And tell you:
“I just can’t seem to hate you”,
May be you flow with the stream,
As I, try, as well my friend,
But trust me not a single day goes,
When the silence I do not lament,
As you grow with each day,
I miss you, still do love,
And may you find your dreams,
Which in your beautiful mind you treasured.

PS: The gorgeous pitcha courtesy: my friend:)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This world is Fascinating!


Ah!! I’m so overwhelmed, ecstatic, and spell bound, every single time I stumble upon such wonderful people who write wonderful blogs! And today as Risha awarded me with my very second blog award, I happened to go through a number of great blogs.
·       Recipes: let them keep pouring!
·       Poetry- An exquisite expression of a kind
·    And then some honest, straight from the heart talks- I truly appreciate them.

And as I talk about this blogging world, oodles of love pours into my own blog, as I look at it lovingly, just like a mother sees her new born baby, not believing that the gorgeous baby is hers..Yes my blog is my baby!
And just like me, there are perhaps millions out there who nurture their blog with all that their heart can give- love, purity, honesty, celebration and the list goes on…

A teacher of mine once told me “ How can you celebrate other’s happiness” .This comment of his came on my term paper write up. It amazed me as it did to him. But it wasn’t something that came as a surprise, You know why?? Because there is this part of me which feels great when I see people being and expressing their ‘true’ selves- and ‘living’ every bit of them and the moment!

So this post if for all the Vanilla people out there! I may not know you, but even as a stranger I’M PROUD OF YOU!:)


Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Over It!


It just occurred to me few seconds back that when people break up from any kind of relationship and say “I’m over him/ her or that relationship” it isn’t really true. In short: They might not only be lying to you, but at a far greater level are cheating themselves from the ‘truth’. In psychoanalysis either the person would be using the defense mechanism of denial or repression (trying to unconsciously forget something that is unpleasant).

So the question goes: Why do they even utter “over it”?? Well, social desirability factor, at least this is what I think of. For instance there is this close friend of mine who hasn’t got over, even after some 3 years from a relationship that was humiliating, frustrating and disrespectful in many a ways, and all this is ‘according to ME’. A sad thing- Maybe after seeing my irritation, frustration over she crying for endless months over that bastard, perhaps she thought that the best thing was not to ‘share the truth’ with me anymore. So well, I was in an impression that she had moved on, until recently after months, when she felt depressed, all she thought was to call that sicko, in her vulnerable state that of course I warned her NOT to!

A plenty of things emerge from the above lines:
1.     I’ll share with u someday an article on “How love can be maddening”..wrote it long time back.
2.     When people say that they have moved on, chances are that most likely they HAVEN’T, and what they are uttering is PLAIN LIE!
3.     Cumon? You can’t blame them as well. Can you? When you have been in a relationship where you felt that you had ‘apparently’ got everything you ever wanted, may be many moments-of-lived- fantasy, and then when the crystal ball breaks, surely it’ll hurt. Result: You are in a DENIAL, or at best live with the memories of the past and cry over them for months or maybe years to come.
But you know, like I always believe, things happen for a reason, and the very reasons then become lessons of our life, from which we get to learn.

There is this secret behind which I wrote this post, and I would let it be a secret. For all I know is that relationships are beautiful flowers which take their own time growing from a seed, to a plant, then taking a shape of a bud, blooming one fine day into a pretty flower whose fragrance only the outer world can define. And like all flowers do leave the plant and fall down, only for allowing the new ones to grow, perhaps relationships too are like seeds of new people waiting to be sowed…

If you wish to share anything related to this post, a song, a moment you recall of your past relationship, or any interesting incident, I would love to hear……

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love...Brighter than Sunshine..:)

Heya’s my dear Vanilla peopleJ hope you all doing great? I ve been listening to this song for a whileagain and again ..and againits just so faaab! So sharing it with youJ
Love your ‘self’,
Love the rain,
Love her smile,
Even if you see once in a while,
Love your heart pump,
Love the glorious sun,
Love because it feels great,
Love, even if you are without a mate,
Love the smallest of the things,
Coz love in every way, happiness brings!
The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men it is said have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough. ~George Moore


The ‘Common’- Wealth Mess

The ‘Common’- Wealth Mess

HI!!this post is very very very serious! no pics to attach this time!...All u gotta do is just 'imagine' the state of affairs...:(

Past few days I’ve been brushing myself through the main newspaper, and every day the newspaper would cover some or the other CAG report on what blunder did our ‘honourable’ government did with crores of rupees which perhaps for them are nothing more than a few pennies.
So today, I ‘actually’ read the umpteen number of stupidities and mindless number of activities which our ministers did.  I read facts like:
·         The overrun cost to host the games was Rs. 1,200 cr which got enhanced to a mighty Rs.18,532 crore .
·         There being no one authority to organise the games.
·         Then I read that Suresh Kalmadi was not the ‘thought of’ appointed person to be the chairman of the Organising Committee. To top it up there was a change from the government owned society to a non government one. !! ( vaarry naaaice!)

What amuses me is that when it comes to organising games at an international level, the way India dealt with things was perhaps so ‘like’ some very commonly found Indians, who do all the ‘ghaplas’, increase the budget to make some money of their own, allot work to multiple parties just so that they can not only oblige the managers of those parties, but also get their own sweet perks.

I’m disappointed over the state of affairs I have been seeing all these years. It seems that no matter whether it is terrorist attack on Mumbai, whose culprit is still being showered with all the love and food sitting here in the jail, for over what?? 2 years?  See…that’s what…things in India, sadly, get stretched like an elastic for years, so much that neither the issue is remembered the way it was, nor the ‘elastic’ remains of any use to either the government or the common man.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A 'living' LIFE

Aliving’ LIFE

Life came to me and whispered in my ears,
She told me she had many secrets that would take plenty of years,
I told her I was here and there to stay,
If not for eternity, but few years if I may,
She befriended me the moment I was born,
Told me few stories of the eras bygone,
As I smelled and touched my mother’s skin,
I realised few secrets with her which I shared,
And then my early years of running and playing,
Under the blanket of sky and free winds,
She ran with me like my best friend,
Guised in as experience, she taught many a lessons,
And then the chapters really opened,
As I entered my early adolescence,
And then there was no ending,
For she had spoken a lot in her silence,
In moments of solace and introspection,
A silent friend for a life how long,
Tells me to live each moment,
And learn from then on,
And as I listen to the music and hear her breathe,
She hugs me softly,
And the moment gets seized.

PS: The above pic has been taken by this awesome photographer friend of mine:)

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