Friday, March 30, 2012

I'll keep my love at bay..

I'll keep my love at bay..

As the waves of your friendship touch my shore,

With the music filled softness and the sweet notes,
A boat on a shore,
A dinner for two,
The booze, the glasses, me and you...

As you look at me and give that smile,
The heart melts my friend seeing you.

My love for thee I'll keep at bay,
Some relations are best sans the lovey cues,
As you say some things in your lovely light moods,
I look at the darkness, forgetting the moon.

Hush the waves,
The tide is low,
Bring no storm at this shore,
The trees will fall,
The skies explode,
Friends and friendship,
Could I ask more?

As you go off your way,
I look at your imprints,
The soft sand, I wish to freeze,
Go and dream,
Dream and live,
My love is at bay,
These lips  unkissed!

© Aakriti

Strings of Music

Sharing with you guys, some of the songs and the voices which are great, the music over powering and the words touching....

I'm holdin' on your rope,
Got me ten feet off the ground.
And I'm hearin' what you say,
But I just can't make a sound.
You tell me that you need me,
Then you go and cut me down...
But wait...
You tell me that you're sorry,
Didn't think I'd turn around...
And say...

That it's too late to apologize.
It's too late...
I said it's too late to apologize.
It's too late.

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes

And no one knows what it's like
To be hated
To be fated to telling only lies

But my dreams they aren't as empty
As my conscious seems to be
I have hours, only lonely
My love is vengeance
That's never free
No one knows what it's like
To feel these feelings
Like I do, and I blame you (
Song: Behind Blue Eyes, Limp Bizkit
This town everybody seems far away
And I found that everything that I try to say
Falls down on the ground beneath my feet
And I just want something that makes me feel like
I’m not crazy, there’s something real

'Cause this lonely is killing me
And I don’t see what I can’t quite reach
And I won't be able to come to shore
When I’m lost floating like a boat in the ocean
The midnight starlight won't shine anymore (yeah, anymore)
Song: The midnight Starlight, Jason Walker,
Let me hold you
For the last time
It’s the last chance to feel again
But you broke me
Now I can’t feel anything

When I love you
It’s so untrue
I can’t even convince myself
When I’m speaking
It’s the voice of someone else
Song: Broken Strings, James Morrison and Nelly Furtado

PS: i'm short of time...its taking a lot of time to find links to the find them on youtube, if u like them, go ahead download!!
happy weekend!!!

PPS: Time be by my side!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Tell Tale

She asked me,
“You’ve not written for long,
Something about yourself?”
I looked in her eyes,
Which betrayed my self,
A self long lost, still there.

She asked me,
“What have you been up to?
For something seems to have changed”
I looked at her face,
Saw the ruins,
Fresh and old, but the same.

She asked me,
“ Where was your chirpy voice?
And the zest to live your life?”
I looked at the tinkling chime above,
Which spoke for me,
A thousand words.

She stood there,
With a blank face,
And blank me,
The last time I saw her there,
The ripples dried, turned into sand.

As I walked with my naked burns,
Only to be seen by me,
A whisper hushed in my ear,
“Life’s simple, complex you make, Busy bee!”


Saturday, March 24, 2012

I endure....

Haiku Heights just gave me a prompt that I so relate to. Here's it...

I endure you dear
O mighty as a mountain
 A sailor will sail
The tears above may
Speak weakness; down below they shower
The roots of the bud

The song of thy lord
The strength this blood flows; knows the sun
A flower shall bloom

PS: Song that inspires me: Come thou fount of

Sunday, March 18, 2012



Blue are the tears and
Blue is the sky; the distance
Between me and you
 Blue is the water
Blue are my jeans, now faded
Like your memory

Blue is the lightness
Blue too the dark, a space where
People coincide

P.S: I know that a Haiku doesn't rhyme, but this one just went with the flow:)

You may be a stranger, but to me you are a friend!

Love for a stranger friend
You just clicked. How? When? Through words.
Something told you that you were very close to ‘that’ other.
Numbers exchanged. Talks lil, then very little.
And then the bonding, of that stranger-now-friend,
With another stranger friend,
Where did my friend go?

Thursday, March 15, 2012


What’s in your nature, is in your nature and no matter what someone says to you, nature shall be the dominant force.”
Ah! What a one liner was this one, she thought to herself. She wore an invisible necklace of words. They were her, she was words. The string wrapped her body. She caressed the tresses of every sound, letter and melody they made. And they smiled, cried, giggled and laughed with her.
A friend had once told her not attach herself too quickly to people. Why, then did she?
Loyal to her core.
People had come and gone; betrayed her trust in a myriad of ways. By now she had a sense in which all ways trust could be broken. Yet she flew like a free bird with the sky as her own garden where the other birds were people she had forever known.
She remembered saying once to herself that relationships attracted her, knowing about them more so. Yet, some  many relationships had gone awry, were disturbing and it was almost as if she bothered yet didn’t wish to bother.
It’s an adventure knowing strangers. Known ones are often taken granted for. You scratch, you shout, you lacerate their heart, and knowing that they are there makes the initial charm fade away. It’s the strangers who are threatening and exciting. Knowing that they can love,question, fight, shout, hate and most importantly leave that kills every part of you.
She left. He left. He left. He left. She didn’t talk. She met, then didn’t respond……So?
Life goes on, right?
Oh Yes it does!
What about memories?
Yes, they last.
Which songs? Where did that come from?
They make you miss them?
Ha! Nooope! After a while time heals, and you are up and about again!;)
Ahan? Really?
You bet!
The voice faded, something triggered. Questions, questions and some more……..
A-tach-ment, she said the word aloud, looked away. The wall was clean. Silence.
And then she heard the chime, it sounded melodious. The friendships. A-tach-ment.

There was no-thing to lose,
They were the ones to lose,
She knew what she gave,
Did they?
Times spent laughing and knowing
That li’l bit of few,
I know….just that bit of you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waiting to be found

Waiting to be Found
As a lady of 23 she still hadn't found the guy who would be her soul mate. It troubled her to lengths she couldn't imagine. Girls younger than her had been in relationship for years. Here was she yet waiting and at times least caring for that one.
Today as she cooked his favourite mixed vegetables a sense of contentment enwrapped her as she looked at their cute picture which hung on a photo frame on the kitchen wall. She then walked towards the music player and turned the volume louder. And then played " khuda ke liye, mujhe na nahi karna, khuda ke liye mujhse yahi kehna, ki tujhe pyaar hai mujhse.. Khuda ke liye". She closed her eyes and swayed her hips in shapes of eight as she twisted and turned as if she had him behind her back watching her intently. She made cute expressions as if to entice him and as she danced she walked towards their picture and kissed it lovingly. Was it by coincidence that all romantic songs played her heart's tune even at shuffle mode. The tunes knew her well, they shared a deep rapport with her heart.
As he came back home tired, she opened the door and gave a sweet peck on his lips. Her smile was the switch to her gleaming eyes. They would lit like a magic lamp, all ready to shower warmth, love and happiness.
As he went to freshen up, she lit candles near the dining area and the music of soft waves played in the background. Today was just another day. Nothing special! But the kind of lady she grew up to be, giving surprises to herself and her loved ones had become a part of her.
As he saw the charmingly lit room, he gave her a warm hug and kissed her forehead with all the lovely blessings he carried for her in her heart. She was happy as a kid.
On the dinner table he shared with her that he would be going to another metropolitan city for a week's time due to work. She asked him what the work was about. He wasn't going for the first time, but every time he would leave, she felt sad.
"I’ ll miss you love"
"So will I my HoneyBee"
And they held each other's hands for few minutes. She looked deep into his eyes. He looked back, not being able to hold his gaze.
Raahi knew how to spend time well in his absence. Her work kept her pretty much occupied. Day time was spent with children needing special attention. She considered them as sparkling hidden jewels waiting to be found .
There he was attending his meetings scheduled with another company. In the evening he  met Pranya, almost after four months.
Something pricked deep inside.
Pluck. Pluck. Pluck.
And then there were flashbacks. Raahi swaying her frilly dress on the beach. Raahi decorating their new home with their pictures. Raahi surprisingly mailing him the new album of his favourite band to his office address. She smiled , frowned, teased, and looked into his eyes.
As he hugged Pranya, his college time love, he withdrew after a few seconds. Pranya understood something troubled him. She let him go. The silence for the first time felt uncomfortable. All was spoken in that night's silence.
He hadn't come there to meet her especially, but he did took the initiative to go there. The thoughts almost swinging like a pendulum from the then to the here and now.
Pranya wasn't married yet. He wondered what made him meet her that day. The flame that had burnt had perhaps extinguished. "When did this happen? Today or before?" he thought in his silence.

When you give someone so much without ever wanting it back, the love speaks for itself. One day..... One fine day.



As I look into the pond and see myself,
The rain drops begin to pour,
Eyes wet, face all moist,
The ripples begin to churn………

As I look at the crowd,
And hear them shout,
The praises, their dance, for me
The day I romance,
And become a star,
They strip their clothes for me.

As I show them lust,
Give them what they need,
They go back home,
Wearing masks, they all neat and clean.

As I raise temperatures,
From hot to wild,
They bark maddeningly,
When the noise was my love,
And silence, a curse,
My face mocks at me

In a life when you see,
And hear them scream,
Praises to me,
In a world so lost,
Absent like a death,
I hear no abuses for me.

No one to hate,
Leave alone love,
My own abandoned me,
As I leave my bed,
Dressed like a bride,
For the one ,
If I was not ‘me’!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tolerance: A Haiku

It's been a while I wrote a Haiku..Here's one:


Two ends play their flute
I listen; flowing with them
Invent my own tune

PS: Life comes with it's own dozes of lessons. Here's one I began learning and wish to go a long way with it....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

To the Woman We are....

Happy Women's Day Young girls and to be ladies......:):)!!! We are the world!!!:) We are We!!!!:)
Wohoooooooo!! Cheers! Dance! Champagne! Party!:) Happy Women's Day!:)

I penned down some lines, they may not be the best, but yes they do carry a lot:)

To the Woman We Are~~~~J

Love. Lust. Envy. Compassion. Care
Dance. Party. Hotness.Cheesiness.
Lamps. Light. Moonlit sky.and one you

Ambition. Power. Speech.
Multitasking. Perfection.Smartness

Pain. Sacrifice. Gratitude
It's me, darling. Accept me, I’m a jewel!:)

Small expressions matter to us,
A heartfelt thanks means worth a dollar
As our hormones play their games
And our hearts and minds with their pace
We lose, we catch, we run, we slap
We fight, we cry, we smile, we tear apart
Gossip you see is a great tool
The adrenalin rush in bitching
The fervour to teach those ‘mad few’
Strong egos, fragile hearts,
A girl is a girl,
In the end or from the start.

Leading ways, creating new
Work and home, two lives get tied

Her smile, her glory,
Her charm, a rendezvous
Respect her, accept her
To deserve what you do! 


PS: We don't need respect because we demand it, but coz we are worth it!:)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Greatful for.. My Wonderful Teacher

Love filled Respect
O Dear teacher of mine
My gratitude I offer to thee
For the passion of learning
You offer, so sweetly and lovingly
O Dear ideal of mine
The richness you spring in this heart
The will to reach the stars
The eyes you glitter in my eyes
Oceans full of regards to thee

O Dear guide of mine
Patience, your kindness, an asset
Wisdom, maturity, so much to learn
The fire ignites, dear Sir,
For you, from you, for years to come…………

Highest regards and heartfelt gratitude


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


कैसे  बताएं  हम ,
की  ज़िक्र  तुम्हारा  किन  तोहफों  में  हुआ ,
शब्द  पढ़े किसी  और  के ,
कुछ  अपना  सा  लगा ,
यह  दर्द -ऐ - दिल  की  कहानियां ,
मीठी  सी  एक  हिचकी ,
ठहेरते  हुए  अति ,
एक  लहर  हलकी  हलकी ,
फिर  इस  दिल  को  टटोलती ,
सहेला  कर  बोलती 
ऐ  जोहराजबीं , ऐ  शब्द -ऐ -कलम ,
वोह गुलाब  ही  क्या ,
जिसमें  कांटें  नहीं ,
वोह  गुलाब  ही  है ,
जिसमें  कांटें  कहीं .

एक  प्यारी सी  मुस्कान  लिए ,
यह  खली  दिल  भर  सा  गया ,
एक  जीने  की  चाह  लिए ,
इक  नयी  दुनिया  में  रह  सा  गया ,
इक  नयी  दुनिया  में  रह  सा  गया ,
कहाँ  वोह  ठहर  सा  गया ……..

Kaise btayein hum,
Ki zikr tumhara kin tohfon mein hua,
Shabd padhe kisi aur ke,
Kuch apna sa laga,
Yeh dard-ae- dil ki kahaniyan,
Mithi si ek hichki,
Theherte hue ati,
Ek leher halki halki,
Phir is dil ko tatolti,
Sehela kar bolti,
Ae zohrajabeen, ae shabd-ae-kalam,
Woh gulab hi kya,
Jismein kantein nahin,
Woh gulab hi hai,
Jismein kantein kahin.

Ek pyari si muskaan liye,
Yeh khali dil bhar sa gaya,
Ek jeene ki chah liye,
Ik nayi duniya mein reh sa gaya,
Ik nayi duniya mein reh sa gaya,
Kahan who theher sa gaya……..

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Second Guest Post!

Hola Everyone!
Wohoooo!!! I can comment now!! yay!!!:):):) Here's sharing something with you guys...
Leo from ‘I rhyme without reason’ asked me to guest post for his lovely wordly blog!:) And I agreed. It's been a wonderful friendship filled with words and Haiku, with him..Thank you Leo!:) So head over to his den, and read what I wrote……

Ever seen the waves closely?

How one comes upon the other,

The progressing ones recede back,

Merge with the newborns,

Only to give birth to a giant wave?

                                             For more……….here

Feel free to drop by your thoughts on his blog. You can be extra- sweet and say something here as well :)
Happy Week Ahead!

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