Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's in S.P.A.C.E?

Have you given them their ‘space’?

WellAs has been quite apparent in my previous posts, by now I’m sure people who’ve known me real well, or have begun to understand me gradually know how much value ‘space’ holds for me..

But today I’ll not be writing about my space, but about ‘giving space’ to your friends, to your closed ones, in moments when they have asked you to let them be by themselves, when they say ‘I need some time with myself’ . Think and tell me (if you can share) what happens to you in moments?

I've somehow in all these years of my friendship with my bestie never ever had a problem of feeling my space and giving her space. I guess some relations are just too well understood. Well I’ll not exaggerate though, because there have been times when I’ve tried to talk to her and tell me what’s wrong with her, but she just wished to remain in her own shell, and then all I did was receded unwillingly.
The same is happening with another friend of mine. And I’m trying my best.

This tells me thatit’s not easy for people ( even your closed ones) to leave you in a ‘miserable’ state when you wish to be by yourself. But every time is not the same timethere are times when our ‘self’ requires to be alone, to be by itself so as to recuperate whatever pain, loss, grief we have gone through. And in such moments, I feel that when a person requests you to let them just ‘be’, then they are saying that for the best of themselves and for know why I say this?

Coz it is far better than wrong words being spoken,
It is far better than getting oneself entangled into any sort of misunderstanding,
And yes it is far better when the person deals with something him/herself and emerges stronger without anyone’s help
Coz life as it is, every time there won’t be our closed ones who’ll be around,

In the end, it’s we who got to fight all odds, to stand up tall, like a bright Sunflower ready to face the world on a new day!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A new start

My dear Vanilla People….hope you doing well..:)

Starting from today I intend to start a second blog of mine, where I’ll be focusing on experiential life experiences in my life connecting to a life at large.

Also, since quite some time I’ve been trying to find a space where I could invest my thoughts on the clinical areas- that of Psychology, Abnormality and everything which I can think of gets included in that domain

Last but not the least, spirituality, God, rhythms of our Mind, Body & Soul, and where peace, tranquillity will be the ends to reach our goals….

So for those willing to have a peep in this door…come be a part of Half Open Door,
Where we together shall learn and grow…J

PS: Your support and encouragement matters a a lot.:)

Surprise Me??

Gift me a Surprise!!

It’s 1 am in the morning, and as I lay in my bed, all I had in my mind was thoughts of having some amazing fun with my besties.And suddenly when I thought of them, a talk with a friend of mine struck me…taking it further here is the post I thought of writing …

It just occurred to me that every time I celebrate my birthday ( It’s been centuries since I had all my ‘wanted’ friends together) I never get a surprise. Expected gifts are altogether a different thing. And a surprise is that special something that makes your day just not any ‘other’ day but a memorable one.

And then I read at a friend’s blog, that on her birthday instead of the usual norm of the birthday girl treating her friends, it’ her friends who treat her. I won’t say much on this though ( coz every where similar patterns aren’t seen).

Coming to the point, I’ve always tried and made my friends and closed one’s feel special, not only on their birthdays, but otherwise as well…This is not to say that I’m asking or expecting them to surprise me with something great this year.. (Sure the title of the post indicates something different, but then that's what I thought sounded perfect!!)But it’s always been my wish…I’ve always loved flowers, and have never been gifted flowers on my birthday except from my family members, and I’ve always loved gifts too…’nice’ & pretty gifts. But I just wonder why has no one ever surprised me??

Some day someone will surprise me, it’s fine if they’ll not be my besties, they are there for me, that’s more than what I can ask for…..but yeah…that someone whom I’ll fall for;)
PS: This is not to say that all my friends get flowers for me this year..;)…This  is also not to say well…whatever…I just hope you had fun reading it:0)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



It’s not that I had a hold on you,
That I’m setting you free…
It’s not that I didn’t thought you’ll leave,
But I’ll go away, so you know who I was..
It’s not that I didn’t cherish what we shared,
(I still cherish our sweet talks),
But I guess time on your side is moving too fast…

So this time I set you free,
Go where you wish to my friend,
This moment, I realized that I lost my importance,
Even as you might disagree,
I’m not a fool, not a na├»ve,
This life did teach me things,
But yeah…you go tread a new path of life,
I don’t even think you’ll make any amends…

Times we shared were surely blissful,
And I won’t deny that even a pinch,
But yes, I do know now,
That time too changes a plenty of things,
I’ll not break this friendship,
No, that would be too kiddish of me,
But like with my many other friends,
I’ll get used to seeing less of thee…..

Monday, June 20, 2011



There are moments when you are elated, joyous to the core that you don’t know which words could best describe your feelings.and then there are moments when after a storm has hit you, the silence that longs after that is so unnerving, that you are in a state of ‘blankitude’.
Yes I just coined this word right now. It’s not that a tornado or a storm hit me by, but something happened which has been happening for past few months. And though I very much yearn to share, but I’m just thinking of keeping that aside.
There are moments when the waves feel beautiful.and what if all of a sudden the waves no longer are a part of the ocean?? The ocean may be in a state of 'blankitude’.
Pardon me if this all seems too abstract, I feel weird now. There are a plenitude of thoughts going past my mind as I write this.
I’m sad, I wish to be alone. I’,m disappointed by myself and someone close to me and someone who I thought was close to me, and then my weak bodySigh..
Don’t have anything else to sayBye.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life- Adratic Equations

Life- Adratic Equations

I don’t remember myself being too good at Maths. Took it up merrily in Eleventh grade thinking I’ll blow Fireworks with it, knowing I wasn’t much capable of it, but left it mid- way when I saw how mad people were getting with Trigonometry and what not, as I gawked sitting in class not knowing how to proceed further.

Well, my bro told me for quite some time “There is nothing in the world you can do without Math”..Well, I don’t really miss it, my life is still running until I go to a vegetable seller and get stuck in basic 5 th grade Math. ( Read: There are always some things which we are superb at, and some things which we suck at…I don’t care;)

Anyway…coming to the point. As the title of this post goes..I very nicely recalled the word “quadratic” equations and remember doing that in my 10th grade, nicely enough. Yo!! (M not kidding, I got decent marks in my board examinations..anyway)

A talk with a new sweet friend led me to write this. It made me realize how different “life- adratic equations” are…different people ( variables) and different results.

Some people we gel better with, and well, with some, it takes years and we still continue to fight, but the equation still remains.
Life is one marvel, I began understanding some 8 years ago, as my very first poem was titled “life”…and till date it amazes me, helps me learn, unravel innumerable aspects about people, relationships and myself.

There have been moments when I’ve tried too hard to bring a particular softness in a relationship, but, well just like the variables in quadratic equations make curves which we only get to know after we’ve made them, perhaps similarly the flow of life too determines the flow of events ( this however does not mean we can’t change anything)

So my life-adratic curves have been of various bends, some smooth, other’s too curvy, but I just wish to be glad for all the drawings on my canvas of lifeJ

What do you have to say about your “life- adratic equations”?;)

PS: Those of you Math geniuses, kindly ignore the mathematical errors I might have made...and pls don't point out...coz there is a nice message this post leaves for you...Have a great day!!:) gratsi

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Secrets of Sikkim

My dear Vanilla people.. I was away for a week for a family trip to the north east of India that is SikkimJ.. and as was expected I bring along some fond memories from this trip of mine.hope to say it all, but I want you to feel it as wellJ

Secrets of Sikkim
I wish to say a lot,
But dunno where to start,
I have too much in this mind,
Images, feelings of a place so divine,
And if my eyes could speak to you,
They would show you the world I saw,
The way the breeze carried me,
The way the dark forest said,
“Dear girl welcome to nature’s abode”,
“Enjoy every moment, till you slept”!
The early nights, the sunny days,
The chilly wind, the balmy shades,
And if you catch a glimpse of my eyes,
Take it as a gift, of the Lord so kind,
Coz he is the creator, the nurturing soul,
Had it not been Him,
Who would play the Almighty’s role?
A monastry in Sikkim

Tsogmo Lake near Nathu la. ( approx at 11,000 ft above sea level)

ziggy zag roads

The Himalayas

Rambitsi Ruins- Ancient Capital of Sikkim


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blogger Tag..;)

Alright my dear Vanilla people, this one is a fun things I got tagged into, Jen from A Book, a girl a journey tagged me to answer some questions..well, I kinda like such random things, so here am I with my answers and tagging along some of my fellow bloggers as well..;)
1.     Do you think you're hot?
A.   Oh! yes…vaaary hot;)
2.    Upload a picture of the wallpaper you're using at the moment :
When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
I ate chilly garlic chicken last week with yummy chill hakka noodles
4.    The songs you listened to recently
These are some bollywood songs- ik Junnon from Zindagi na mile dobara, Owlcity- On the swing, tarkeebein from Band baja Baraat, Saibon from Shor in the city and loads of others….
5.    What were you thinking as you were doing this?
Ah!! About my trip to Sikkim for which I’m leaving tomorrowJ and the remaining things I gotta pack:P
6.    Do you have nicknames? What are they?
Haha …okay..Akhi, Akku & Akki (which I dunt like), Kriti,  a new friend calls me Velli, , my bro calls me by weird names, sorry can’t write them here!:P
7.    Tag 8 blogger friends…
Okay lets see..
Maxabella from Maxabella loves 
Ananya from A world of Illusion
Khush from Journey

Who's listed as #1?
Ry, who's blog is beautiful, he takes beautiful pictures and links them to his thought processes and emotions simply and wonderfully:)

How did u get to know # 3?
I really don't remember, I guess through someone's blog list. 

Leave a lovey dovey message for # 2
Well, Maxabella in her own simple ways makes me feel greatful every weekend, and for this I'm really very "greatful" to her, she knows it already:)

How about # 4?
Khush, is a young girl paving her way on writing and finding where her footprints lead her in the journey of life..And seeing people grow with positiveness is what I see in her,and this makes me happy:)

Alright vanilla people...go ahead tag others:)   

Sunday, June 5, 2011

On my path~ to satisfaction

I’m on my way……
After weeks of cribbing, crying, irritability and what not…I feel glad and contented that now I have dreams to pursue and goals to keep me going.

Life can’t walk on a straight path, ha!! As if we can, don’t twist and turns excite us? Perhaps that is why we love going on roller coasters. I doooo!! Do you?
So I’m trying to live ‘alive’ again. Yes…I simply love this word “alive”..

It tells me that the drums are thumping, the symphony is at its best, the flowers of spring are smiling with a shiny sun and blue sky over their head, the leaves hustle with the cool breeze, and the birds chirp on the morning trees.

Life is not all beautiful, I have realized that before….guess this time I had forgotten, so my life needed it’s time to help me get back to my rhythm. I’m glad….

May we all learn what life is every single day and thank the moments which make us feel rightly so what “we” are in our own waysJ


PS: there is this calmness which I see in this picture I saw and felt, so it is here. Do share what do u think and feel after seeing this picture of purple flowers:) 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Wait- From  Lessons of My Life
image taken from:

Waiting for people isn’t easy, especially when it comes to meeting friends whom we have longed to meet and are unable to due to certain unavoidable circumstances even as they come to our city and (instead of meeting us)  simply touch-it-and –go. The emotions then felt aren’t easy to handle, particularly when you have been waiting for months to meet that friend of yours.

And after having been inundated with both happy and sad feelings in moments when I got the news of my friend coming and then going without meeting me, all I have to say to myself is to be more patient and this time not to “Hope” but “Believe” that we will meet soon.

This wait was exciting, happy and surely was looked forward to both, by my friend and me.
It had a special significance in our lives….and since we weren’t able to meet- I’m at thankful that significance is still intact.

This wait was meant to bring two realities together….that which have been far, yet near in their own ways.

This wait….now tells me that I may take some time to get over things, but all I need is that “some” time.

This wait….brings along with it another lesson, which my very friend shared with me and that is “Never to be too happy for something, it might just not come true”.

So in future, I’ll try to be calm and humble as life blesses me with “my” happy moments.

But this wait also makes me question the motive of “not –being- able- meet” my friend….for I wonder what went wrong and why?

And yes…I’ll strive to learn and be patient my friend…who knows we might meet in a more extra- ordinary way.

Your Friend

Man ki Baatein

Man ki Baatein
Kise samjhaeein yeh man kya chahta hai…
Jo na keh sakein woh yeh ankhein keh deti hain.
Kise batayein yeh man ki uljhanein,
Humein khud zanjor sa deti hain.

Kyun hai yeh itna bhola?
Ki khushi itni jhalakti hai,
Chehre par muskaan,
Ek sundar hasi banti hai.

Chahe  yeh man koi na khushi,
Jo milne se pehle chali jaati hai,
Kyun khatkataya is man ke darwaze par?
Jab kahin aur behti chali jati hai?


PS: I didn't intend to write this post at all...But well, things change in moments...and so it is here..My second Hindi poem

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