Friday, June 26, 2015

Illusions: There’s more than it meets your eye

Illusions: A Book Review

 Beauty enwraps me as I weaved the last thread of the page to the first few pages, knitting a world for my self – that which has always been mine and will stay as long as I choose to.
Very rarely do authors offer pearls of wisdom in such a beauty that they are conversations and not advices . perhaps it is these conversations that make you reflect- I feel that wisdom can never be fidted, beautifully enwrapped with all the decorations, nor can it be received like a blessing. However, it can be felt like a halo, which illuminates itself peacefully, knowing of its worth and inviting others to seek enlightenment. Richard Bach, is an author whom I truly admire and respect. His words are for all. Jargons, fancy words never reach the souls, for the simplest of the words have an immense potential to strike many a chords. His words are pure, ethereal; no facades or masks.

Illusions is a rose which exposes its depth with every petal it sheds, to leave its fragrance lingering on to your senses, even as the flower dies, leaving something to live--------inside you.

Bach, you give us answers which which we have always known. This book is a conversation with the unknown yet known parts of our self and that’s what adds magic and splendour as we soak our beings into his lake of wisdom.
Some of the words I loved, the rest I shall leave it to you to explore....

P.S: This may be one of my first authentic book review, even as I have read many a books:) 

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