Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You’re always left wanting for more

There you were, thousands of miles away from me. Here you are, some good kilometres away from me. There, I wanted to have you near, here I want to have you near-er!
Does it ever end? Our need? Our greed? What if our need is an intense need, but becomes greed when put in a different cloak?
On second thoughts, Greed takes in a negative connotation. And then, all of a sudden Need jumps up asking “What makes you think I can’t turn evil?”. After a long pause, Love clears its throat, hearing all this while, and says “What if it’s neither need nor greed, but simple and pure love?”
Need and Greed give evil looks to Love, for questioning their identity. However, love being calm and composed offers them a smile, only to extinguish the fear of this darling beloved that her need and dependence may be turning into greed.
A year back she had asked him “What is the difference between dependence and love?” He said that he was as much dependent on her as she was and as went for the love, no words were offered for an explanation.
The green ginger tea lies there, offering much needed warmth, that which she yearned from his hug. “Isn’t it better to create metaphors and poetry around, when the literal isn't available?” she asks. Just then the cold breeze blows by, leading to her to imagine his soft kisses on her face. Nature has a way of moulding itself into love, to make up for the distance.

That’s what she did then, and that’s what she does now.

This space of imagination offers that which shall turn into reality soon. When it does, she wonders what shall encapsulate the space of imagination. That’s a mystery. May be certain things are better in an uncertain place!

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