Monday, May 30, 2011

What's Your Song?

Have you ever found a song which suits to who you are?

Have you ever found a song for yourself which tells your story in that moment?
I’m sure you might have at some or the other moment.

The one which fits aptly presently in my case is the one 
I’m listening to right now: Stop Crying Your Heart out by Oasis

Hold up, hold up

Don't be scared
You'll never change what's been and gone.

May your smile
(May your smile)
Shine on
(Shine on)
Don't be scared
(Don't be scared)
Your destiny will keep you on

'Cause all of the stars have faded away
Just try not to worry, you'll see them some day
Take what you need and be on your way
And stop crying your heart out

Get up
(Get up)
Come on
(Come on)
Why you scared?
(I'm not scared)
You'll never change what's been and gone

'Cause all of the stars have faded away
Just try not to worry, you'll see them some day
Take what you need and be on your way
And stop crying your heart out

'Cause all of the stars have faded away
Just try not to worry, you'll see them some day
Just take what you need and be on your way
And stop crying your heart out

We're all of the stars, we're fadin' away
Just try not to worry, you'll see us some day
Just take what you need and be on your way

So what’s you song at the moment?

Baked Macaroni with Cheese:)

Here comes my very first recipe for my Vanilla people to try out.

I made Baked Macaroni with Cheese…and it was yummylicious. Yup!!:)

here's the one I made:)
·       400gms boiled macaroni ( serves 4)
·       6 cheese cubes ( processed cheese)
·       Diced capsicum ( one big or 2 small)
·       Finely chopped onion ( one)
·       Oregano Sesoning
·       Chilli flakes
·       2-3 bread slices
·       Oil for cooking
·       4-5 garlic cloves ( mash it)
For the white sauce:
·       One cup  milk
·       One table spoon flour
·       Two cheese cubes from the total 6
·       2 tablespoon butter

1.    In a pan pour some oil, let it heat for a while, then put the mashed fresh garlic, add onions when the garlic turns golden brown.
2.  When the onions begin to change their color, add capsicum, salt ( as per your taste) and pepper, saute it for few mins. If you wish the capsicum to be soft, add few drops of water and cover it for two mins.
3.  Next, add the boiled macaroni into it, toss it nicely, add oregano and chilli flakes.
4.   Then heat the milk and add one table spoon  flour into it, mix it well.
5.  In another pan, add butter, and the milk. Start stirring it slowly. Then to the milk add 2 cubes of grated cheese. Keep stirring until it becomes a li’l thick.
6.   Now to the cooked macaroni, add the white sauce you just made in another pan.
7.  Make sure, the heat is low, and mix the white sauce well into the macaroni. 

If you really feel tempted to eat the macaroni like that, you might as well go ahead...baking adds a different tinge and flavour which you can try some other time as well:)

·       After the macaroni is ready, in a pan, add a few drops of oil and lightly fry the bread crumbs into it.
·       Then lightly grease the dish/ baking tin with oil.
·       Add the cooked macaroni. Top it with the crispy fried bread crumbs and grated cheese i.e. 4 cubes.
·       After pre- heating the oven, bake for 15- 20 mins at 250 degrees.

And voila!! Your baked macaroni and cheese is ready 
to be served!!:)


Sunday, May 29, 2011

For my Lovely Friends

“Friendship has coolness in it. Love has heat, hence it goes high, low; sometimes everything is beautiful and sometimes everything is ugly. Love changes. Friendship has a more eternal quality to it; it doesn’t change. Let love be the first step and friendship the climax”~  Osho.

I felt so beautiful reading this quote this morning. It seemed as if it said what was there in my heart and my nature.

I ‘ve always loved being with my friends. It’s a small group. Three of them come along from school and I feel proud that they are my besties. Other two are from school as well. And talking to them is immensely satisfying as well. One of them I found online last year, and no matter what that friend says to me, I keep going back to him, because I know he is not a friend I’d like to lose. And the surprise came few days back as well, when the best friend of this online friend became my friend. ( Sure life is a fun- filled package!:))

I have had a friend who I have still not gotten over with, precisely because I wanted that friend in my life.

Then there have been those with whom I wish to talk, but it never happens.  Guess here is where subliminal connectivity ( )comes in.

Going back to the quote, a sense of beauty and satisfaction  surrounds me when I think of what all my friends have done for me.

They have held my hand, listened to my tears (maybe felt). They have made me laugh, heard my silly talks, my first composed- not- -in- tune song. They have encouraged me to write at every step,to listen to the beautiful melodies on youtube that I never knew of. And at many times they have made me feel how precious a person I’m for no one but ‘my self’.

Finding Bliss

It’s been years since I thought of doing a lot many things.

One thing which tops my list is ‘coming closer home’. Yes. Coming closer to my self- to my soul, a place where there is solitude, bliss and serenity, where all I find is Nirvana. Sure it’s a big word, but there is this mysticism which I imagine with this word.

My brother indeed said a very simple and profound thing to me today. He questioned my reason for reading soul- stirring articles, Inner voice, Speaking tree, for I didn’t seem to apply it in any way in my life.

I’m ill-tempered, impolite, easily irritable. So where does all this knowledge go?

My heart tells me that maybe, there is this part of me which wants to achieve everything, is quiet and calm, but the another “material” part takes over it, or has been ‘ruling; it all these years.

I believe that I have that quiet, soft, deep “ME”…I have met that part of me once, and it was blissful!!.

These days haven’t been going that great. Somehow all I wish is to enter a deep, dark, cool cave where all I can attain is eternal bliss. Where no distraction, no people, no attachments bind me.
As I write this I listen to Enya. She has been one singer whom I fund very melodious. Her song “May it Be” from Lord of the Rings urged to move closer to that part of mine.
I seem to have been talking a lot these days and somehow have become very uncomfortable with the silence and blankness I see on my cell ( that feeling wen you are free and people don’t message you) So, I’m taking a day off. I plan to switch my cell off and logout of FB for how many days, I dunno..Until I feel at peace.

May peace bestow upon everyone’s soul

Monday, May 23, 2011

Can I REALLY write?

As I'm jobless these days it just occurred to me if I could do some freelance writing and earn as well, but I'm a little scared. I'm nearly done with filling a registration form of a site, but there is something that stops me- Oh nothing great, but it's just that I haven't made a Paypal account and dunno about my bank account number either. ( Guess it's time I start visiting a bank:p!)

Well other than that I'm somehow doubting my writing skills. I understand I've  been writing past 9 years now and well that's a good amount of experience, but I really am clueless what stops me to say a yes. Ha! I so wish I could just be handed a job than be visiting sites and filling up a form. Oh! well that is too much to ask for and I'm no queen! ( Neither to I wish to be one, it's too much of hassles). I have no clue what will make me go ahead. I'm learning and I think though I'm not an amateur at writing, yet I'm no expert. This makes me recall what I said in my last to last post "I'm clueless about my style of writing". :| :\ 

Perhaps things take their own course. Yes I have a lot on mind, not that I'm totally JOB-LESS now...
May be Some day then....

The Simplicity of Vanilla

The simplicity of Vanilla

Have you ever taken a spoonful of vanilla ice cream and savored it? Ever? Why I question this is because there is something in Vanilla which is special to it. That ‘uniqueness’ which you may not find in any other flavor of ice cream~ And that perhaps is its sheer simplicity.

It just occurred to me that the reason why Vanilla ice cream is the cheapest of the innumerable flavors and exotic desserts you get in an ice cream cart or parlor is because it’s so easy and simple to make. Well I’ll go a step further and say that Vanilla perhaps shares a lot in common with the “common man”. Oh yes!

We all are so simple yet extra- ordinary in our own beautiful ways.  Lost among a variety of flavors we forget that we had that uniqueness in us which others never possessed. We forgot that our common, silly things, the way we act and behave were “our” strengths. Enamored by the beauty and the crunchiness of other flavors like Butterscotch, Caramel and nuts, and the sweetness of the fruits found in Tutty Fruity and Strawberry, we forgot that it was vanilla that started the trend of ice creams.( Go ahead read b/w the lines:)
The most basic of the lot, yet most simple and beautiful- that is Vanilla for you and me.

Off late, I have developed a taste and respect for this flavor, reason being it can

Friday, May 20, 2011


May love beckon each soul,
May you take flight with the one you dream
May you live life smiling with happy tears,
May his arms always streghten your weary body,
And may his spirits enliven your kind soul,
May his eyes tell you more than his words,
May his kiss reach your throbbing heart,
And may life give you many reasons to smile.

May he love you more than I do,
May he hold your hand so fragile,
May he sway your world around,
May he brighten the colors for you,
May he do everything you dreamed,
May the steamy nights rush through,
And may the silky softness pump you,
May the rockiness of life seem like a roller coaster,
And may you enjoy the waves, gentle and harder.

May your life be blessed my friend,
And may you always be your chirpy self

YOU~ are the BEAT

Well..there are moments when you simply fall in love. Not with a person or people, but with things which are magnificent, which touch your heart, are breathtakingly beautiful and mesmerize you. You fall in love with them, you want more of them and you feel that was the moment you were waiting for~~~~~~ I fell in love..
listen to this video..who knows, it takes your heart away too??


and after you have listened to this..Here's what I had to say:

Don’t take my breath away,
That I long for what I need,
Don’t kill me every moment,
You are the one I seek,
Be here right beside me,
Or even if far if you please,
Play your tunes in my heart,
Make me hear your sweet melodies,
Make me live my life dear,
Where I float like a feather,
Feeling the breeze,
In your arms I shall dance,
In your dreams I’ll swing,
You lift me like a bird,
You caress my lovely cheeks,
I die and live for you,
These tears are a gentle stream,
You know how happy I’m,
Seeing your magnificent beauty,
Don’t take me to the heavens above,
But rather into the deep blue sea,
Where I feel the depths we share,
Where we fall in love again,
Just be here, tell me you’ll be there,
Yes, you are the air I breathe.

PS: I'd like to thank Jen from  from  the bottom of my heart to share such a beautiful piece.:)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My First Failed Icing Attempt

My First Failed Icing Attempt

I really dunno if I should be happy or sad as I write this. Guess I’ll settle for a happy sad feeling.

As I started baking the cake today. I was super excited coz I had finally found a good baking tin in my kitchen shelf after many attempts of ‘reasonably good baking’.

The sponge cake turned out to be just perfect. Nice golden brown, with a clean tooth pick. 

this is the sponge cake
I elegantly cut it into two halves for the icing

But today I had some other plans. As I was anyways free I thought to give icing a try. I went to the market bought Icing Sugar followed the instructions and with 100gm butter and some 50 gm icing sugar beated the two until fluffy with cocoa powder in it as my bro wanted a chocolate cake. Then I took a Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate, nicely grated it and topped the cake with it and set it for setting in the fridge for an hour. When I took it out, it looked beautiful. Oh not gorgeously beautiful of course. But it looked fine as far as my first attempt went.

I called my bro to take some pics of the cake then. Anyways, as I cut the cake

My First Blog Award:)


Yes, it feels great to be awarded, for that matter anything. You first race, your first academic achievement, your first award in the form of your first kiss from your beloved or anything for that matter. And here, at the moment I feel extremely loved.

That day when Joross from awarded me ‘A lovely Blog Award’ I was really happy. I had such a BIIIIG smile on my face. Thanks a lot Joross, for appreciating me in the form of an award. This shall always be close to my heart. It tells me that

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Abnormality vs. Possession

Abnormality vs.  Possession
I just happened to watch the movie “Exorcism of Emilie Rose” right now. The movie was made in the year 2008, and is apparently based on a true story.
This movie made me think of a number of things, and as I write this I still have a plenty of questions on my mind.
·        Does anything like spirits exist?
·        Do people really get possessed?
·        What is the difference between the exorcist rights which are performed and the medicines which are given to clinically abnormal patients for treatment?
·        How do, if yes, merely chanting helps the person get free from the spirit that possesses him/ her?

This movie reminded me of the comparison I had drawn between clinical therapy, psychiatry and the exorcist rights that would be performed at Balaji, Rajasthan. A place well known for freeing people from the ‘sankat’ that possesses them in addition to there being a temple of Lord Hanuman.

This movie, to me, indeed seemed very convincing as far as the existence of ‘dark forces’ is concerned. But Philosphy makes me question not to believe anything on the basis of ‘just’ what I have seen. Well surely this was not a face to face interaction of mine with a spirit or a person who is possessed that I can take it further; but what I think, after watching documentaries telecasted at Discovery of people narrating true stories of their encounters with spirits or eerie events surely there is a possibility of the existence of spirits.
Of course to help ourselves from any kind of harm, we use the defense of denial so as to soothe that part of the brain which gets threatened after hearing such stories.

As I heard a senior of mine at my college share with me the events that would take place at

Monday, May 16, 2011



Heya peoples..hope you doing well..So my vacations have started and though I’m still recovering, but nothing stops me from getting creative.

Here’s my first post showing my creative side. (Well, in addition to creative writing I love to cook, paint a li’l, make cards and do whatever I can. Since I can’t cook right now, for that would require a lot of standing, I thought of going back to quilling.

It’s a simple technique, but requires A LOT of patience, and interest. Nothing big though.
Take thin colored papers 5 mm strips. Start rolling them and be creative.

Here’s a card I made today. But I used 1 cm strip to make the roses. They are not that easy though

This was my first try after months. I understand that the color should have been contrasting one..Will try that next time..

Do drop in your wonderful comments or suggestions. Any brighter ideas u have..they are welcome too

For someone who means a world to me

For someone who means a world to me..

Happy smiles which defined the past moment,
Pretty eyes which you see in this moment,
You have no clue the depth of them,
All you see is the manifest, not the latent.

Her wounds, her hurt, I know it all,
My friend, my sister, my bestest pal,
She is strong to the heart’s core, oh! yea,
My love for her knows no bounds, at all.

If only I could gift her all the happiness in the world,
To make her smile reach the eyes,
And to laugh from her soul,
Oh yea, she’s lost some great things, I know,
But I’ll be there for her always,
Something that I know.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friendship- A relationship far beyond

I wrote this more than a year back and shared it with my FB friends on FB..was going through my  notes...So thought I should share it here too...:)
Ever wondered how a few interactions with a stranger transform into friendship? A friendship so close that nothing in the world matters more than that friend and the bond that we share with them. A friend for who even a lifespan seems short to spend life with. A friend who plays more than just the ‘one’ role.

Every time I try to recall the first moments spent with my now- close friends, all I remember are the later laughter- filled, argumentative, and cherishable ones. Nothing from how it started. It is like retrograde amnesia; where you have difficulty recalling or identifying anything before an accident or injury,( in this case friendship- a wonderful accident so to say), but are capable of forming new memories.

It is quite obvious, considering the variety of factors that amalgamate together to form a beautiful art called ‘friendship’ on this canvas of life. But how the colours mix,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Deep breath- for HAPPINESS:) feels great. Alas!! I can breathe freely and deeply. Well, Yes, it’s a happy breath, a breath filled with happiness, relaxation and all things beautiful.
Keeping aside my body which kinda bothered me last week. Today I’m happy for everything I got. Right from yesterday’s wonderful long talks I had with my two school friends and well I should say that my summer holidays did begin with a bang!! Whooopie..
This semester had been a super crazy one. Never in my life did I work so much the way I did this semester. Worries, tears, the head- aching and the hair splitiing times.Phew..I got a deep breath. A breath filled with love, positivity, fun and yes I look forward to my summer holidays which begin todayJ

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Be Forgiving...

Every time I read something on ‘Forgiveness’ my heart and my mind come into conflict.

Heart (H): I know I’m all about emotions, but let me use my capacity to reason this time..Tell me Mind, how can one let go off the feelings and the emotions that were hurt? That which caused immense pain?

Mind (M): Dear Heart, I completely understand your point of view, and yes, I do think there is a reason why you ask me. You know H, this me (Mind), Body, the Soul, and you (the Heart) we all are interconnected in ways hard to separate.
Our threads, our bonds are way too strong, and perhaps that is why these beautiful humans often end up falling in quandaries, so perplexed that they feel there is no way out.
But well, there is a way out…

I’m sure for you your feelings mean a lot and naturally so. The trust, the love and your giving attitude can in no way be returned by the other person who broke your heart and took you for granted. But have you ever wondered what all went through the other person’s ‘mind’? What all threads entangled him/her to act the way he/ she did?
You know Heart, I myself, am at a loss of words dear..What do I say, for this “Id” in me is the culprit? All it thinks about is itself. And this is what lay people call as the “Ego” ( Ahankar). I myself get caught in these moments, when all my Id does is think for itself, for its ‘own’ needs, not thinking of what the other might be going through.

Heart: All that heard M, I’ll be as honest as possible with you. There were moments when I I was hurt. Time and again, I tried to gather myself, forgive my friend who hurt me, but to no avail. I wondered what led my friend to be so distant to me that he would not even reply, or for that matter, was it all my fault that my another friend told me my weakness, scolded me and just went off? 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sigh….not a GOOD news day!

How often can one manage to stay calm? May be many people out there can, but it’s really hard for me. Well, yes. I’m a hyper anxious girl. I can get mad easily…and can be too hyper excited when something good is coming. So more often than not when my friends see this “gloomy Aakriti, who is mostly smiling”, they get shocks..

Right now I’m sad…Sad because I’ve got to hear too many bad news’s todayL
  • One of my best friend’s maternal grandmother expired today morning.
  • One of my distant but close friend’s brother’s girlfriend died in an accident. And her brother is way too young. In high school I guess. She tells me how her family was so depressed, and whenever she would see that girl’s picture on her brother’s laptop, it would sadden her more.
  • And then I get to hear that my another friend’s father got an ‘out- of- the- blue transfer notice:/ …

All these things have only lowered my mood. And I feel so gloomy.
I tried surfing through beautiful craft blogs which made me smile…but it lasted only for a while…
God Bless everyone and give my friend’s families all the courage to go through everything.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 can TRUST

Yes! You can TRUST!!
pic taken from:
If you think you are going to be cheated,
Chances are that you will..
If you think that those with whom you share,
Will take you for granted and will use you,
Chances are that you will be taken for granted and will be used,
Life is not complex, but it’s we, who think of it to be complex,

Similarly, If you think that you can trust the other person

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A dinner full of SWEETNESS:)

 Today I just didn’t feel like eating what my mom had cooked for dinner. So off I went to the ice-cream cart to buy a brick of Chocolate Fudge ice cream, and yes I gorged on it, for the very first time. To make it yummier and delicious, I added

All about learning

Picture taken from:


It was not until a few months back that  I  had  very different views about  what blogging was and what it really meant. . I would visit blogs., Food blogs and many others which I would like to follow, but I was merely a follower. Nothing was happening. No interaction between the person whom I was following and whose works I liked, until came my way these beautiful blogs.,, And I’m thankful to them for making my experience so enriching, for showing me the way to be a part of the 'parties' that would be arranged on the bloghops.

Blogging, unlike what I thought earlier is not about making money. I feel so good, of not thinking about money as I thought so earlier. I’m a learner, and that’s what I would like to admit. . I gave my application to Google Adsense few months back, and that too twice (precisely coz of my impatience) which got rejected. And honestly, I don’t even care now. I really don’t..
For me, blogging now is a means to share with people what I really am. . And as Maxabella said in one of her posts, what’s the point of writing all fancy stuff in a blog, when it all seems fake?  We are not celebs, let’s accept it. . And I think the number of followers doesn’t indicate how famous you are. Perhaps it’s more than that. It tells us how willing someone is to know us, and that we are valued in some or the other ways. And yes, knowing that helps me grow and learn better…

That’s all for today!

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