Friday, May 31, 2013

I never thanked you for being there.

“ I never thanked you for being there. Talking to you makes me feel alive, coz the loneliness just vanishes. That’s why I msg you every day every time.”

When words like this get delivered in our inbox, it’s not just a message, its like someone gifted a part of their heart out to you. Her words made my day today.
This is a story of a cute, snow white ( yes white), introvert and an intelligent girl. On the first day of their Bachelors as the first year girls started undergoing the drill of “ragging: by their seniors, the girls were asked to stand height wise and march to the “Psychology Lab” of the college. The line bustled with voices like “Are you taller than me” , “ Oh! I’m shorter than you” and soft giggles which mostly accompanied kindergartens.
While the ragging involved kissing each other’s bums with a loud sound of “mwaaaah” and turning up to college the next day in oily plaits and mismatched shoes, something interesting was about to happen few minutes down the line.
The batch of first years got divided into groups and was expected to go around the college with the seniors. As they got out of library, one of the cheerful girls turned to the snow white girl at the back and said “ Hi, I’m Cheer, what’s your name?”, Snow white politely answered “ I’m strawberry”.
Who knew that in that little exchange of names and contact numbers was in stored a path breaking journey of friendship, love, and a gazillion discussions ranging from food, cute boys, love, to Freud, Winnicott, Before Sunset and Before Sunrise.
When you see some pals day in and day out and wish to be in their company, people and this heart of ours begins to ask some questions, or rather feel some feelings! While it became clear by the final year of Bachelors that Cheer and Strawberry very much enjoyed and grew in each other’s company, much to Cheer’s surprise the other girls in their group began addressing them as “best friends”. It seemed sarcastic at first but well it was ignored!
As Cheer got involved in her research project in the final year  as Strawberry and other classmates did practicals, Cheer made it a point to share her research study progress with Strawberry. Years later, she wondered if Strawberry ever realised why would Cheer do this?
You see, when you find pals lying within the same intellectual plane as yours, then it’s not just friendship that bonds two people, it’s the sparks that emit and the enlightenment you seek as you respect and understand the other’s point of view.
Time passed by and in Bachelors, Strawberry got a cute ‘Hello Kitty’ key chain attached to her bag. That was the day the keychain was named “Yen” by Cheer. To this day the name remains, however we have no clue about the “hello kitty” key chain!
As it was time for Bachelors to come to an end and get the year book signed from pals, a number of huge shifts of plate had already occurred in the ground. The used to be pals seemed more like “used to be” than “pals” and Cheer realised that perhaps only Strawberry and another pal called Suzi would make it to the next level of friendship; and so it was……
To Cheer’s surprise Strawberry wrote pages and pages and pages filled with love in Cheer’s year book. Those pages till date are re visited and smiled upon as the words are a reminiscence of moments spent together sitting in the Spring coloured lawns of the College or simply exchanging messages in each other’s notebooks as AG went on seeking everyone’s attention in her ‘Social Psychology Class’.
Then came the time when it was for life to decide where the two would go and that my friends decided the course of her story………..
To be contd……

To Cheers and Strawberry...for their love of baking......<3: br="">

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Ah…started with poems, then haiku and now down to six mere words!
Joining up at Siz word Saturdays for the first time at :

This week’s words are:

Calligraphy. Postcards. Friends. Love.Happiness.Words
All these years I was looking forward to learn Calligraphy, finally I shall be doing so this week. Secondly, it had been a while since I was active on a website where you send and receive postcards from random people across the world! It’s fun, glad to be active again!
Glad to have wonderful pals around, their smiles, happiness, love and best wishes means the world to me.
Lastly, I was missing blogging for months and that touch we get by being active. Glad to be writing again. This bloghop is a booster to revive my writing spirit!! Looking forward to more such six word Saturdays.

This is lovely postcard I received last year from a postcrosser from Brussels,
Her Calligraphy simply bowled me!:) Postcrossing is full of surprises:)



All change is for good

He said, I tried to believe

With tears that came by

Amidst the chilly days

A grey painted all over

Hope and sun hiding
One day as I wept

The tears that melted the snow

Spring smiled at my door

picture taken from:

Linking this at haiku heights after ages:) So good to be back!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today is Good

Today is Good

Dear ‘Twoday’,
I thank to you for…
The lil drops called rain,
The wet earth that smells warm,
The smiles that traverse miles,
The ‘missing feeling’ that melts hearts,
The witty students that light up a teacher’s day,
That beautiful smile which looks good on my mum’s face,
The blessings which my dad gives from his heart,
The ‘names’ my brother has called me all these years,
The way my school friends still remember me,
The clouds that feel lighter after many years,
The peace that resides in this heart,
The spirit that ignites the dreams to nurture,
The seconds that make this day a delight,
And for that ‘two-getherness’ I find with those special people,
To you ‘Two-day’, my gratitude

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