Thursday, August 22, 2013

What it takes to keep writing even as no one ever comes by

A choke in my throat
Perhaps a little tear stuck by
For the words would often be read
Sometimes by friends, more so by passers by
Time went by hopping to blogs
Words here and there, but never a lie
Some friendships were formed
Few for a while
Others faded, like a cloud passing by
And there were phases
Of posts after posts
And then a silence, a blankness for a while
And there was this one avid reader
The one I love
My posts would be viewed
Sweetly, from those miles
And I would often share this feeling
A vacuum of sorts
And he would simply say
“You write from heart, as others for the piles”
Yet this heart would wonder
Feel that ache and pinch
Words, my first love knew
Would offer sweet smiles and winks
And as this yarn keeps spinning
The yard stays vacant all day
And a few beautiful souls drop by
And appreciate the existence of this place
The dreams then flutter its wings
For well, some true ones say ‘worry why?’
Some hearts still get touched and feel
And relate to the words written by………….


And many more are queued....

And I wonder how hard it was for you to pen down those lovely words I read from you after all these months. I truly believe that you always had them there, in your heart and mind and all you needed was a little push, like the one I received when I was on my way to ride the bicycle carefree and forgetful of the fact if someone was there behind me, looked back, bam! I hit the fruit seller! Guess that is why they say “There is no need to look back at life in times when all is going well, for you never know you might fall upon a thought that takes makes a bam!”

I’ve been hearing some people say “you look darker” and honestly I didn’t really realize until I was told. The tan from the trip is there to last. I wish it to go away. However, on a second thought if it’s a symbol of our lovely trip, then I don’t mind if it’s here to stay, and slowly fade away……
Ending that trip with you dear was heart aching. All that begins does come to an end. In our case there are many places that still need two hearts to sigh, for the breath taking views, for the soul to feel at peace and for moments to redefine time in its own ways. That’s what long trips do, right? You drift so far off that you forget you actually have any responsibilities at the other end.

That invisible weight gets lifted by the cool breezes and the lightness fills your lungs.

The sun shines brighter in those days, the moon secretly kisses the sun.

The stars applaud the love affair, not vividly seen

Mature love is not that mature, it too has glitters of a teen

The waters of the river chime their way, a music to our ears

On the rocks embraced in your hug, life magically seems clear

The waves leap the rock, glide and flow, a graceful dance on display

If life has all these wonders to offer, I wonder why I often feel dismay.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Miss Tea

Dear Love,
Thank you for the gorgeous mugs you bought for me which have ‘chai’ written all over. They simply add to the thousand little reasons that can bring a smile on my face. Special chai, station wali chai, udhaar wali chai,dhabe wali chai, pahadon wali chai.  I’d like to add one more ‘Meri pyaar wali chai!’
There is a certain magic that happens every time we add tea leaves to boiling water. The tea leaves end up blending slowly with water. It’s like the water was in wait for them to come by. In sheer delight the water boils with elation; the tea leaves, in their silent presence exude that yellow, then red, then black colour letting the water know that they have solely come by to meet her.
I would often tease you on taking so many ‘ghante’ to make tea. And you would say ‘Achi cheezon ko banana mein time lagta hai’. A smile comes by on this face of mine. No wonder it took good number of years before we could find each other. Guess, we were ‘in making’!
Now, I’m sure you agree that one cannot have the same tea day after day especially when it is boring, but what to do when you got to be awake. These are the kind of teas I get to drink here:
Mitthi math chai, zyada ubli hui chai, Taj dip wali chai ( which in no way makes me say ‘Waj Tah!’ ), hari kadvi wali chai ( one way to keep oneself in shape:P)

What I miss the most is meri adrak wali superawesome pyaar wali chai! Now, even as I write this, it feels so cheesy. But hey, what love is that if it doesn’t ends up getting choco-latey or cheesy at times!;)

Aisi chai banai apne
Ki dil khush hua
Aisi chai banai apne
Ki dil khush hua
Ki jab jab koi aur chai pi
Tab is dil ko dard hua.

Looking forward to that great cuppa’ tea which simply adds value to: tea, to lips, to taste, to heart and of course to the long day……..
Waiting to Boil…..

Chai Mugs by Happily Unmarried:)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Its never too 'late'

Linking up at haiku heights  at the prompt 'late'


It’s never too late dear
To call up those you truly loved
Wait dried fresh green leaves

She felt it was too
Late; to fall in love, her age
Inside never gave up


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