Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcoming Autumn

Picture taken from : Here

This Autumn is not
As arid as we call it
The whiff of cold air

Makes me feel loved, as
The leaves too regale at this
Change of days and night

And here in this land
Barren for a while, a ray
 Of hope shines and smiles

The waters far there
Were muddy when I went; in
Time I think my Dear

It will clear like the
Ring of a beloved bell
Kindle my waiting heart

Kindle my wings to
Rise; smile and work I believe
Shall make worth a flight!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Greatful...as always...

Greatful for…..

Surprises: This week as much as I was surprised by a sudden low, I was amazed at how that very low a day before brought a sense of beatitude within. It  was like regaining my lost spirit.
My family: Strong, funny, loving and caring as ever. I love the moments when all of us sit together and share our life stories and discuss, smile and laugh over events. It makes for a perfect frame.
My best friends : Even as many days pass by without me acknowledging their value, I truly know that this heart of mine wishes the best for them in every passing second of the day. I value them and I only hope these friendships last for a life time to come.
Maths: I’m back to doing school maths again coz I’m preparing for an exam. Maths gifts you these lil moments of delight when you get the answers right! And sure, it only makes you work harder when you get them wrong:P
Love: This love of mine has been a strong support, been there through thick and thin, always attempting to send a few smiles my way when the heart was feeling blue. J Ah….the knowledge that love shall make things bearable sounds soothing.
My Inner Voice: Off late I have begun to talk to myself when the moments around seem nothing but bleak. It feels good to know that the fire within is still alive ready to charge my down spirits. Yes, I love myself, Do you?

Legendary is the love that withstands rejection. It will be free of anger and ego.
Legendary is the commitment that withstands humiliation. It will be one- pointed and will reach the goal.
Legendary is the wisdom that withstands turbulence. It will be integrated into life.
Legendary is the faith that withstands a million chances of doubt. It will bring perfection- siddhis.
Legendary are the events that withstand time. They will become morals for the millions
~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Li'l Seeds of Hope

Let's ground these little seeds of hope,
For a sunshine tomorrow, nice and bright,
For days filled with Delight,
For everything is but temporary,
Following nights which are dark,
Are days filled with honey!

‘Raat din gardish mein hain saat asmaan, ho rahega kuch na kuch ghabrayein kya.’ – Ghalib

 ‘The seven heavens are active every day and night, something new will emerge, then why this anxiety?’

Monday, September 10, 2012

Love for the Strings

For old time’s sake
The string rusted with shine
For gold time’s sake
My heart sings divine
The uplifting breeze
The moments filled with grandeur

For old time’s sake,
The strings gets blurred
With moments vivid and hazy
Moments broken, some mended and cured

The reverberation
The everlasting echo
For old time’s sake, I pluck the string,
Like a stream of water
Like those awakening wings
My heart lifts of sadness
Old smiles it brings

For  bronze time’s sake
The melody clings
To the rustic aridness of the pains of life
And then the many strings
Strung together
Like a weave of life
Play a broken tune
To live and to strive

For the sake of colors
For the sake of my eyes
A sun shines bright
In the fields of a land so old
The rays warm the strings
The love reaches my soul
Oh! strings you are life
As much as you are old!

P.S: The constant guitar in Mumford and Sons' songs inspired me to write this. Have always loved acoustic guitar and the aliveness it brings. Ah! Finally found the music I was in search for!

P.P.S: I would like to thank Zeba from Zebra Talk for her wonderful post and sharing the music which immediately uplifted me:)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Break the Chains…if YOU don’t they’ll break you!

Anguish. Pain. Desolate. Melancholy.Lachrymose. Despondent. Dejected. A thread flows through these words; all of them being synonymous to each other. My words flow out today not because my heart is saddened and in pain but this thought cringes me every time it comes to consciousness. 
Consider this:
She is young, bright, intelligent, beautiful, charming, loving, caring, giving, forgiving, smart and the list goes on. In short: A girl belonging to today’s generation having every quality a guy might dream of. (Oh! yes she is slim too…for those who see it first (smirk))
Sigh….But the guy who has been a part of her life for some good years has taken that lustre away from this girl I know very well. Her sheen has been oxidised in a way that I can do nothing to get back. My words fall flat and her non-porous heart in no way absorbs them. My heart aches every time I hear her shed tears when she shares; more so when she is hurt, suffers and doesn’t share.
I’ve learnt many things from her. One of them being that no matter if things are going wrong in a relationship, a wise girl won’t share it with her besties and let time, mind and heart heal them on their own. I truly respect that. As I write these words, one word reverberates in my mind: ABUSE!
Abuse, no matter of any kind leaves the person broken. Like an iron left open in the air soon gets rusted and obsolete, similarly the faculties of emotions, body and mind if abused for long, over a period of time, lose all their vigour, vitality and spirit they had to function. Over use of anything wears away even the ‘some’ thing that that anything had! Exploitation and abuse of a person kills them of life. At the moment I wish to talk only about women.
It is well known that women have this quality to stretch their capacities to maximum if a given situation calls for it. I ask what if the water level has raised much above its mark? In other words, the abuse has become so much a part of her life that she sees no way out of it? The man continues to attack her with his vituperative and acerbic words. It hurts her once, twice, thrice……..the twentieth time it all becomes a part of the mundane routine. Those words which once would pierce though her heart and shiver her entire body for the poison they would spread, now no more seem dangerous. ( in fact, she waits for it to happen!)
Through her amazing capacity she converts those words, the blue scars on her body into a balm which shall from now on be a part of her being.
‘I’m a candle, igniting others but dark within’,  I borrow these words spoken by a friend in deep pain for some other reason; yet I feel they fit here perfectly.

This very lady would care for her husband, toil day and night, cook food, clean her home, nourish the baby even as her spirit left her body years before. This kind of living is akin to a baby suffering from ‘dead mother complex’. This term was given by British Psychoanalyst Andre Green. I have come to an understanding that as an infant when the mother fails ‘to mother’ her child in an alive fashion, the child soon comes to ‘decathect’ himself from her which means that he/she tries to take back the energy he invested in his mother and uses that to substitute ‘mimicry’ of her so as to compensate for the injury caused by her. Thus the aim of the imitation of the mother is to become the object by him/herself in the process, for the object can no longer be possessed.
(Understand the word ‘decathect’ in terms of ‘de-investing’ what was invested earlier)

The word ‘dead mother complex’ may sound too horrific and drenched with despair, yet from all that I have read and sensed personally I feel that perhaps it is not that bad when compared to a person who has lost his being to an abused relationship.

Why do I say that?
I say this because a baby having experienced rejection ( no matter how painful) in the very first hours or days of being born perhaps unconsciously learns and says to himself ‘Alright, if this is how my mother is, I’ll do all I can to self soothe myself’. In doing so he takes back the energy he had invested/ cathected in her only to recreate that ‘fantasised’ mother who nurtures him. If the baby is lucky enough, s/he may even find one good person in the whole wide world who will care for him/ her and make him feel that the world is not a very bad place to live in as much as it is still bad.
Much in contrast is an adult, who is far stronger, healthier, wiser and rational. This adult lady has seen life take myriad of its forms and colors. She has experienced events from very close. Suffered and endured some, and others she simply cured. But life changes and the spirit evaporates when she falls prey ( read: in love) to a person who initially loves her but then the love escalates to use and in no time the use becomes ab-use!

She told me “it was love”
I thought “This is madness”
I spoke, I heard but I wonder
If I truly listened!
Today as I write this post, there is an upsurge of desperateness that makes me want to know the reason why women continue to stay for years long in an abusive relationship ; not being able to break the chains which in all the years of entanglement have only made them numb and lifeless. Even as I understand that married women see moving out of an abusive relationship as a daunting task among other factors. I fail to realise why it takes them years to rise and shine?

I’m all ears for your words. You have research papers, share! You've come across such women and their experiences, share again! More so, I wish to know how we as friends can help and counsel them. My words have failed and I’m deeply sad to see her carry on.

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