Thursday, June 5, 2014


Dear All ‘so called normals’ out there, you say you wish to “be happy” and then when you get some time to spare you crib of “getting bored”; when I see you like that, I wonder “ What people are these?”

Those who have job, crib about getting job
Those who travel, crib about the hill stations not being superbly clean
Those who are rich, crib about not having enough
Tell me “what do you want in life?”

Ah! I so wish I could use grandiose words to match how my mind feels.
And here is what I say:

There are times when I’m happy, so happy, that I wish to dance, sing, run, shout, scream.

Of Course, I end up speaking and smiling way more than usual and I can almost see my brain getting activated by the happy chemicals up there.

The happiness doesn’t let you sleep and it’s difficult to focus. You feel like jumping on a trampoline, oh, by the way that’s how my chemicals dance. You feel like getting a ridiculously mad portfolio. Will someone do that please?

Happiness can be really tiring, but in times like these when the “real happiness” is a rarity and superficiality is the norm, I’m happy being happily tired and then going off to sleep.

Elated. Ecstacy. Hypo- mania. JubILANt. Over-JoYED.

Have a great weekend aHead Vanilla People:)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In between spaces….I realise how much I miss you

Yes, that day when I wasn’t well, when my mind was pre-occupied cribbing about the fact that ‘I cannot work!’, when the body was all tired and I heard a voice, re-assuring me, like always “It’s Okay”, few tears welled in my eyes. Coz I missed you.

That day, when the weather turned all breezy and beautiful, with the rains adding fragrance to earth, and me wanting to drink a cup of tea, even as I didn’t. I created a little smile. Coz I missed you.

That day, when I was way too tired to speak on call, or wish a sweet good night, even as I whispered, when a hug was all that was longed for, closed my eyes and imagined. Coz I missed you.

And here’s today, when the heart sighs for the few months seem like ages and the distance makes it worse. I MISS YOU!

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