Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rarest of the Rare

Not very often
More so rare
You find a soul
That beckons you to a world
Never seen, touched or heard
Offering possibilities, dreams
With thousand wings at once.

Not very often
Rarely in dreams
You find a presence
As balmy as shade
As nurturing as a well wisher
Kindling a fire of growth
Only to lit a million lamps.

Not very often
Rarely! Oh ! so rarely
You find a being
Whose presence absorbs you
Like enlightenment reaching your heart
And when such rarity comes to life
You bid the past and welcome the new start



1 comment:

Vinay Leo R. said...

Beautiful poem about soulmates :) Loved the last line especially, Aakriti.

A suggestion... please use some other color on orange background other than red :) It kind of hurts the eye, reading bright on bright.

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