Tuesday, June 13, 2017

When your dreams come true

 I can see a pattern right in front of my mind’s eye, that of eternal suffering. We humans crave, cry, bang our heads, plead to God for our dreams to come true, for our wishes to be made real, as if there was nothing more that could mean the world to us. God sees us in pain, more pain and when the going gets too tough, sometimes, he says “Wish granted!”  

The wish comes by, elates us for a few seconds, minutes, days, perhaps a few months, after which like any other thing, becomes ordinary and boring. It loses its charm because we have it now. Isn’t it? 

For a moment, observe all the things, situations you wanted to be in, people you wanted to be a part of your life badly. Reflect on what you went through to plead to God to have them and later ending up with your wish granted. What happened next? Are you still ‘greatful’ for that? Or it has lost its shine and lustre? 

The truth is, it is still the same, but your feelings toward it or the way you look at it or the person now has changed. I often go back to my words which I had written years ago, when I was in pain, wanting someone so bad in my life. These words are my sounding board, they help me to be grounded. They help me to be grateful for what I have now. It is not that I’m not greatful, on the contrary I feel blessed everyday for what I have. Yet, life and our way of living a ‘doing’ life often rips us from the very blessings that stands in front of us. 

In a world where we are living today, it is , indeed saddening that people have forgotten the difference between people and things. Today, things are treated more precious than people and people are thrown around like used objects, waiting to be picked by someone who will use them far better than they did. Even writing these words makes me cringe. 

The essence which I wish to convey is : People whose dreams, they wished for, turn into reality are indeed the lucky ones in the lot, those who wish and keep seeking, would rather be in the shoes of the lucky ones than anywhere else. Cherish what you so dearly asked for, love it the way you promised to God, when you wept those heavy salty tears. Hold your dream close to you, nurture it, with all the promises you made to God. This life is one, go beyond your fears and roar like a lion protecting his cubs ( dreams). 

7 June 2017

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