Sunday, June 7, 2015

Come dine with me

She let out screams of laughter
Shining through her smiles
Danced her way to glory
Till her breath could calm a while

The lady there in grey
Wore a dress of melancholic tinge
Her eyes bore the black of night
Her glass empty, for another fill

The mistress in blood red
Seething with anger to brim
Had fists full of rage as her accessory
Hurling abuses she wanted to kill

The lady next to the door
Stand watching with her heart burning
High heels of envious brand
She loathed them whom she saw achieving

At the corner was Self- contempt
Willing not to meet its own eyes
Looking pretty, doubting as always
Knowing not what to do with life

The hostess walked in welcoming
The different shades of Me
The feast reflecting myriad shades
Those which belonged to me

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