Saturday, February 19, 2011


If only ‘PAIN’ had a choice,
To live in a land far away,
Where no traces of hurt and distress,
Would break her broken heart for days.

If only she had an option, to die the moment,
HURT conquered her, she would flow

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beauty of talent

There is so much of talent out there, that which is hidden, that which is deeply embedded in the soul of a person only waiting to be presented and appreciated.

A friend’s friend from Vietnam showed me the umpteen numbers of gorgeous pictures she has clicked on various themes. And believe me, her pictures speak more than what a thousand words could ever say. This is what I love about good pictures which talented photographers click. They enliven, brighten, and feel the moment, more superbly than what a person or a landscape itself could ‘feel’.  I say this because I myself have felt lost in those pictures, amazed and spell bounded by what a person could create by a single click.
I really do not know what all a photographer thinks as he/she clicks or captures that moment only to freeze it in time. He/ she in that moment contributes to the history, perhaps not knowing the value of that significant picture and that capture.

I sooo wish if I could do the same. I simply love nature, and rather like getting myself clicked. (But not too much either) . This time to my trip to south India I did click some fantastic pictures, or perhaps the nature itself was so beautiful that I didn’t do anything, the pictures themselves looked gorgeous and heavenly enough.

Past two years, I have been writing furiously. Give me something striking, and off I would go on my writing trip. It helps me, it soothes me and my heart, calms my mind.
The best moment has been when I was so agitated that I wrote all the abuses I could howl at that person. I typed them on MS WORD. Then I called my best friend and asked her to listen to what all I had written, and before I could realize, we were laughing crazily as I stopped to howl some more, and read what I had written.  This was just one of those. I have often in my moments of sheer excitement, called up my friends and recited the poem to them.
And of course there have been times when I have gone back to my work, read it and been amazed at what I wrote and in which context I wrote it.

As a writer, all I know is that when people get inspired by your prose or poem or even by your thoughts, that is the best that one could achieve. Perhaps it is just a way to let the heart of that writer/poet know that ‘you beautifully expressed’! 

PS: Her pictures have a copyright. and well I'm glad:) here's the link, do stop by, who knows you may fall in love with them to?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


this one is gonna be random..very random..
1. I was soooo damn resltess in today's IKE class that I just felt like going out of the classroom. My mind was on a switched off mode, and matter how hard I tried, the wall outside my brain just didn't allow any kind of 'knowledge' to seep in.
2. My univ expects me to do a lot right now, and though m aware of the fact, yet I'm keen on stopping time and relax for a while. It's toooooooooooo much:/.
3. I'm wasting my time on fb like crazy...actually maybe JUST NOT's called "chilling out" for me.
4. Now I also have this task on my shoulders to fall in love with some philosopher..Waah Waah...yahan main 'real' love dhondne ki koshish kar rahi hun, aur mujhe philosopher ke saath bola ja rha hai!!
5. I just figured out that wen my best frnds need me, I'm always there, or in some or the other way try to be there, but when I need them....there are hardly there to be seen. Now I do not know whether to thank them or not for this!!
6. I miss my bro's presence in home these days.
7. I'm tired of a lot of things- the way we grow up, the way suddenly parents start expecting u to act like adults as soon as u reach '20', the way ppl fake in this world, and the list is endless...
8. I want to over react, I want to shout, scream, howl, bang a table. I'm agitated.Period.
9.I do not know why I'm still writing this blog, hardly ppl read it, yet like a mad person I continue to write here.....huh!!
10.I wanna have nice warm brownie, but I'm full right now. 
11.I wanna go abroad to study. Silly gal...pehle AUD ki padhai to khatam kar lo!!!...sigggggggh...:(
12. I want some 'fun' in life, I wanna do something spontaneous, fun and W.I.L.D :D
13. There are never good friends to tok to on FB chat.:/
14. oK...fINE .BIeeeeeee...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A bitter cup of coffee

A bitter cup of coffee

For me coffee has to be sweet. Not that sweet though. I guess, many like to drink coffee that is bitter and strong. I ‘guess’ ( I’m not generalizing).

I just finished drinking my sweet cup of full milk coffee. I drink coffee like flavored chocolate powder added to milk .  I know that’s not how one makes or perhaps even drinks a coffee, but well, beating coffee with sugar and then pouring hot milk and a bit of water into it is a coffee, I reserve it for special occasions or when I have ample of time in my life.

Anyways, As I finished drinking my coffee, I reached for the last sip,
which was nothing but bitter. And so this post inspired my all-sugar-bitter-in-the end-cuppa coffee.

As often the case with coffee is, that one likes it to be strong, bitter, and the preferred assortments with it might vary from honey or choco- chip cookies to bourbon, and voila, it adds a dose of sweetness to your rejuvenating cup full of energy and relaxation.  
Our life too perhaps is like that bitter cup of coffee. While some like to drink it, others like to have their sugary assortments with it, and if the likes of me exist, they add li’l sugar in the coffee and eat bourbon biscuits along with it tooJ.

Surely life is not a baby roller coaster to take a ride on. But with age the speed, the highs and the lows just get more exciting.
If only in those bitter moments, we could taste and enjoy sweetness the way we do when we enjoy coffee with cookies,
But the “bitterness” gives you a kick, a start for a new day, a new moment. You know why?
Coz, bitter coffee ‘enlivens’ your dead spirit, gives you a high, which perhaps sweetness cannot!:) (Read between the lines, you’ll get what I’m saying)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This poem is for a friend who has come to be a real close friend in a very short time. It feels as if I ‘ve known him for ages. On his birthday I wrote this poem for him as a reply to his poem . The feel of the words written in my poem would make more sense if you read the link attached

Those near you,
Would feel your loss,
A loss worth more than a life,
Yes, If you would be gone....

The heart would ache,
The tears would scream,
The time would stop,
If you would be gone..

A denial, a throbbing pain,
A wound, deep inside it would leave,
And moments with you, the memories,
Shall resonate, and hurt the injury,
If you would be gone..

Your wise words shall be remembered,
As tears would well up the eyes,
A mist, darkness, so unreal,
No one to clear, or to mystify,
If you would be gone..

A guiding lamp, this friend shall search,
One which was distant yet near,
And if the seeking fails,
I’ll look into my heart,
A friend, who took his place there!

Happy Birthday Dear Friend. May all your wishes come trueJ

Monday, February 7, 2011

BOY...oh!! boy!!:P

The thought of going to a shop and buying a guy’s deodorant kinda made me feel weird. I know it’s not a big deal, because I was buying for my bro (well yeah, he is too lazy, and even if he would have accompanied me, it is his sis who would have decided a fragrance for him). The weirdness was coz of the Valentine week that is going on. (its lame, but I did feel it's effects;)

I go to this huge shopping mart. There I ask the lady, which ones are the deos for boys. And voila, I see a huge line of Reebok, Set Wet, Wild Stone, and what not. The Set Wet people were giving hair gel free with the deodorant. My bro is NOT AT ALL of the ‘hairgel species’. After sniffing Set Wet Mocha, Haute, I settled for Set Wet Adventurer (apt name for my bro, and the fragrance was kinda nice).

I come back home and tell him how the lady was spraying the deo one by one on my left arm, then on right, and well I’m still smelling of one of the deo, dunno which one, but it apparently has an after smell of a Mortein:p..
My bro and I shared a laugh when he told me that a friend of his in college said to another “ Aaj kaunsa laga ke aya hai?” , the other boy responds “WILD STONE”

Indeed the names of the deodorants for boys are “wild”..haha..

What else does one expects the land of boys to welcome the girls with? ;)Huh?

PS: I was wondering if ever I have to buy gifts for my bf, then goshit’ll be really hard. There are not many options to choose from!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the go...

I have loads of thoughts on my mindhere they go.

  1. I have to read my readings. The best thing, reading Greek philosophy is a ‘peak experience’ although you reach it only after having eaten the jalebi, which is not a very sweet experience!
  1. I also got to read a huge article in the newspaper on parenting. Yup. I’m a fan of parenting columns!!:)
  1. I have this desperate urge to learn Calligraphy. And it requires me to give something which I’m short on..umm..and that one word is PATIENCE!!
  1. I want to stay away from

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I can be with ME

Remember the post on “The want to be with me”? I wrote some time back, well if you are new to this post, then here’s the link.. and yes…I’m now on that road to find my “self”..Wishing for a beautiful and blissful journey….:)

Who said life can be boring and monotonous?

Filled with the drudgery, so tiring?

Today I lived my pendulum swings,

Tasting the bits of the best.

The low was a kick,

Sudden and too quick,

The world stopped, the time did too,

The haze, the blur, all seemed so new.

It took a while, to clear the mist,

As people questioned, my silent bliss,

The aloneness is a fine state to be,

As you travel far, near your ‘self’ you reach.

The darkness, the cave,

The serenity here,

It might pain somewhat,

Unlike a faรงade it’s clear.

The perspectives it gives,

The ones you truly learn,

The teacher, your experiences,

Your life, a book you govern.

The self is to be loved,

Happy or sad,

That’s’ all I have!

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