Friday, June 26, 2015

The beauty that fails to die

Dear words,
Did you ever know that you would be stringed together
With the last or the middle letter to form a necklace I would love to wear?

Dear music,
Did you ever know that a little tap here and a string there
Would melt my heart and soothe my soul?

Dear capsicum,
Did you ever know how green would look on you
As you wore that colour and carried that crispness to lure me in?

Dear Dark Chocolate,
Did you ever know that you bitterness would glide
And arouse someone even as you would melt in their bodies?

Dear Flowers,
Did you ever know that your petals would add vigour
Joy and hope as lay there dead, bringing someone alive?

Dear water,
Did you know how gracefully you could flow, in reality
And in metaphor, washing away my fears and pain?

Dear love,
Did you ever know the many hearts you would touch in a lifetime
Aching, breaking and uniting forever?

Dear Beauty,
Did you ever know how musical you would sound
As I would utter your being in my whisper?

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