Sunday, June 23, 2013

Growing up means forgetting tagging along and being on your own

As I look back now, growing up in the toddler years meant forgetting a thing called separation anxiety and being brave to go out with your head held high to the school where our rest of the years would be spent. I still remember crying like a small baby when my younger brother went to ‘the big school’. He didn’t cry but I did.

Growing up in school meant socialising, making friends and telling them that my mommy and daddy are nah! Not best but the best! It meant walking in a line for assembly, getting enamoured with eyes and voices and inanimate objects and thinking together how fascinating the adult worlds were. It meant punishments and rewards and a world where lots of ‘no’s’ and ‘yes’s’ existed. It was almost like Yes and No had become invisible people who were extremely important.

Then came the teen years, where growing up was of a different kind. One wondered how some boys were smaller than girls in class eight and suddenly got stretched in class nine?!! One saw bodies changing, pimples on faces that were clean and clear a year back. One heard ‘hush hush’ whispers. Rumours would be spread of someone having said ‘I love you’ to a girl and what not. Suddenly cute looking boys became more interesting, how come that never happened before? Yet the Chicken Soup for the Teen Soul series seemed more apt for the West than ‘our culture’. Growing up then also meant coming back home with the house key and giving food to your younger bro.

Then came the High School where ‘We were the Senior most’. The world, even as it revolved around studies, had a lot happening. Boys and girls would be called to the Princy’s office for God knows what. Every boy and girl that roamed around together would be tagged to be in a relationship. This heart kept the crushes for fear of rumours. The mind worked well for who was interested in some lame relationships? Yet this heart accepted and soothed pained tears of friend’s broken relationships. For years long this heart never understood the complexity of the phase called ‘being in love’; was it that complex? May be, just like 11th Grade Trigo was!

Bachelors was another stepping stone. There I was imagining pursuing my subject in a co-ed college, sigh, they were none. It’s indeed surprise how life moves/runs/stops. When it does, it takes a while to get in sync with the pace, for you know you were walking as she was sailing. Studying in a hot girl’s college meant posh chauffeur driven cars and girls entering college with clutches and hot pants. The mind wondered if the girls were here for clubbing?! The level of studies increased. Looking back, the basic skills for life were gained then. This was also the time of leaving behind school buddies and looking forward to make new pals. Groups got formed, that of nerds, chilled out people, elite people and well rest I don’t remember.
The Masters called for an entrance exam. This mind only wonders the courage it took to leave a clich├ęd good university to get into a newly born university. Wow!!pat on the back! That was one Masters Program! The mind’s level increased. It studied Philosophy and got enamoured this time by the way those Great men thought. Growing up meant looking into your unconscious and realising the vast depth that lay in the mind and not only in the Sea. These years saw best buds getting into relationships and heart feeling immensely glad for them. It also meant waiting for dreams to get fulfilled of lovely blossomed roses and career that was yet in waiting.
Masters finished and the lil tiny foots then which had grown with years finally took some steps out in the world. Times went chasing, howling, cribbing, with moments of monotony of life that only felt dull and lifeless than anything. The life had come to a halt. The depressive halt moved gradually. When life stops, the air stops. The earth moves yet we are at halt. Not a single thing seems exciting for why would it, as others move your clock doesn’t tick tock!

And as the wind of the years long gone
Blows by my face today
I wonder, Oh Lord
How delightful has been life’s ways
Here am I, spending time with Life
She is beautiful to the core
Her magnanimous and magical rays
Now life is not about people
For the special  loved ones are intact
It’s about leading oneself ahead
Loving the self I have
Growing up evolves
Tears and laughs change
For reasons then seem petty now
Yet not so petty to forget……

Friday, June 14, 2013



Left a comfort zone
Jumped in fire, knowing not the heat
It burns but is warm

Linking up at haiku heights...word: chivalry

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You know you are growing up when you can eat your meals alone and still not feel A- LONE

It’s interesting how life plays magic with seconds that pass, or even days and months all together.

Kal tak hum baithe te Dilli ki galiyon mein
Darte the akele ghoome ya baithein
Toh yeh zamane ke log sochenge kya
Gazab hai yeh zindagi
Aur lamhon ki chan chan
Jo ek pal ko dooje se aise jode
Ki taar bane, bune, gaye, sharmaye se
Aj hum khud mein hain
Ek khushi si hai
Khud se pyaar karne mein
Khud ko kareeb se samajhne mein…..
Aj akele reh kar bhi akele nahin hain hum
Bharosa, dosti…ek ishq sa ho chala hai….
Unke saath…sochenge aap…
Arre janaab…khud se ishq karne ki baat hi kuch aur hai…..

Monday, June 3, 2013

I found my Passion

Life sure is not a bed of roses, none the less, roses can be seen if we wish to! Considering the age I have reached now, looking back at all those years brings a smileJ And I’m only glad.
All I know is that six years back in school, I had a dream for myself, today I’m living that dream. No complaints. To sum up in two words, it’s pure: Contentment and blissJ
Sure, dreams come true and like a money plant they grow too:o)
And yes, it’s also true that many a thorns were pricked, many a tears were drained,
But in the end….All worth itJ

As a kid when I learnt the word passion,
I wondered why it rhymed with Daschen and compassion,’
As I grew older still in search of a few things,
The word somehow in this mind began to sync,
The meaning was discovered,
At times leaving me flustered,
Lucky was I to learn,
That the subject I involved myself in,
Brought forth that inner calling,
Find your passion my friends,
Coz they are still waiting in line for me,
Agreed I found one,
But who said they can’t be many? ;)

Let your Dreams be GRAND: As Grand as this place:)
Macha Picchu, Peru!

Love ~Aakriti 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's in a Stone?

Its good to stay in touch with words. Words love being touched, felt, expressed, written and most importantly being read…. For the prompt Stone at haikuheights…here is what I have to say:

Year after year I
Melted my candle of love
Received not one glance

That rock which lies there
Is not just a stone; it speaks
Of  journeys untold

Picture taken from here

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