Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Earth with-out the Sun

“How did you feel when you fell in love?”

“You want to know?”


“My smiles were the widest ever. My mind didn't feel tired even as I managed to sleep only for two hours out of elation. To know that there is somebody, in this big world, wanting to offer you all the love they carry inside your heart is an extremely extra-ordinary feeling. That is how I felt that night, my dear. My heart fell at peace for having won the battle against my mind, which gave me its erroneous reasons to stay away. One of my dearest friends gave me a sign to take the plunge. I’m only glad I did. The days that followed that mid night of confession were nothing short of bliss. 
Every date would strum a melodious string of the heart. The heart still keeps discovering the unstrung notes and skips a heart beat here and there. Perhaps that's what they call 'still in love'.
You know dear, when I think about us, all I feel is peace, glee and solitude. It’s like the grass wakes up every morning with the warmth and delight than the Sun offers to her. Looking up at him, she smiles. In that smile are all the conversations that are sacred, solemn and enchanting.

Sacred secrets stored
Serene streams sway

Luxurious lake’s lather
Lullabies lover’s laughs

 Even as I wish to proclaim my love for the Sun, it’s the winters that testify my shivers to the world.
The days that he comes by, the chill disappears, and warmth seeps through the soul. His presence and absence are duly felt inside the chambers of my very existence. And let me leave it at this:

“ What would the Earth be with-out the Sun?” 

Inspired by : The movie, Blue Valentine

Sunday, April 26, 2015

What contentment feels like…..

It feels like the soft blanket warming your body as you sleep yourself with wide smiles, only to wake up tomorrow with more doses of hope.
It feels like the sun shining brighter just to see you succeed in the hardest battle of your life.
It feels like the silence wishes to reach you and if responded wants to be with you.
It feels like all the colours in the world exist just for you.
It feels like the street dog came near you just so he could offer you more love.
It feels like life was always the way it was, just that we never paused.
It feels like some songs were just waiting for your attention so you could hear them on repeat.
It feels life giving you a chance to slow down and savour every single drizzle of it.

Life of a lotus:) Photo Credits: Kunal Malviya, fellow blogger friend

Happy Weekend:) Aakriti

Monday, April 13, 2015


Hello Dear Vanilla People:)

Hope you are well. The weather here in Bangalore today is a real treat. With heavens pouring since yesterday and the cool breeze kissing your skin, the nature only makes you feel more loved.

Here's my Haiku :

This time I de-attach
From the sorrows fears and
Free myself in sky

Few more days and I'll be done with this course:)

Wish you a happy week ahead

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

That gorgeous light that seeps through the sheets

“Hello Sunshine” says the Sun to his Shine with a peaceful smile that gazes at her. Rising from her slumber she yawns, opens one eye, gives him a sneek peak and closes her eyes again. The Sun slides his soft rays onto her skin giving her tickles which slowly trickle into soft moans and sweet giggles. She pulls him close, gives him a look of ‘do not disturb’ and turns her back to him. Shine knows how to shine, she knows that she still expects him to play even as she literally tells him not to. He knows that too. He folds his arm around her waist and pulls her closer. She feels the grip and a wide smile paints her face into one gorgeous yellowish orange colour. His rays continue to tickle her, as she enjoys it on her skin. Bare, cold and silky, the skin lets his rays have a dance of their own. They soothe her and she basks in their warmth, something she has always enjoyed. Shine then shows her radiant face to the Sun which he welcomes with a long lingering nurturant and caring kiss. She rises for the rays have now seeped through her soul. Like a blast of colour they merge forming one gorgeous ball of yellow-orange and red, none with their own contours. The sky embraces their unison at dawn and the people are heard talking “ Look how beautiful is the sunshine” not knowing they are two-in-one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Of ends and big-innings

Of ends and big-innings

The dark tunnel has

Been left behind; the spring calls

Butterflies to swing

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