Monday, March 31, 2014

This week in 6 words

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                                        MISSING HOME AND LOVED ONE'S HERE!


And maybe growing up is also listening more and speaking less....

Hello Dear Vanilla people....

Talking of Words, I came upon this wonderful website!  Use Grammarly's free grammar check online  because good grammar like good gestures can take you places!:) This website is a great tool to proofread your documents far more efficiently than the Word Processor.... Use 

Words shall be yours and yours alone
But a wand of correct grammar
Shall forever go along......:)

It's been a while I have been wondering about my ability to make a yarn of words, turns out, a few threads of different colorrs do come by and then they are left at simply being threads.

As days turn to weeks and weeks to months.
As seconds turn into hours, with everything said and done.
As those you knew become acquaintances
As strangers become more than dear ones
As winter turns into spring
With that squirrel walk in your step
As time goes by with seasons of hits and misses
Words stay at being thoughts
Waiting to walk the "insight way"

Paragraphs stay away
Stories become a haze
Perhaps, if this is what growing up is
Answers sure shall come some day!

Happy New Month!!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The chitter- chatter of the bygone days
Gone like the wind
The goals have changed and matured
The seeds of the new plants await their blossom
That bud longs for it’s completion
For the storms of the past ruptured some wounds……
The bud, in the ‘moment’, on the lotus stem,
Amidst the sounds of water
The sparkle of the full moon, in calendar,
Waits ……for, when the seeker wishes to seek…..
All that is needed is to accept and wait……

                                                                     Om Mani Padme Hum


Those transparent pearls
Which trickled the soft cheeks, feel
Precious but wasted

He gifts me some pearls
Of wisdom each day, listen
Says my ear to smile

This song ( Man mast magan from Two States) inspired some words too...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Particles of Dust~ Sand

Been a long while here...A way to be back....A haiku per day:) The beauty of a haiku is that some times when you have so much to say. the brevity just doesn't justify. On the other hand, at times, when you have so less to say, the brevity just feels so right! Isn't it?

If only I could
Slip away as you; knowing
Not past or future

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Sunday, March 23, 2014


With every ray of
Sun, a cell nourishes my
Soul for every day

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The winds of South:)

Considering that my winter break is on and for the first time in some five years I’m actually enjoying them to the core, it feels just so blissful. And with my earphones plugged in as I listen to the song “Hold my hand” Akon and Mj feat for the third time in a row, I feel truly out of the world.

Songs have the power to sway you,
To love you or to make you cry,
The tunes, the lyrics, the melodies,
Work like a magic wand,
They’ll raise you to the seventh heaven,
They’ll make you fall so hard too,
And the beauty of it, hard to explain,
Hear it and you’ll know it too!!

As soon as I finished for my exams of my first semester, I was ready to pack my bags for a lovely trip to south of India, and well after having clicked some 480 pictures and some more in my dad’s and my cell, along with the coolness of the coconuts and the white fresh malai, some dosas, idlis, nice hot rasam, along with Ooty’s homemade dark chocolate and some rum balls, the shiny bright skies of Doda Beta ( South’s highest peak, where western and eastern ghats converge), the greenery of the tall trees, the hardness of the rocks and the freshness of the tea gardens, not to forget the joy ride on the toy train with a dash of meeting friends and cousins and playing like a kid, I sure had good amount of FUNN!!:D
The best thing about the south which I discovered was its lush greenery everywhere. No matter if it is a garden in the metropolitan city of Bangalore or a forest reserve in Tamil Nadu, the people of that place have let the trees ‘be’. The trees open their arms wide enjoying the freedom that has been offered to them to grow, to nurture and to offer coolness and happiness not only to the trees that surround them but also to the people who love them. There was this one such tree I totally fell in love with. I’m clueless about its name, all I know is that I saw it in the Mysore palace with its charm and strength, and was in love with it, after spending few moments looking at it ( lol..It looks as if I was checking out a tall good looking guy..haha;p) The tree was huge, with its branches covered with creepers with leaves simply beautiful and in different shapes. Just looking at it made me go run towards it and hug it with my small arms. I looked at it with awe, the way I had perhaps never ever looked at a ‘tree’. here's the pic:
And on my way I saw many such trees, and some in the Botanical garden of Ooty which took my breath away. (haha. I’m getting a funny smile on my face as I write this, it feels as if I’m telling you to go to the south to check out cute boys, well yeah you do get to see them too;)!!
Their leaves so beautiful, their mammoth like growth, the way the branches would either spread vertically or horizontally, and their trunks oh! so huge. If only I had time I would have spent my entire day just sitting on the nicely trimmed grass admiring and gazing them for their stillness, serenity and green beauty.

(Doda Beta Mountain Peak)

( a plant which I found very cute, like a cabbage)
It was not just the trees, but also the endless clear sky, the calm lake, the wet roads after the rain and the chilly, damp breeze which would try and touch me every time I would step outside as if urging me to play along, but I would simply put a warm shawl over me and then go along with it, as if flowing with the gushing stream of the River Kaveri. With the kind of weather there I craved to eat hot steamed momos like the ones you get in Delhi, but all I could bite my teeth into were nice hot boiled corn, which were fairly good. South needs to add some nice pit- stops on the way to its nearby hill stations with yummylicious cuisines to choose from, this is all that is lacking, the rest work is done by the nature itself, all you got to do is simply get lost in its world and find your true connection, the way I did.

I do wish at times if my life could be as simple as that of the people who are disconnected from the mad world out here, but I do not know if that would be possible, not so now, if I take into account the 21 years of my life ( the way I have spent them). Yet all I can think of is being grateful to my parents who have made their kids travel to places where the connections are made (either with God or with the nature).
( sky at the time of dusk in Ooty)

It is nice to explore,
To know, there is so much more,
To feel the cool air on your face,
As warmth of the sun takes its place,
In your heart and in your mind,
A picture so pure and divine,
Dear God, my thanks to thee,
For the natural wonders I got to see!!

:):) Adios until my next trip:):)


PS: the above pictures are all taken by me, and yeah!! I'm not going anywhere:)

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