There are some languages which make you fall in love with them, I'm in love with Italian currently. Atraversiamo means "lets cross over". I may not be able to travel or explore the world, but Postcrossing definitely allows me to do that with that extra elegant, beautiful, tender affection postcrossers from that country add to the cards they send.
This page is dedicated to Postcrossing, Postcrossers and my love for Postcrossing:)

collage of my cards:)

These are some of the gorgeous cards Received by me:

Now this one unique card in my collection. Spring in Atacama Desert
is a rare site. Card received from : Sandiego, Chile

Since I'm a foodie, my profile at Postcrosser also requests food cards;)
This one is from Connecticut, USA, where BigMac started!, Cute right?

These are flowers sent from a cute postcrosser in Ukraine, named Tatiana

All the way from China. I love this card for its serenity and beauty!:)
postcrosser: 15 year old Ann:)

One of my fav cards, for I love tulips!!:) Postcrtosser: Patty:)
with whom I'll be exchanging another cards. She just loves postcards
with Indian Gods:)

this one is sent by a Korean Girl I met at an NGO when I was pursuing my field work:)

Paper cranes:) Sent from Russia. The cards depicts Origami and the Postcrosser's love
for paper craft. She sent me, coz she associates India with colors:)

Porridge from Russia, anyone?;)

Another one from Russia!

Here I fly from Finland!: Finland's national bird:

A picture clicked- converted into a postcard, from Sydney, Australia:)
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

From postcrosser Sonja, the Street of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Belarus it is baby!!;)

One of the cards requested by me and lovingly sent: Charles Bridge, night view, Hungary

three seasons, from Poland")

One of my favs: the Grand Fjords from Norway

Metz, France. Postcard sent by a Chinese Student in France

Another fav of mine. The blue and white reminds me of Santorini.
Simply love the cute chairs and decors. More so the vibrant feel of it!:D

Konichiwa! Mt. Fuji, Japan

I'm a view from South Korea! haloo!:)

The breathtaking Plitvice National Park, Croatia! wohoo!!


This card is real special. It was a blessing. A real blessing. I feel this one was truly
God sent, for it came my way, when I was feeling too low!:) Thanks Hanna!

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