Friday, January 16, 2015

Before Sunrise

Not many people get to have meaningful conversations these days. Just yesterday I read a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. It said “Great mind discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people”. Ah! Now I get why I have always stayed away from people who gossip and bitch about others. Doesn't it give negative vibes? I won’t say I've never talked about people. Sometimes, it is the difference that makes all the difference.
So yes, my dear, when did you say we were going for a midnight to dawn walk? Ah! I hear the unspoken words, they ring a jingle in this heart of mine. You being an owl won’t find it too difficult. I might need plenty of caffeine to keep me walking through the art, architecture and the conversations. Or maybe, if the fountain of your words keeps pouring in the silence of the cool breeze, I’ll stay amazed and awake, both at the same time. Oh! how I yearn for a day filled with words and a night soaked with the silence of a full moon, the street lights and two hearts absorbing and pondering over words exchanged, with hands not willing to leave each other. Then, who knows as we walk by the lovely Danube, we come across a man who asks for money in exchange of a poem he would write for us. What word would you give him to write the poem with? What? Don’t you look at me, I’ll be the silent one, filling my mind and heart with the wisdom you always offer.

You, dear Love, would be expected to read the eyes and the thoughts, in case my gestures don’t give away to the thoughts I would be thinking. I would take your hand by surprise and glide through the stones of the walkway, doing a ball dance with a music that only my ears would hear. I bet the dance would be a suave one, for your grace would add a touché of giggles and laughter.

The beauty of the Renaissance won’t let me sleep and
The music of the moments shall continue to seep
 One conversation leading to another, if you may?
Not a mundane chatter, but lessons to keep.

The silence of the musings would glitter through the stars
Questions after questions, with no answers asked
The swimming of the time across the tides of dark
Into the dawn of hope with rays being basked

Memories amidst the nature
With words to float by
We started there, didn’t we?
That’s where the hearts got tied!

P.S: Do I even need to say that this movie "adds meaning to your life?":) For those who know what I mean and those who might want to watch to know what it means.

Love~ Aakriti

Friday, January 9, 2015

Looking Forward to the future

Then I thought, afraid of the ‘un’ that the certainty was
The fears lurked like shadows of the past and future merged
The hope shrank, melted like an ice cream amidst the cold winds
The bon fire shook by the blizzards of terror
The external silence
Disguised the internal chaos
Not a moment of peace
Not a moment of calm
The ravage spoke for itself
And then the notes of tabla were heard
Dissolved amidst violin, sitar and a shehnai
The notes hummed a hope
With lyrics that entered the soul
Like magic I rose
Beckoning the future
To open the wings
Which gained strength in this endurance
The heart, the mind joined hands and head
Embracing that which was there……peace
The lamp became warmer………..hope
The path still has the ‘un’ in the clear
Yet the spring doesn’t looks far away

What kept these words alive in this poem…the song SwadesJ

Happy New Year 2015 pals!

Love~ Aakriti



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