Friday, June 19, 2015

On why we need not publicise and yet we are worthy

It’s interesting how the human experiences have evolved over these 25 years. For some it takes a decade to realize the changes around us homo sapiens, for some it takes changes to realize but to further culminate into becoming something more- an experience of its own. There has never been a doubt of what the human mind can create and do with it. But when a human starts controlling millions of other humans through nothing but technology, I wonder if it’s an invention we need to be proud of    ( read: Facebook) or lament about. While social connectivity is what it aimed at, it has created a new society with rules of its own, only to lift the true connectivity and morph it into a dwelling where the virtual relationships begin to be considered real and the real ones are forgone for the virtual ones. To say that the author is not a part of it will be truly false. To say that this is a society the author wishes to step out from yet stays for reasons, some known, and many unknown, will be partly whole.

As a teen, the author never thought that there would be a time when gadgets is what would replace handshakes and emoticons is what would stand from true feelings. Never was a world imagined where humanity would lose its being to nothing but technology. Here we are, in the era of 2015 where the role reversals have begun. To say that soon homo sapiens shall be digitally loving robots, is an epoch which is not far. Feelings are extremely close and incredibly far. The truth has found its co-existence with the false, which was always there, lurking down deep, like sharks waiting to pound on. Connect, is what it aimed for, and yes it has happened, but only with plugs. Of those who say they have actually connected with people, the author says “Give her the number of those you have actually connected with”. Or is it that their fake smiles and all happy lives have burnt you alive to ashes, so much so that you are nothing but a burnt charcoal, with your fingers still on the screen and heart thrown inside in a corner?

Like that little sapling in the movie Wall-e, which is the only source of life left, we homo sapiens are on the brink of extinction. It is seething us slowly and you ask what is global warming? That stranger who smiled at you and whose smile you never bothered to return did something out of a warm choice. You, however, chose your screen over a true contact, scrolling over the contact list which is long and meaningless.
And then the author asks: to become so narcissistic that the true soul is lost to an object, to lose that one touch of humanity that is left to save the planet, to network over wires than hearts, to live life over the ‘last seen’ than the actual meeting, is this what we call ‘evolution’? It’s time, we define our lives for like they say it with the hastag #YOLO.

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