Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yesterday..I fell in LOVE

Yes. I fell in love with someone yesterday. Perhaps more than Valentine’s Day, it was the Oh! so Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate that made me fall in love with someone. Who is that guy, I still have no clue. Absolutely no clue at all!! All I do is wait for that Prince Charming of mine to come someday dance with me or simply have a candle lit dinner in a beautiful twilight! Haha;)

All I had were beautiful thoughts yesterday as I slept and they didn’t leave my mind until morning. Wow, what an effect can a Royal wedding have on me? Yes it was a day of love, lavishness, beauty, charm and everything fancy!
So, yes, I’m in lovehere are some lines I wrote yesterday:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remembering Thailand

I miss Bangkok. Sooooo much. I went to BKK in 2009, and fell in love with that place precisely because it was a Shopper’s Paradise. The best thing I liked about the malls there, unlike the ones in Delhi was the offers and the discounts they had. I felt like getting my nails painted and designed, but couldn't because of lack of time. I could have spent all my life in BKK, marveling at the amount of pretty things one could buy for oneself, friends, for one’s home and the list is endless.
As I was trying to concentrate for my coming exam, my brain simply refused to study “Qualitative Research Methods”…O f course, there are much better things to do in life and day dream and reminiscence my days in BKK than study this subject! So here are some pictures which help me re-live the experience. However, if only I was a bird and could fly..but then how would I shop?? Oho..I would be a magical bird, with amazing powers. Anyways, here you go……
BKK offers some great, crisp, sweet fruits given hygienically by the street vendors. I thrived on coconut water, pineapples, Guavas.  All were a treat considering the scorching heat!!:)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm grateful for.....

Interesting things happen when we make slips -( slips of tongue, slips in writing)). Just when as I was about to title this post, I wrote “greatful” instead of grateful. And this somehow seems wonderful.

As I’ve been trying to juggle around with my mind-blowing experiences at my college, I ‘m grateful for my near and dear ones for being there besides me when I most needed them.

I’m glad for having a brother who  helps me learn a million things about myself, about life and about pursuing DREAMS. And I do hope to reach them soon.

I’m "greatful" for having and understanding father and a humorous mom: Yes it does feels great when the things you are grateful for matter to you!

And I’m grateful for having found a wonderful online friend whom I really love and admire.
Last but not the least I feel great at the moment for Sarah through her blog has brought my blogging experience alive!
Hoping to be greatful for everything I have in the near future as well. 

ANd thank you Maxabella, sometimes simple thoughts lead to beautiful moments!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My tasty buds;)

Heya's its all abouts the foods...Coz I've gone crazy watching sumptuous and gorgeous looking Turkish DELIGHTS, then Mexican food on Fox History channel programs- FOOD SAFARI and David Roco's Dolce Vita.. OMG!! hE IS sOOOO hOTT!! and CooKs aMazingly!!.. So today it's allll about Fued ( oooooood) haha CAUTION : food fights are messy, and shouldn't be engaged in!! Why?? Coz Food is precious and is for the tunmmy, if u wanna play dirty and Holi!!

Here we have tortillas, Salsa dip ( which is super quick and easy to make) and Burritos.and Nachos;) The best part about Mexican cuisine is

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life’s beauty .....

Life’s beauty lies in moments:

1.      When I see four sisters playing together. A younger one says something to the elder one in a bossy way, so the elder one goes at the back of her house and sits alone on a platform with a sad face in her hands. Her three sisters come looking for her. The bossy one sends the other two away. Comes looking for her elder sister. Just then the elder one gets down from the platform and prepares herself to play. She chases her younger sibling, only to make her annoy and laughingly goes to the front side of the house.  And the younger one, with a scorn says “Main nahi khelungi age se iske saath”!
2.       When I wave at a kid going on a rikshaw with his dad with an upset face. And as I wave, he suddenly looks up astonishingly and smiles back at me.
3.      When I feel the sorrow of an old rikshaw puller outside my campus narrating to me his life’s story; when he tells me that his wife’s leg is nearly broken and she limps and walks, when he tells me that his second hand rikshaw got stolen and now he has to pay 40 rupees to the owner of the rikshaw regardless of what he earns that day, when he tells me that he had one son but he fled away and married some girl, never to come back, when I greet him as I walk from the metro station to my college and he smilingly says ‘ Aiye na?” And I tell him “Main chalna chahti hun” to which he replies “Chalk ke kya karoge!?” At which I ponder upon.
4.      When a girl at Kilkari wraps her arms around me and hugs me for looooong, embracing me in her life and maybe in her mind and heart as if I was a part of her, only to make me feel loved in the ‘purest’ way possible.
5.       When I smell fresh oregano with tingling and yummylicious aroma of pizza/pasta.
6.      When a friend speaks something that was there in my mind, but couldn’t come till my lips.

Life’s beautiful surely, we just need to look for the beauty in it!:)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Fine Day

I had a tune in my mind as i wrote these lines, thinking it might turn out to be a song, But some words need to be worked out for it to take a shape of that...may be I'll do that..One Fine Day......:) As of is it:

I’ll leave you behind one fine day,
Yeah one day, one fine day,
I’ll take what was mine, one fine day,
One day, yeah, one fine day,
It was not selfish that I acted, you know my friend,
I gave you to save what was mine,
For years and many days, yes, many many days.

I’ll close my doors one fine day,
I’ll sit in the dark, one fine day,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have you ever stayed alone?

Often we end up talking about the difference between being 'alone' and being 'lonely'. I think the important aspect in both forms of existing is 'being'. Existential, it might seem. But I do feel that somewhere 'being in that moment' helps us learn better about what life is, what 'people' are and if nothing else it can help us get closer to what 'we' feel!

Yes I've been alone, off late. I've felt lonely as well. Interesting? isn't it ? Being alone and lonely at the same time. Let me create a visual image: It is like you are sitting in a group of people, you are 'a part' of yet 'apart' from that group.(Wow!no wonder I don't play anymore, but words do help me play along).

The state of being alone and lonely at the same time is an experiential state, that which can perhaps be understood best when you 'experience your-self'. So, one is alone in a way, that one wishes to go mute, to be silent, neither listen nor hear what the people around you are speaking, yet there is this yearning for someone to be close to you, to come to you, to care for you, and if nothing else perhaps talk to you? This is wherein 'being lonely' comes in.

In relation to the title of this post, it struck me why

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