Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I will never be “okay” again

I will never be “okay” again
I will never be okay again,
Coz ‘okay’ is too ordinary a state
Of mine, at present
Coz ‘okay’ is not what ‘okay’ means
Coz ‘okay’ is a futile word
Coz ‘okay’ defines itself in times
Coz ‘okay’ means something but is nothing
Coz ‘okay’ is not what I felt yesterday
Coz ‘okay’ is not what I feel today, or tomorrow
Coz ‘okay’ is hollow and empty
Coz ‘okay’ is a good defence
Coz ‘okay’ never feels in being ‘okay’ itself
Coz ‘okay’ never had an existence it was made to be
Coz ‘okay’ is not what I strive to be
Coz ‘okay’ is a statement and a question
Coz ‘okay’ is transient
Coz ‘okay’ is just ‘okay’
And so ….

I will never be okay again.

P.S: Title borrowed from a quote I read on a fellow blogger named Zeba's tumbler page. It's supposedly a title of a book I'm not aware of.

1 comment:

Vinay Leo R. said...

I know the feeling. Even I say I'm okay sometimes, but it doesn't really feel so.

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