Friday, July 29, 2011

Date a girl who writes

Date a girl, who writes,
Coz she’ll be honest by every word she speaks,
For her words was her first love,
And you might just be,
If you wait and read (her).

Date a girl, who writes,
Coz she values things plenty,
And she’ll perhaps never shy away,

From an expression sad or happy.

Date a girl, who writes,
Coz she knows magical tricks,
She might just spellbound you,
With her words and romantic uplifts.

Date a girl, who writes,
You’ll know how deep she is,
Even if she keeps quiet,
Her feelings would pour out in writing.

Date a girl, who writes,
For she’ll be an expert at reflection,
Even if she is rude to you,
She’ll apologize to her perfection.

Date a girl, who writes,
For your kids will be taught value of expression,
And who knows, in the time spent with her,
You turn out to be her dreamt creation!

Date a girl, who writes,
Coz she’ll make your time worthy of cherishing,
She’ll tell you what you mean to her,
In every poem she’ll be nurturing.

Date a girl, for her essence,
That which lies in her heart,
And if you respect her for what she is,
You’ll for sure make a mark!


MultipleMum said...

I take it you are a girl who writes? Just kidding! A lovely poem. All writers are highly datable aren't they? Thanks for Rewinding x

Suree said...

I so agree.I am seeing a girl who I think is one hell of an amazing writer and she is totally fun :)But the same can go for guys too who manage to write stuff.That is what I feel :) Nice post :)

Rachit said...

Date a girl who reads... 'coz then she can read the thoughts dwelling deep inside your heart.

Weakest LINK

Aakriti said...

Thank you soo much everyone:)
@ multiple mum: Oh yea,,u bet;) thnks for coming by:)

Aakriti said...

@Suree: thank u for following. U are most welcome here:) and yeah its been years now in writing world and I got a long way to go still...thnk u for ur kind words:) and yeah...guys who write well like u do....can turn girls on too;) haha

Aakriti said...

@ Rachit: oh yeah!!..btw would like to share a link with you, this is where my inspiration for this post came from:

I simply loved it:)

Jane said...

Visiting from the Rewind. Good for you! Writing brings me such pleasure, too. J x

Unknown said...

For she will never be short of words and thoughts. It's there in her already and she will give all of it to the one she loves.
We writers are so damn lucky, aren't we ;)
Nice sweet poem Aakriti. :)

Ayushi said...

'Date a girl who writes' is a thought so pretty and amazing :) !! Wish I could pen such sweet poems. Sigh ! I just can't :)
You're gifted aakriti :)


Subhrashis Adhikari said...

date a girl just because both of you make each other happy...
nice poem...loved it :)

Kunal said...

This is a GEM.


Anonymous said...

Date a girl who does nothing... :))

Aakriti said...

@ Risha: oh yea...we writers and poets are indeed amazing. we can love, laugh, cry, moan and even seduce with our words!! haha;)thnkies:)

Aakriti said...

@ day dreamer: heya!! thnks for stopping by...well if u can write, you can be poetic as well.. they needn't rhyme always.:) go ahead! never say never!!:)

Aakriti said...

@ Sub & Kunal: thnk u soo much..and Kunal..well this was one random poem of mine...Gem or not..i dunno:P thnks a tonne:)

Aakriti said...

@ Anonymous: I dint get u...

Hemant said...

Its indeed Awesome....I think now one more can be written.... "Date a guy who writes"

Aakriti said... much as good guy writers can make girls feel good..the truth is witnessed when face2 face..sure sensitivity does gets portrayed in writing...but one has to be a 'man' to own up his words:)

LeoPaw said...

Aakriti. This is an amazing piece of work.Loved every line and the depth. Its so meaningful and you do have a point "date a girl who writes" and I would love to.

Unknown said...

speechless... excellent thoughts.. very well put in words!

Maliny said...

that was exceptional...guz u brought a feeling of warmth in the minds and a delightful smile on the faces of all writer girls out there..sure u did that to me :) ;)

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