Sunday, April 29, 2012

Body Speaks

Body speaks

There are two ways in which you can listen to your body. the first way is when it is in pain; it shouts, screams and the agony is felt, with tears in your eyes and voice that moans you know it is speaking to you. The other way is when you attend to it, happily, lovingly, with the knowledge that it will be there for you only when you’ll care for it.
I’ll talk about the second way. I listened to my body today. It’s been a while I did that : walking.
I’ll admit that one thing which kept me sane during my dissertation was Sudarshan Kriya. Sudarshan is a sandhi, combination of sundar + darshan, which makes it Sudarshan.  I learnt the art in the basic course of Art of Living. A friend of mine suggested me that her therapist told her to do it every day and it was of great help. I knew it already, and began following it. It’s a bliss focusing your attention on your breath: that which gives you life, that which makes you alive!
Today I attended to by breath as I brisk walked in the park. The heightened heartbeat, the blood-rushed feet, the sweat, added vitality within me. It was as if I was injecting my own happiness in my veins. Of course! The power lies in us to be happy or sad!
I write this post with a purpose, to share and to acknowledge how deeply our bodies need to be heard, felt and responded to. I have heard my body speak in both the ways, and the latter is more enlightening than the former.

Oh! Breath of mine……….breathe
Oh! Skin of mine…………..sweat
My heart, and its heart beat………pump
Flow thy vitality in me……… live
I’m there to caress, to feel thy spirit
Together we will live ……….ALIVE!


Bikram said...

I loved the little poem in the end indeed breathe, sweat pump and LIVE to be ALIVE ..


Kunal said...

Didnt know that you did a course in art of living... :-)

For me..its all the sweat which makes the moment of living is a never ending adventure...the one which we will never know...but one which we will never stop looking..

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