Monday, April 2, 2012

Beautiful I'm

haloooo! Linking at Blublubling on the second day of Awesome April!!:) Today's prompt, the pic below: 

You know darling,
I looked in the mirror,
Asked myself,
How much weight is fine?
How much flesh do I let dangle?
How much skin can I show?
My thighs screamed,
My legs, oh! so ugly,
My arms hanging with mass,
And then I looked at my picture,
In the frame I smiled,
My eyes gleamed with shimmer,
You know why?
Coz I know ‘I’m beautiful,
As I am,
With what I am!
P.S: This poem was written with an Anorexic body in mind. As I have been learning about Anorexia in my Gender and Studies Psychology classes, I feel there's a lot we need to understand. 
It's sad that while the prevalent discourses have always been more oppressive for women viz a viz their body,its only NOW that men have begun to feel pressure with respect to their bodies. These words were just a small attempt to bring to notice how precious we people are regardless of what our body types and the ones we try to fit in. The truth is for a women there is no perfect body, it's an idea, almost an illusion which creates a havoc!


Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

was going through your blog. Loved your haikus. Hope to write some from on my space too. Though it doesn strictly sit the rules of syllables.

Aakriti said...

Hey Supernick:) thank u for following!! i hope u like the coming haiku too... just note..a haiku is both singular and plural.. I can help u with syllables:) all u gotta do is break a word as speak it aloud. for example:
super has 2 syllables: su-per

m sharing with u this link of my very first haiku. hope it helps:)

PS: I chked out ur profile..didnt find ur blog? is it invisible;)?

Aakriti said...

here u go:

Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

Hey aakriti... Thanks for the help and correcting me on my grammar as well. Dint know that actually :):)
I did do some research on haiku apart from the post where you had mentioned about them. Somehow i just dint feel like sticking to the textbook ways.

By the way There s a funny story on me landing on your space... I had visited your blog long time back.. Through twitter and recently was mentioning to a fellow blogger frnd about a blogger who write brilliant haiku :):) and surprise surprise... She immediately directed me back to you :D

P.S. : My blog are called The Devil's workshop :) and no.. It was not invisible last time I checked :)

Aakriti said...

Dear S.Nick: See...Haiku is for people who wanna try something new, especially with poetry. Honestly, its a challenge to write and express so much in so little words. sabr rakho....ichcha hai likhne ki..toh likhoge:)

And wow...that's wonderful..!! m glad you got ur way bk to my place...hmm..that makes me feel people appreciate me most for the haiku I write:P Good for me:)
And yes...u are most welcome:)

lashie said...

I agree, we should accept who we are,our looks,our body, because it is how God created us and everything God created is beautiful,it is just our standard that does not fit Gods standard because God is perfect and we are not.

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