Sunday, April 1, 2012


Something has happened to me today…just when my dissertation needs all my attention, I seem to be wandering all over the blogosphere either reading stuff, going through fab pictures or admiring the simple yet gorgeous styles to wrap a packet…Ah!! So here’s my another flavour of juice…yes creative juices on a high today!!!:P
I’m linking at Blu blub bling’s blog who plans to give prompts this entire April making it an Awesome April;) …and the prompt is this fab picture:

Chitter chatter the drops fell,
From the heavens above or my eyes?
The pools of earth opened up,
Me too big to hide,
The lightning struck, so did you,
The day we met and kissed,
And the thunderstorm created havoc,
You went, leaving me miffed
It rained and rained,
For hours and days,
No sun was seen in sight,
My eyes in mirror spoke no words,
The life inside had died.


Sanjana said...

very nice..n sweet:)

Bikram said...

sad i felt ..
but soon he will be back and life will be rosy again


Nirali Naik said...

The life inside had died =)

Beautiful :D

Aakriti said...

BBB: Thank u pleasure to link up at ur place...:)

thanku invisible silence:)

Bikram: halooo...well, some ppl leave, never to come bk!! only to make us say " they were not here to stay!"

Bhargav Bhatt said...

life is lyk a season... it changes every second, at time we feel, cold and at times the heat kills... but we feel so relaxed when the eyes pour...

passsing clouds always effect our entity, but nthing to worry.. they jst come to make us more strong..

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