Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mulling over..

Mulling over……

It’s been a while I wrote something. Wrote something sub-stan-ti-al. Ah! I guess words seem more like syllables these days than words at all. Writing more than 32 thousand words for my dissertation took me to a land filled with the scent of Freud, Bollas, Mitchell; case study after case study; chapters after chapters, there was no end to it. And I brought an end. Surprisingly my dissertation has a poem too. I know it is a part of me, it has come from me and that what makes me feel content. Knowing, that I have contributed to the vast ocean of knowledge helps. It tells me I’m capable of a lot more and adjures me to follow my dreams.
But this post is not about me. It’s about something I have been noticing.
This blogosphere is all about ‘give and take’, I learnt. Bloggers wouldn’t visit you unless you visit them, which is sad. Why?
Something tells me that good enough writers need to be appreciated. Another thread of thought flows by and says “They are being read”. And then I think of myself, my words? What about them?
They are my first love and I recall saying that ‘they’ll always be’. Has the bond weakened? No. They know they’ll come to my aid when I need them the most. But there is a but. Ha! It always comes up, making the little empty space cramped.
I wonder, what makes bloggers come to my blog? Me? My writing? The words themselves? Or their love for reading? Some may think I’m modest when it comes to accepting appreciation. However, there is something else. I write with thoughts and emotions weaved into one another, the sweet compliments that come my way somehow feel distant. Why? It’s as if it passes through me.
I refrain from writing more, but yes I’m saddened. Yet my walk at the park today delighted me with beautiful views, and that brings a smile on my face. Girls hiding behind a bush waiting to be found by a friend in the game of hide-n- seek. A young father walking with his little toddler of two years old and swaying her on a swing. A group of old smart men sitting together singing ghazals or bhajans, like they do. What amused me the most was a lady who farted out loud right in front of me!! Life is sweet and words bitter-sweet!

P.S: Having been very busy lately I don not blame people for not coming by, for I know I haven't been able to do the same. And like the title explains it all...i hope..


Kunal said...

blogosphere mein jyada tension nahi lene ka.. :-)

jinko aana hoga..wo waise bhi aayenge....

bas likhti reh :-)

Aakriti said...

:P yup!! haha

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