Saturday, April 14, 2012

The postcard crossing Project

The postcard crossing Project

Dear Lord of Mail Service
I hope my very first postcard reaches the coming week. Trust me it’ll make my day!:)
Haloos Vanilla People!!
I gotta share something really exciting with all of you. Before that, a brief intro: I have always been a person who has loved writing. While learning Calligraphy is still on my list, I would often imagine myself writing letters to people on a beautiful crafted handmade paper with that gorgeous ink pen!
I happened to hop on this ‘’ last year through an international blogger whose blog I follow. This site is basically a place where you send postcards to random people across the world and receive postcards from random people across the world!
Ofcourse it’s a hobby! I have already sent my first five postcards: one each to Netherlands,  Germany and Russia and two to USA.
The website keeps your address confidential and there is an option of ‘direct’ swapping, wherein once your first postcard gets delivered, people can write to you asking to write them without the website being involved in it. That is why it is called ‘direct’!
The best thing is that to maintain the authenticity of the member, you cannot go ahead sending people messages to ask for their address until and unless your first postcard gets delivered! So, I hope now you understand the reason for my letter above:P
It’s snail mail and one needs to be really patient. Me being a not so patient person is still involved in it, for the mere reason that it brings back the old world charm back to me!
I took my friend along to the Kashmere gate GPO and purchased some gorgeous stamps from the philately department. Stamped it and dropped it in the huge post box. She said “It’s been long since I saw a post box”. Oh yes babeh!;)

For all that I know this is going to be an exciting hobby for me! And yes you have the option to send postcards to people in your own country too. There are people out there who are ready to be your penpals or exchange gifts with you!:)
I’m definitely super excited!:)
Check out this postcard gallery on postcrossing!
What do you think about this idea?

PS: If any of you is willing to get a hand written letter from me, lemme knowJ I love writing and receiving themJ
PPS: I’ll definitely share my first postcard whenever it arrivesJ


Kunal said...

I wasn't liking the '0 Comments' part. So, I am here! :D

Hope your postcards reach your destination soon..and lots of people come in to re-discover the old world charm of sending and receiving hand written letters and post cards. :-)

Mansoor Bolar said...

I just read that you have joined Postcrossing. I welcome you to the Family of Postcrossers of India (I am currently the 3rd highest sender)
I would like to tell you that there is a group of Indian Postcrossers at Facebook and you are welcome to join if you are interested.
It is a closed group send a msg. or can contact me.


Aakriti said...

Thank u so much Kunal:) sweet of you to drop a comment by!

Mansoor: thank u for welcoming me there:) yup, I'm now a part of Indian postcrossers:) waiting for my first postcard to reach me:P

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