Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dreamy Land #1: Venice

Dreamy land #1
Now that I have begun postcrossingJ I’ll be writing about places across the world and in India which are on my wishlist!:) Who doesn’t love travelling?
Courtesy my parents, I have travelled a great deal!
So, the first place I have been dreaming about for long is Venice: The city of Shylock, Portia, Antonio; Gondolas, splendour, sharm, exquisiteness, richness; with romance, architecture and history as it’s treasures. I happened to read VirSanghvi’s luxury post on Venice, in the issue of 15th April in Brunch MagazineJ
So here is my love to thee :     

Thy charm breath taking
Lost in your waters; the rich
And the ancient

I know not of you
Yet somehow I do, Venice
May winds bring me there
©© Aakriti 
P.S: Those of you new here, do read about the Postcrossing Project:) It may just excite you! 
        Link given above:) 


Bikram said...

oh yes the mechant of Venice .. reminded me of my 10th class we had that in our curricullum ..

beautiful pictures


Aliza Khan said...

Ahhhh Venice!!!!! It is sooo on my bucket list and I would love to visit and explore it one day :D

Aakriti said...

Bikram: We had it in school and in undergrad as well:)

Aliza: Oh yes babeh!!!;) its a gorgeous place to visit.on my list too

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