Friday, April 13, 2012

New Delhi: The New Crime Capital!

I’m furious, enraged and flabbergasted to see how newspaper reports of rapes happening in the capital have almost normalised the issue that New Delhi- yeah the capital of India, also the very capital which hosted the ‘Common wealth Games’ in 2010 – has been DEEMED as the CRIME CITY of India.
I’m not here to blame anyone. This post comes from a girl who hardly reads ‘The News paper’. I ask “what is there to read about?” You may say “What is there not to read about?” Huh! Sure, when the main page and the next two pages boast about the crimes that are happening in the city, I wonder what then makes people pick up the newspaper and read the same events ‘not even on an occasional basis’ but that which happen DAILY! ( Let’s not get into this, at the moment!)
I recall that the Hindustan Times newspaper began a campaign recently to protect the women of Delhi and apparently gave tips providing women with Self defence classes and ways they could protect themselves when caught in difficult situations. I ask: By doing this, isn’t it already being presumed that the Police and the Media alike have accepted, perhaps even internalised the fact, that there is no possible way that men in the capital would stop raping women. Bastards! Satyriatic men! Castrate their organ, and then see how the rate of rape falls!
And then there are laws which say that is ‘the woman’ and the kind of clothes she wears that invite men! Yeah? What about development? Our Supreme ‘democratic’ Government has already taken ages to give women their share of seats in the parliament. And of course who can forget, the old lady who has been in seat forever, our very own Ms. Shiela Dixit who openly claimed that women should stop travelling alone after what 8pm? ( I don’t even clearly recall!)
Of course my agitated brain has a myriad of thoughts at the moment. It would be pointless to give all that out here. The only point I wish to make is that laws need to be changed to make the city a safer place for women. We all know how men openly roam about passing lewd remarks at women. I myself have been a victim of that. Over a period of time, we accept it to be a trait of these ‘dirty minded’ men! Yet, what happens when the police itself, oh yeah, they claim to protect you and blah blah, is involved in such vulgar acts? I recall HT went on a patrol at night in deserted areas of Delhi where rapes had already taken place, and yes there was no police vehicle in such areas!
Other than that, having read many comments by anonymous women, as reported in the newspaper, I remember how many of them admitted going to the police to report cases of eve teasing or molestation, and they were given no voice, leave alone their case being registered.
Who do we blame? Police department? For having men who are lazy asses and all they know is to eat money? The laws? These cheap men for raping like wild hounds desperate for their feed? And yes, women for being what they are?
I’m troubled, disturbed, perturbed. I had started an FB page which went by the name ‘India: One road leads to progress, the other one goes to drain’ and I still believe in that.
What’s development if the very citizens of the country cannot freely roam around freely in their own city? Leave terrorism, for we know India is known to extend things for decade’s altogether, now anyone and everyone can be a victim of a crime. People here roam around armed. One brush of your vehicle against his, and then we have a shootout! Bam! Your life is taken!
I ask in such a scenario, how will altruism last? As a kid I was taught to help people, but seeing the scene which started some ten years back, the teachings have been reversed, of course NOT for the good! It’s our life before and then someone else’s. There is this drive to flee away from the scene, for who would like to get involved as a witness to a case? It’s a never ending vicious circle.

Can we do something?

PS: These are my personal views opened up for discussion.
PPS: Yes, I’m not an avid reader of newspaper, yet I’m aware of the things which have lasted for years along now and they immensely bother me! 


Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

Your thoughts are very relevant, and your rage understandable. May be we should discuss about it the next time you come over.

AmitAag said...

Great, thoughtful write, Aakiti!

Rahul said...

Castrating men?Hmmm...I wonder if fear of punishment alone is enough to keep the male sex drive in check.

Unknown said...

You feel a lot of things, but there is no need to feel surprised. New Delhi is the political capital. Politics is nothing but theft and violence, so since there is a lot of political agents in New Delhi, there of course are a lot of theft and violence.

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