Monday, June 8, 2015

Bangalore you are missed!

Nature is a like a dog, it invariably makes you fall in love with it. For those who are nature lovers, Bangalore is a treat and for those who are not, it is a welcome relief! There are some places which get etched in your memories not just for what they offered but because they offered a solace which was much needed. They offer you with mouth watering delights, big mugs of Beer, chilled bottles of Breezers, laid backs caf├ęs and a space to simply be who you wish to be.

Heavens know that staying near Kormangala was the best thing I could have ever asked for. The most happening place in Bangalore: where the taste buds rest in peace, ready only to die till the stomach bloats and the neck feels full. My list of places visited might just be a handful but they are precious. The Jyotinivas college lane : California Pizza Kitchen, Chung Wah, Tunday Kababi ( ah! The orgasmic mouth melting kababs and mutton with gravy), Corner House (where we would die eating chocolate, read DBC). A little further up were Coffee on Canvas where I found myself having some me- time, watching other people play as I immersed myself in my book, pasta, milk shake and doodled some keep sakes. Forum Mall was a second home, bustling with energy as weekends would mark the end of the week. The sudden movie plans at 10.30 in the night were worth the watch. That never ending fly over to Electronic City where the setting sun would amaze you for the love that nature could offer you with, in your troubled times.

Finding home food was a little difficult. Yet Uttar Karnataka Mess in Jaya Nagar is where my taste buds would find the much needed solace and comfort. As cheap as 45 rupees a thali, the meal would be a delight for the day. La Casa, a little nearby offered sumptuous sizzlers and soups. How can I miss the sandwiches and ice cream of Cool joint ( they were not the best, yet they were delicious) Right next the Sugarcane juice shop offered big mugs of mint, lemon and ginger flavoured sugarcane juice. The Cakewala cakes were sinful as ever (their chocolate truffle pastry and mango cheesecake). Being a tea lover I found the aroma of Chai point’s teas soothe my nerves, the ginger so strong that your throat would crave for.

The best part of the city was undoubtedly the rainshowers (most enjoyed when indoors!;) They would melt away my pains in streams gushing down, only to let me know that life was and will always be much more than what I was experiencing; the cool breeze would embrace in a way you only wanted to be hugged.

More than this, I fondly remember the city to look at people beyond their exterior. Coming from Delhi where outer appearances are all that matter, Bangalore was a comfort. Here people talked their minds out, spoke, felt and did all they could without being conscious of what others were thinking.
Back home, my mom told me “You’ve become a proper Banglorean”. This remark of hers would have been a compliment to a Bangalorean and an insult to a Delhite. Nonetheless, I took from it what my heart wanted to.
Trees : My love

I may not have lived the city entirely but from whatever I tasted, spoonfuls of love is what lingers….

P.S: I'm sure you'll tell me I hardly saw the place. Well, I was working too. Numbers don't count, memories do!:)


Vinay Leo R. said...

Hope you visited Atta Galatta at least once :) It's on Jyoti Nivas College Rd too.

Aakriti said...

Of course I've been there amd loved the place. I went there for a poetry meet that stays in my heart.:)

Aakriti said...

Of course I've been there amd loved the place. I went there for a poetry meet that stays in my heart.:)

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