Friday, April 13, 2012

Greatful for.. sweet things

It takes a lot of courage and hope to be greatful at the moment. But yes, I will not give up. Hope tries to burn in the wood in which flame is trying best to keep itself alive.

Warmth….Yes, I need loads of that.
Love and Hugs: That too
Motivation: Bags full of it
This week I’m greatful for:
·         My happy yesterday
·         My best friend, who lets me know its time I start acting like an adult!
·         My supervisors who trust me more than I myself do, for my research. I hope I can make myself proud
·         My dear friends who have been pulling me up
·         Rain: For making me write one of the best piece that is close to my heart. If you wish to read. It’s here
·         My mom: Who has been managing household chores in the absence of a maid. She has been doing a lot! 
To freedom: May you beckon me soon :)

Hoping the coming week is a rocking one!
Happy Weekend everyone!


Maxabella said...

Aakriti, I'm so sorry to hear that everything might not be great for you right now. I hope those hugs are there when you need them. x

Anonymous said...

That's a special list of things that really matter. x

Aakriti said...

Thank u Maxy and Lisa for dropping by:) I do hope things shall eventually fall in place, like they always do!

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