Thursday, March 8, 2012

To the Woman We are....

Happy Women's Day Young girls and to be ladies......:):)!!! We are the world!!!:) We are We!!!!:)
Wohoooooooo!! Cheers! Dance! Champagne! Party!:) Happy Women's Day!:)

I penned down some lines, they may not be the best, but yes they do carry a lot:)

To the Woman We Are~~~~J

Love. Lust. Envy. Compassion. Care
Dance. Party. Hotness.Cheesiness.
Lamps. Light. Moonlit sky.and one you

Ambition. Power. Speech.
Multitasking. Perfection.Smartness

Pain. Sacrifice. Gratitude
It's me, darling. Accept me, I’m a jewel!:)

Small expressions matter to us,
A heartfelt thanks means worth a dollar
As our hormones play their games
And our hearts and minds with their pace
We lose, we catch, we run, we slap
We fight, we cry, we smile, we tear apart
Gossip you see is a great tool
The adrenalin rush in bitching
The fervour to teach those ‘mad few’
Strong egos, fragile hearts,
A girl is a girl,
In the end or from the start.

Leading ways, creating new
Work and home, two lives get tied

Her smile, her glory,
Her charm, a rendezvous
Respect her, accept her
To deserve what you do! 


PS: We don't need respect because we demand it, but coz we are worth it!:)


Bikram said...

Indeed every human is to be respected becasue They all are worth it ..

Have a great day and Every other day toooo ...


RiĆ  said...

Nice post and the last pic is gr8! :)

Aliza Khan said...

They are the best, by far the best lines i've read all day infact all week =D I mean i dnt get it why do ppl say stuff they don't mean, esp the so called "Feminists" :@

Loved ur post <3 Someday, YEs, someday, we will be loved, cared and respected for who v really are.

P.S... OMG!!!!! U all look sooooo damn pretty and stunning and yes, smexyyyy =D Which one are u??? ;)

P.P.S... Hey thnx a lottttt for the lovely comments in the chat box and no i didnt get any of ur comment on my bucket list page :( try posting it again. I'd loveeee to read it

Aakriti said...

Dear Aliza! I love ur name! Sounds like some Egyptian princess's name:) are u serious? I thought this might turn out to be a lame post? Coz it was not abt what all we go through n blah blah... It was pretty chilled out one in comparison to my other posts. Wrote it. Posted it. Without much thought!
Feels gud u found these words worthy of appreciation. They shout back at u " thank u Alizaaaaa":)<3

I'm in black! Yes this pic is sexy! And I was in Delhi university's hottest colleges;) I guess the pic speaks for itself:D
And I had some commenting issues with blogger for a while. Itni mehnat se I read ur bucket list n commented. Got disappointed that my comment didnt appear, so pinged u in the box. Also I dwn loaded a few tracks from ur lovely playlist!:)
Thank you for coming here:) have a fab weekend!

Aakriti said...

ria: thank u so much:)

Bikram: I agree! Absolutely. Underline message: one who gives respect gets it back too:)

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