Monday, March 5, 2012

My Second Guest Post!

Hola Everyone!
Wohoooo!!! I can comment now!! yay!!!:):):) Here's sharing something with you guys...
Leo from ‘I rhyme without reason’ asked me to guest post for his lovely wordly blog!:) And I agreed. It's been a wonderful friendship filled with words and Haiku, with him..Thank you Leo!:) So head over to his den, and read what I wrote……

Ever seen the waves closely?

How one comes upon the other,

The progressing ones recede back,

Merge with the newborns,

Only to give birth to a giant wave?

                                             For more……….here

Feel free to drop by your thoughts on his blog. You can be extra- sweet and say something here as well :)
Happy Week Ahead!


Kunal said...

First..about your problem with commenting...

Have you tried using different browsers? or updating the browser? or changing the way your comments are displayed on the blog..I mean...changing from embedded comments to a new pop up...? I hope..they may resolve the issue...Good Luck...*fingers crossed* :-)

aur jee..apka guest post..kya kahein...diu ka beaches ka asar saaf saaf dikh raha hai.... baaki cheez leo ke blog par! :P

Bikram said...

beautiful poem , Loved it .. as i said their Heres wishing the unknown becomes known soooon :)

take care


Aakriti said...


Aakriti said...

Wohoooo...THank u Kunal!! it's all good now!
And yes thank u to both of u for liking the poem:)That was my idea: to take you to the beaches;):D

Anonymous said...

hehe..i like how excited you are about the guest post! :P cute. lovely poem by the way.

Aakriti said...

Hie Egnah:) thank u so much for liking my poem...and the excitement was for me being able to comment on my blogposts:P;)

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