Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waiting to be found

Waiting to be Found
As a lady of 23 she still hadn't found the guy who would be her soul mate. It troubled her to lengths she couldn't imagine. Girls younger than her had been in relationship for years. Here was she yet waiting and at times least caring for that one.
Today as she cooked his favourite mixed vegetables a sense of contentment enwrapped her as she looked at their cute picture which hung on a photo frame on the kitchen wall. She then walked towards the music player and turned the volume louder. And then played " khuda ke liye, mujhe na nahi karna, khuda ke liye mujhse yahi kehna, ki tujhe pyaar hai mujhse.. Khuda ke liye". She closed her eyes and swayed her hips in shapes of eight as she twisted and turned as if she had him behind her back watching her intently. She made cute expressions as if to entice him and as she danced she walked towards their picture and kissed it lovingly. Was it by coincidence that all romantic songs played her heart's tune even at shuffle mode. The tunes knew her well, they shared a deep rapport with her heart.
As he came back home tired, she opened the door and gave a sweet peck on his lips. Her smile was the switch to her gleaming eyes. They would lit like a magic lamp, all ready to shower warmth, love and happiness.
As he went to freshen up, she lit candles near the dining area and the music of soft waves played in the background. Today was just another day. Nothing special! But the kind of lady she grew up to be, giving surprises to herself and her loved ones had become a part of her.
As he saw the charmingly lit room, he gave her a warm hug and kissed her forehead with all the lovely blessings he carried for her in her heart. She was happy as a kid.
On the dinner table he shared with her that he would be going to another metropolitan city for a week's time due to work. She asked him what the work was about. He wasn't going for the first time, but every time he would leave, she felt sad.
"I’ ll miss you love"
"So will I my HoneyBee"
And they held each other's hands for few minutes. She looked deep into his eyes. He looked back, not being able to hold his gaze.
Raahi knew how to spend time well in his absence. Her work kept her pretty much occupied. Day time was spent with children needing special attention. She considered them as sparkling hidden jewels waiting to be found .
There he was attending his meetings scheduled with another company. In the evening he  met Pranya, almost after four months.
Something pricked deep inside.
Pluck. Pluck. Pluck.
And then there were flashbacks. Raahi swaying her frilly dress on the beach. Raahi decorating their new home with their pictures. Raahi surprisingly mailing him the new album of his favourite band to his office address. She smiled , frowned, teased, and looked into his eyes.
As he hugged Pranya, his college time love, he withdrew after a few seconds. Pranya understood something troubled him. She let him go. The silence for the first time felt uncomfortable. All was spoken in that night's silence.
He hadn't come there to meet her especially, but he did took the initiative to go there. The thoughts almost swinging like a pendulum from the then to the here and now.
Pranya wasn't married yet. He wondered what made him meet her that day. The flame that had burnt had perhaps extinguished. "When did this happen? Today or before?" he thought in his silence.

When you give someone so much without ever wanting it back, the love speaks for itself. One day..... One fine day.



Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

well written and very subtle

Ayushi said...

You are such a beautiful writer Aakriti and this post was extremely ethereal :)

PS - Would you guest post for me ? ;)

Kunal said...

As they say...what you seek...also seeks you.. :-)

She will be found...whether she waits or not.. :)

Aakriti said...

Oh dear!! Kunal: She got what she deserved!:) Amen

Ayu: Woaaa!! thank u so much. That's really sweet of u! Sure..would do that! Temme what do u wish for?:)gimme sometime ok?:)

Iffa: Hey!! I saw ur blog. It's super sexy and hot! lovely! I'm glad u liked my space so much! worthy of so much love. Would be great to have you around!:)

Aakriti said...

Mandeep: Thank u:)

Bhargav Bhatt said...

it takes years before you get sweet fruits, but when you get they are always so sweet that you are filled ...

on the way dear... :)

so nicely written...

Aakriti said...

Hola Bhargav!! it has been months since I saw u..!!:) thank u so much...how are you? and things at ur end?

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