Friday, March 2, 2012

Greatful for...Happiness

Hola Vanillla People !!!!:)J Hope you are all doing fably awesome in your lives?
It’s been a while since I wrote a greatful post!! So, here is another awesome Friday and Maxabella makes me feel greatful again with her ever smiling blog and postsJ A very Happy 10th Anniversary to you dear!:)
This week I’m greatful for:
·        My new found Friends who have been my classmates for 3 semesters. Yesterday something happened (may be for the good, I think!) These girls were kind to be there. We had a great time after college. Had a yummylicious jalapeno and pineapple pizza, then hung out at Mc Donald’s and treated myself with a Butterscotch Mc Swirl, and my friend with a balloonJ
·        My Bestie: Whom I met after 5 looooong months. We had such a fun time, clicked pictures in our funny poses and I loved that we are finally together after long!
·        A friend I call Mado Mono: This friend surprised me this Monday morn’ by sending me a very short but sweet message! “ Oye PsychoJ Sup?” :D Thank you Mado Mono for thinking of me and being the reason to kick start my week on a very awesome Mad note;)
·        This lovely friend I found in my block. My college teacher gave me an assignment in my second sem to find an acquaintance and do some sessions with that person; not too technical, but more like just talking. Who knew that this awesomely cool aunty in my block will become a friend who I’ll forever cherish! Today I wrote her a love letter as she is off to another city!
·        To my Mentor in College and other teachers too: Yes, I hate my univ and teachers for many other things, but I love them too. They have been great. And as humans we all learn as we make mistakes. My mentor’c calm voice soothes me. He is great! And so am I;) haha!
·        To some online friends who have always stuck around in my weird times, made an effort to bring a smile on this faceJ  My heartiest thanksJ

Have a fab Weekend everyoneJ

Picture Credits: JL Designs, see Maxabella's wonderful page:)

There’s a reason to smile
A reason to love
A reason to be free
A Hug, A sweet tear,
A miss you text,
A free sky,
Flying birds……..

I like this song for it's perkiness ..


PS: There is something special about me and love lettters;) 

PPS: For those of you new here, I write grateful as greatful :) My spellings are fine! ;)


VARUN.K.R said...

Good sensible minded if i say :D

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

lovely lovely post - so many sweet things to be grateful for. i like the sound of love letters and i think the art of letter writing is a treasure in itself!

Aakriti said...

Varun: thank u for dropping by and liking it!

Brenda: i like the 'feel' of love letters and yes the art of writing them is very precious :)

Maxabella said...

Hello Aakriti! I'm very happy to see you here. I am also very happy that you are making so many terrific friends. That's just wonderful. x

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