Saturday, March 3, 2012


Ohk.....this is crazy...Really crazy. It's been more than a week and blogger has taken away by very blog right....I can't even comment on my very blog posts, and sometimes not on other's as well:/ 

It takes away the joy of blogging!:(

Anyone, out there, who can help?

Those of you waiting eagerly for my replies, my apologies. This is what I'm stuck with!

Blogger...!! very bad!! very very bad!! I have been waiting patiently all this while, to no avail:x 


Bikram said...

ooops No idea how to help .. hopefully if you do some searches on google someone might have had the same problem..


Rachit said...

that's really bad... you must file a complain with google.. go to their homepage and register a complain at contact us or support team.. it might help..

Weakest LINK

Aakriti said...

hey Bikram and Rachit!! problem solved. Thanks to Kunal:)

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