Friday, May 20, 2011

YOU~ are the BEAT

Well..there are moments when you simply fall in love. Not with a person or people, but with things which are magnificent, which touch your heart, are breathtakingly beautiful and mesmerize you. You fall in love with them, you want more of them and you feel that was the moment you were waiting for~~~~~~ I fell in love..
listen to this video..who knows, it takes your heart away too??


and after you have listened to this..Here's what I had to say:

Don’t take my breath away,
That I long for what I need,
Don’t kill me every moment,
You are the one I seek,
Be here right beside me,
Or even if far if you please,
Play your tunes in my heart,
Make me hear your sweet melodies,
Make me live my life dear,
Where I float like a feather,
Feeling the breeze,
In your arms I shall dance,
In your dreams I’ll swing,
You lift me like a bird,
You caress my lovely cheeks,
I die and live for you,
These tears are a gentle stream,
You know how happy I’m,
Seeing your magnificent beauty,
Don’t take me to the heavens above,
But rather into the deep blue sea,
Where I feel the depths we share,
Where we fall in love again,
Just be here, tell me you’ll be there,
Yes, you are the air I breathe.

PS: I'd like to thank Jen from  from  the bottom of my heart to share such a beautiful piece.:)


Jennie Bennett said...

You are so welcome! Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I have been out of town. Beautiful poem!

Anonymous said...

the Essence of your feelings...

beautiful.... your heart has decided to shadow your wisdom... :)

Ryan said...

play your tunes in my heart... lovely....

Aakriti said...

thanks for reading Ry:) Hope u doing well:)

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Lovely Aakriti. Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

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