Thursday, May 19, 2011

My First Failed Icing Attempt

My First Failed Icing Attempt

I really dunno if I should be happy or sad as I write this. Guess I’ll settle for a happy sad feeling.

As I started baking the cake today. I was super excited coz I had finally found a good baking tin in my kitchen shelf after many attempts of ‘reasonably good baking’.

The sponge cake turned out to be just perfect. Nice golden brown, with a clean tooth pick. 

this is the sponge cake
I elegantly cut it into two halves for the icing

But today I had some other plans. As I was anyways free I thought to give icing a try. I went to the market bought Icing Sugar followed the instructions and with 100gm butter and some 50 gm icing sugar beated the two until fluffy with cocoa powder in it as my bro wanted a chocolate cake. Then I took a Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate, nicely grated it and topped the cake with it and set it for setting in the fridge for an hour. When I took it out, it looked beautiful. Oh not gorgeously beautiful of course. But it looked fine as far as my first attempt went.

I called my bro to take some pics of the cake then. Anyways, as I cut the cake
  took a bite, I was extremely disappointed. Why?? Coz it was way too sugary. So much that no one could afford to have it. :/

Now what do I do?? I felt sad coz I had put my heart and love into the cake, as always. ((((This tells me that I usually bake cakes to make myself happy;) .

So then the icing went off the cake with my heavy heart. Of course I had to remove it. Yes I was a lil stupid not to refer to any recipe or instructions, totally trusting my measurement not realizing there was sugar in the cake too.
Now here is whatThose of you who like to bake or are experts in itcould you plssssss share with me how to do nice icings NOTE: with apt sugar too, so that next time I try it tastes good too..

As far as the cake goes, well it’s in the fridge now. And icing, I dunno may be we could put it in milk and make a shake tmrw?? Hope it tastes good:P

PS: The pics u see are taken by my bro from his DSLR camera. Yeah..I did have a feeling that I’ll proudly share my recipe and cake with you guys, but since its way too sweet..I don’t want u guys to have diabetes:P..I’m okay..failed attempts help us learn right?;)


Unknown said...

YUMMY!! Have you tried Banana Cake?? :)

Aakriti said...

Hey Joross...well I have never made one..will try it for sure:) but ya I have tasted banana cinnamon was too banana-ey...:P..;)

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