Monday, May 16, 2011



Heya peoples..hope you doing well..So my vacations have started and though I’m still recovering, but nothing stops me from getting creative.

Here’s my first post showing my creative side. (Well, in addition to creative writing I love to cook, paint a li’l, make cards and do whatever I can. Since I can’t cook right now, for that would require a lot of standing, I thought of going back to quilling.

It’s a simple technique, but requires A LOT of patience, and interest. Nothing big though.
Take thin colored papers 5 mm strips. Start rolling them and be creative.

Here’s a card I made today. But I used 1 cm strip to make the roses. They are not that easy though

This was my first try after months. I understand that the color should have been contrasting one..Will try that next time..

Do drop in your wonderful comments or suggestions. Any brighter ideas u have..they are welcome too


Unknown said...

Suggestion: It would be more wonderful as it is if you put more shades of red in your wonderful artwork or some lighter blues and darker greens to give accent to the background. :D

Unknown said...

Hiya. Ive given you an award. Here's the link to it (
hope you enjoy it.

Unknown said...

@Askriti Malik: So welcome. :) First of all there are certain things you need to do. First, you thank the one who had given you and link back.Second, write 7 random things about you. Lastyle, pass the award to 5 bloggers. Simple as that. Welcome again and congrats:) *fireworks*

on putting it on your sidebar, go to design on the navigation bar, then click the "Add a Gadget" then click on the picture gadget. But before doing this you must download the pic award itself onto your desktop. When the Picture Gadget interface appears, just follow the steps there. Good Luck!!

Aleks said...

this is cute card. great job

MultipleMum said...

I make cards but they look nothing like that. Those flowers are so delicate! Thanks for Rewinding x

Unknown said...

So sweet, I love the flowers. Gorgeous! Nice to meet your blog x

Aakriti said...

@ Multiplemum: Thank u soo much..its all paper work:) and yes its a pleasure to rewind every week:)

Aakriti said...

@ bigwords: thnk u so much for coming and following:)

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